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White House
MISSING ready to try
AVIATOR’S new political
Family of Lewiston pilot whose plane was
Blaming conservatives for
House defeat, Trump signals
new openness to Democrats
shot down during World War II hoping By HOPE YEN
new book will give them some closure OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

OF THE TRIBUNE ald Trump on Sunday attacked con-
servative lawmakers for the failure of
the Republican bill to replace former

lak tore into 2nd Lt.
Allan Knepper’s President Barack Obama’s health care
Lockheed P-38 law, as aides signaled a greater willing-
Lightning on July ness to work with moderate Democrats
10, 1943, ending his on coming legislative battles from the
strafing run against an budget and tax cuts to health care.
armored German column On Twitter, Trump
in Sicily, and ending his complained: “Demo-
life at the age of 27. crats are smiling in
The Lewiston native’s D.C. that the Freedom
body was never found Caucus, with the help
or identified. But peri- of Club For Growth
odic searches have been and Heritage, have
zeroing in on a possible saved Planned Par-
crash site, bringing hope enthood & Ocare!”
to Knepper’s half sister The Freedom Cau-
Shirley Finn of Clarkston, cus is a hard-right President
who was born 10 months group of more than Donald Trump
after he died. 30 GOP House mem-
“It does make a dif- bers who were largely
ference,” Knepper’s responsible for block-
last living relative said ing the bill to undo
of the possibility that the Affordable Care
his remains may still be Act, or “Obamacare.”
recovered. “I don’t know The bill was pulled
how to explain that.” from the House floor
Perhaps, she said, such Friday in a humiliat-
a discovery will finally ing political defeat for
the president, having
write an end to the tragic Reince
lacked support from
story that brought de- Priebus
either the conserva-
cades of pain to her fam-
tive Republicans or Democrats.
ily, especially their father,
In additional fallout from Friday’s
Jess. But even though she
jarring setback, Rep. Ted Poe, R-
may never be able to fully
Texas, said he was leaving the
close that book, Finn has caucus. Poe tweeted Friday that some
found a measure of com- lawmakers “would’ve voted against
fort in another. the 10 Commandments.”
“I felt like I finally met “We must come together to find so-
my brother,” Finn, 72, said lutions to move this country forward,”
of reading an early copy of Poe said Sunday in a written statement.
Robert Richardson’s “The “Saying no is easy, leading is hard but
Jagged Edge of Duty: A that is what we were elected to do.”
Fighter Pilot’s World War Trump initially focused his blame on
II,” due out April 15 from Democrats for the failure and predict-
Stackpole Books. ed a dire future for the current law.
With Finn’s help, the But on Sunday, his aides made clear
Spokane author labored that Trump would be seeking support
over the last few years from moderate Democrats, leaving
to unearth the details of open the possibility he could still revis-
the U.S. Army Air Corps it health care legislation. White House
pilot’s life in Lewiston, and chief of staff Reince Priebus scolded
his death in a foreign land. conservative Republicans, explaining
“He was a young man that Trump had felt “disappointed”
who had willingly gone in that a “number of people he thought
and volunteered for com- were loyal to him that weren’t.”
bat service, sacrificed “It’s time for the party to start gov-
everything to leave, and erning,” Priebus said. “I think it’s time
then was killed,” Rich- Tribune/Barry Kough; courtesy Shirley Finn for our folks to come together, and I also
ardson said of the patrio- ABOVE: Shirley Finn of Clarkston has mementos of her brother’s service in World War II, which think it’s time to potentially get a few
tism engendered by the moderate Democrats on board as well.”
Japanese attack on Pearl ended when his P-38 fighter was shot down in 1943. A book about Allen Knepper will be pub-
As he ponders his next steps, Trump
lished next month. TOP PHOTO: Allan Knepper trained in several types of aircraft before tran-
> See AVIATOR, page 5A sitioning to the P-38 Lightning he was flying when he was shot down over Sicily. > See TRUMP, page 3A

