Jesse Klein 

English 4,2 

The drug war is growing bigger  
by the minute and we in  
America are the reason why 
The war on drugs in Mexico is heating up
day by day
and the Mexican government is scrambling
to slow it down.
The thing is, ​we’re the problem. ​America
has consumed
about double the amount of drugs from the
cartel than any
other country in the world, and there's no
sign of it
slowing down anytime soon.
(Photo by: Healthcare Costs)

Solutions and failure 
Many come up with solutions such as offering
rewards for the heads of drug lords but just
as the government is paying people off for
these men, the cartel is paying off informants
and police to ensure the operation will always
run smoothly. The cartel also has a strong
hold on the government with threats of
murdering their family if they ever successfully
hurt their business. ​ (Photo by:
Mexico’s jail system is  
broken due to this war and 
there is no sign of it being 
fixed anytime soon 
Mexico’s jail system has been known to fail the
government as far as containing the prisoners, and
now it’s getting worse and worse as the drug war
intensifies. Not only do police have trouble
suspects because of shootings and bribery. But
when they do detain someone, the odds of them
escaping double there, versus here. As we've seen
with El Chapo, even prisoners moved here can
escape relatively easily.
(Photo by: WikiMedia Commons)

The future 
Day by day efforts are made to fix
this problem but as we know there is no solution on
the horizon and there won't be any slowing down
of the violence and drug trafficking as long
as people are buying product. And as we know,
people will never, stop buying product. All we
can do at this point is hope. But as we've seen
in past events, hope doesn't help a serious problem. ​(Photo by: WikiMedia Commons)
But both our government and Mexico’s government
will continue to fight this violent war until either
the government is over ruled, or the cartel is taken out.

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