Lake County Winery Association

Wine Adventure 2017 Planning Meeting
Laujor Estates
March 20, 2017 – 2:00 PM


1. Participation / Insurance

a. Participation agreement must be submitted by March 31, 2017 if you wish to participate
in Wine Adventure 2017. (Please check at end of minutes for those wineries who are
participating, as well as those who have either declined or not sent back paperwork.)

b. Each participating winery must provide the LCWA with an insurance certificate naming
the LCWA as an additionally insured.

2. Marketing update

a. As of March 27, 2017, there have been tickets purchased for 189 attendees.

b. As part of their sponsorship, Sonoma Media Investments will be providing the LCWA
with $21K in advertising in the Press Democrat,, Sonoma Magazine, etc. The
buy-in cost for the LCWA is $8K, and the County of Lake has agreed to cover half of that
costs. This is a HUGE advertising opportunity, that will not only work as a campaign to
sell Wine Adventure, but will also act as a branding opportunity. The advertising will
both be digital and print. The PD designers are working with Barb DeMarco to create a
pleasing design.

c. LCWA is working with BiCoastal Media to create a radio advertising campaign to start in
mid-April to help promote the event locally and up the North Coast.

d. Jill is working with a company that she worked with during her time at the County, Pulse
Point, Inc., to provide content marketing for the event. These will be digital ads that are
directed at the North Coast and Sacramento area.

e. There will be a big social media campaign, and we are requesting that each winery
send in their information as soon as possible, so that FB posts can be created and
schedule to appear each day starting in early April.

f. There was discussion of creating a social media team to post during the event.

g. Banners were distributed, and need to be put up by April 1, 2017.

h. A large banner will hang across Main Street in Lakeport for one week, the week before
Wine Adventure. Lynda Holman from Twin Pine offered to find out how to hang a
banner across Highway 29 in Middletown.

i. Posters will be available soon.

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3. New Ticket policy

a. The LCWA Board of Directors voted on March 14, 2017 to utilize Eventbrite only for
pre-sale ticket sales for the event. LCWA will absorb the processing fees, but will pass
along the 7.25% sales tax to the consumer.

b. The cost to sell a hard copy of a ticket at a winery is 40% of the ticket cost. The cost to
sell a ticket through Eventbrite is 10% of the ticket cost. If the tickets are sold through
Eventbrite, this will be a significant increase in revenue from the event for the
Associations, and significant reduction in labor for all involved.

c. Individual wineries can still sell pre-sale tickets. They will be set up to sell them
through the Eventbrite ticket portal. Any winery interested in selling pre-sale tickets
will be given a sub-user log-in information and training on how to sell the tickets. It is
very, very simple.

d. Day of ticket sales are still being discussed. The LCWA will provide a person at each of
the five Check-In locations to help with check-in, by utilizing the Eventbrite Organizer.
Check-ins can be seen in real-time, and it will be easier to provide extra supplies
(glasses, wristbands, bags and passports) to those five check-in locations if they should
start running low, because we will be able to track the check-ins in real-time and won’t
need to wait for a phone call requesting more supplies.

4. Environmental Health Food Permits

a. Expect increases in fees before WA

5. Non-Profit Raffle

a. Cheryl Lucido discussed having a local non-profit be part of the wine adventure raffle.
She and Jill will make contact with 100 Women Strong in Lake County to find potential
local non-profits in need.

6. Committees

a. Jill confirmed committee sing-ups that had been previously made. They are as follows:

i. Poster Distributions (Randy Martinez – Wildhurst, and Tamara Richmond –
Stonehouse Cellars.)
ii. Hotels (Cinid Olof – Olof Cellars, and Raven Sprague – Steele Wines.)
iii. Passport Bags (Diane Fore – Fore Family, and Cheryl Lucido – Laujor Estate.)
b. Committee members are still needed for:

i. Poster Distribution (we need an additional 3 people to help with poster
distribution. Expected time involvement – 4 hours total during the first two
weeks of April.)

ii. Passport Bags – (we need an additional 4 people to help with coordinate
passport bags and supplies. This will require approximately six hours the week
before Wine Adventure.)

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iii. Many hands make light work – If you are available to help with either of those
committees, or have folks you work with who can help, please let me know.
Thank you!!

c. Committee Reports

i. Sponsors for the event include:

1. Press Democrat (Sonoma Media Investments)
2. County of Lake Marketing
3. Twin Pine Casino
4. Sutter Lakeside Hospital
5. Beckstoffer
6. Bella Vista Farming
7. TricorBraun
8. Press Democrat
ii. Glasses have arrived.

iii. Hotels offering discounts: Rodeway Inn 20%; Tallman 10%; Twin Pine package
deal with WA code. Must mention WA when calling.

7. Public Comment

a. It was asked if we were selling Designated Drive tickets. Discussion followed that
perhaps it would be better to change the name to “Non-Alcohol/Designated Driver”
tickets, as there has been some negative pushback against charging Designated Drivers
a fee, when they are providing an important service.

b. There was discussion on how to increase wine sales during the event. There may be
some verbiage added to marketing materials that has the LCWA thanking the wineries
for their participation, work and donations to this non-profit fundraiser, and reminding
consumers to support their local wineries by buying their favorite wines. This verbiage
can also be included in a “Tips to Enjoy Wine Adventure” e-newsletter that will be sent
(email addresses will be gathered through the ticket sales on Eventbrite.)

c. Each attending winery discussed their theme, menu and “fun” event. Those must be
submitted to Jill no later than April 3, 2017 so that she can include them in the
marketing campaign – particularly social media. (examples include – Brassfield –
pirate/gold them, as they will be pouring their 90 point and above wines. Six Sigma will
be doing a “ranch” theme by having some of their farm animals around, including
“Topper the Potbelly Pig.” Animal posts on Facebook gain a lot of traction, and get a lot
of engagement.

8. Next Meeting

a. The next Wine Adventure 2017 Planning Meeting will be held on April 11, 2017 at 2 PM
at the Airport LCWA office. This meeting will take place immediately before the April
Board of Directors meeting, and will last approximately 1 hour long.

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Wineries who are participating:
1. Boatique
2. Brassfield Estates
3. Cache Creek Vineyards
4. Chacewater
5. Don Angel
6. Fore Family
7. Fults Family Vineyards
8. Gregory Graham
9. Kaz Winery
10. Lake County Wine Studio
11. Laujor
12. Moore Family Winery
13. Mt. Konocti Winery
14. Noggle (at SHC)
15. Olof Cellars
16. R Vineyards
17. Rosa D'Oro
18. Shannon Ridge
19. Six Sigma Ranch, Vineyards & Winery
20. Smiling Dogs Ranch
21. Sol Rouge Vineyards & Winery
22. Steele Wines
23. Stonehouse Cellars
24. Thornhill
25. Twin Pine
26. Wildhurst

Wineries who have declined or not returned paperwork:
1. Beaver Creek
2. Bullion Creek
3. Cougar's Leap Winery
4. Diamond Ridge Vineyards
5. Langtry (declined)
6. Red Lava
7. Terrill Cellars

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