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Leveled Questions for “Amigo Brothers”

Directions: Refer back to the short story “Amigo Brothers” (page 283) and complete each
leveled question. Write your answers and questions on a separate sheet of paper. ALL

Level One: A level one question is a literal question. You can put your finger on the answer in
the text.

1. What dream did Antonio and Felix share?
2. What was Antonio’s boxing style?
3. In what part of New York City did the amigo brothers live?
4. What did Felix do to psyche himself up for the fight?
5. Which fighter was more aggressive at the beginning of the final round?
6-10. Write five level one questions of your own and then answer those questions.

Level Two

A level two question requires the reader to draw an inference or read between the lines in order
to find the answer.

11. Why did Antonio decide to change his boxing style before his fight with Felix?
12. What can you infer about the crowd’s reaction as the amigo brothers stepped into the ring
just before the fight began?
13. Why does Felix aggressively rush Antonio at the beginning of the fight?
14. Whenever Felix and Antonio freeze their punches (just before they connected) at the
sound of the first-round bell, what message does this send to the audience and to each
amigo brother?
15. Why do Antonio and Felix leave the ring before they hear the decision?
16-18. Write three level two questions of your own and then answer those questions.

Level Three

A level three question is a thematic question that applies to real life.

19. What happens when friends compete?

20. Write one level three question and then answer it.

*After you finish, pair up with a partner and find at least one example of onomatopoeia, simile,
metaphor, idiom, personification, and hyperbole. Discuss how each of these produces imagery
and be prepared to share these discussions with the class.