I’ll take the senior discount, thanks; just don’t call me ‘old’
I know I should not look a gift discount. I wanted to slap the UP FRONT/ games and cocktails after work. My sons keep pestering
horse in the mouth but when the little twerp. And yet I have just enough of me to make retirement plans.
20-something store clerk gave I never thought I would be COMMENTARY my Grandma Cris in me — who Once, my older son found a let-
me the senior citizens discount bothered by getting older, and was a beautiful, yet gloriously ter from AARP I’d torn up and
recently without even asking honestly there are many things vain woman — to want to not be tossed into the garbage without
for my ID, I was miffed.
Seriously, I had just dyed my
to appreciate about gaining a
few years under the belt.
Kathy seen as old.
When my 9-year-old
reading it. He wanted to know
what I was doing.
hair. Did I really look that old?
I appreciated the 10 percent
Your body may start to have
a few more problems as you
Hedberg granddaughter, Julia May,
looked at me closely not long
“I’m in denial,” I admitted.
But AARP is for old people,
off, but couldn’t he at least age, but your outlook is so ago, studying me silently for he said. “They could help you
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license before carte blanche begin to make sense — matters about every ordinary day. “Grandma, why are there age, you could use it.”
giving me the cut? that you used to think were im- Younger people may regard cracks on your face?” I’d like to know who raised
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day, which is the usual senior because you become increas- like a dinosaur but that’s fine wrinkles and wrinkles are “in” ———
citizen discount day, which ingly more aware of your lim- because then they’ll leave us — as in, fashionable. Hedberg may be contacted at
means that it was a sympathy ited time left on this Earth, it’s alone to enjoy our pinochle Julia May was not convinced. or (208) 983-2326.

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M O N D A Y, M A R C H 2 7, 2 0 1 7 LEWISTON TRIBUNE 5A
down and was missing hit ance to return home. That

> Continued from PAGE 1A
her family hard. But she
didn’t realize how tough
things had been until she
was old enough to start
asking questions. As a
sister always tried to
catch a glimpse of anyone
on the street who was
missing an arm or a leg.
“I don’t know that they
little girl, Finn wondered ever lost faith,” Finn said.
Harbor. “As it developed, about the tall, handsome Jess died in 1983 at
telling his story sort of young man who looked the age of 90, and Finn
told the broad story of the out from family photos. eventually inherited the
thousands of pilots who She asked her father, but contents of her brother’s
did the same thing that he speaking of the loss of his footlocker. Last week, she
did, many of whom also first son was too much for spread his things over
were killed or went miss- Jess Knepper. the kitchen table of her
ing in action.” The Army sent back his Clarkston Heights home.
Richardson came across footlocker and the pos- Until she met Richard-
Knepper’s name while sessions inside, but that son, she relied on them
researching his father, Courtesy Shirley Finn did nothing to ease her and the few answers she
Leonard Richardson’s Allan Knepper father’s grief. got from her mother to
memoirs, which detailed “My dad started to open learn about the brother
his own harrowing ordeal the fruitfulness of those it, and he just closed it,” she never knew.
during the war. The elder pursuits. Finn said, recounting what Now, she has a meticu-
Richardson and Knep- But even though he put her mother Alma — Knep- lously researched volume
per were civilian pilots in the hard work, Rich- per’s stepmother — told to fill in the vast blanks
and friends in Lewiston, ardson said he got some her about the moment. in Knepper’s history, and
and joined the military breaks along the way. “He said ‘I can’t do this.’ I part of the hole his death
together in Spokane. One was tracking down think it changed him tre- left in her family.
Unlike Knepper, Finn through a newspaper mendously. He made the “I am tremendously
Leonard Richardson clipping she submitted to Tribune/Barry Kough best of things, but that just
grateful for (Richardson),”
washed out of flight the Lewiston Tribune in Allen Knepper’s wallet still holds a photo of a friend stopped him in his tracks.” she said. “I didn’t think
school and ended up as 2010. Another was finding With no body to bury
whose identity is a mystery. anyone would be interest-
a navigator and the sole two pilots who flew on the back in Lewiston, the ed in reading a book about
survivor when his C-47 same mission that killed to mount a recovery effort other reported crash sites. family held out hope for
Knepper and another my brother. I didn’t think
cargo plane crashed into earlier this year. Richard- “As of this moment, a miracle. One sister other people would care. It
a mountain on the South member of the squadron, son said the government they’re being quiet about theorized that Knepper
Wallace Bland. just didn’t occur to me.”
Pacific island of Espiritu team has returned from what they found,” he said. had been disfigured in ———
Santo in September 1943. “It was just blind luck,” that mission, which also Finn said the news that the crash and was too
he said of locating Harold Mills may be contacted at jmills@
Badly injured, he investigated a couple of Knepper had been shot ashamed of his appear- or (208) 848-2266.
stayed with the wreckage Harper in Sacramento, Ca-
for a week. Realizing that lif., and William Gregory
no one would find him, he in Austin, Texas. “They
crawled through the jun- were close friends with
Bland, but didn’t know Al-
gle for another week until
he encountered some na-
tive islanders. An Army
lan Knepper that well be-
cause it was only his fifth
mission with the squadron.
rescue team was then
(Bland’s) loss was tough
able to find and carry him HAVE A JOB, BUT LOOKING FOR SOMETHING BETTER?
for them to get over, so this
out of the jungle over the mission was emblazoned
next three days. in their minds.”
“In his memoir, there
was one sentence that I
Harper and Gregory
provided some of the
can still see in my mind,” information Richardson
Richardson recalled. “He used to post a request for
said ‘Al and I both went help in locating Knepper’s

missing, and they never remains on a popular
found Al.’ ” Sicilian blog. Much to
Not knowing what his surprise, he got a
happened to Knepper’s response the next day
remains gnawed at from a young man named
Richardson, a 67-year-old Salvatore Fagone who
retired importer/exporter had spoken to people who
who also worked in the had possibly witnessed
Spokane Community Knepper’s plane go down.
College international Since then, Fagone and
programs office. others have used metal
“I resolved to find out detectors to find pieces
what happened to him, of wreckage from sev-
and to write his story,” eral aircraft, including
he said of starting out in a P-38. There have also
2011. “Finding out what been stories of human
happened to Allan was the remains from one crash
short, easy part. It was de- being buried by villag-
veloping all of the context ers. Conflicting reports
and the background and said the grave was either
the other information that undisturbed, or exhumed
took so much time.” by the Army a few months
Much of that research later for burial at one of
was of the routine, ardu- the Italian cemeteries for
ous kind undertaken by missing or unidentified

historians. Richardson Allied soldiers.
revisited some contacts Knepper’s name is
he developed in the Army recognized as missing in
personnel offices while action at the Sicily-Rome
writing a family report on American Cemetery
his father’s memoir. He and Memorial in Net-
also traveled to Wash- tuno, Italy. It is unknown
ington, D.C., to explore whether his remains are
archives and museums, interred there.
and to the Air Force His-
torical Research Agency
But Richardson and
Fagone’s work uncovered
in Montgomery, Ala. enough new information
“It’s astonishing what’s to spur the Defense POW/
available,” he said of MIA Accounting Agency

1 dead, 15 injured in gunfight WHAT IS IT?
A virtual career fair is an interactive online platform that connects
at Cincinnati nightclub you to employers and employment opportunities.
ASSOCIATED PRESS individuals,” Isaac said.
It wasn’t clear how many A simple click from the Lewiston Tribune or Daily News home page
CINCINNATI — A people fired shots.
gunfight broke out inside Club patron Mauricio will lead you directly to the entry page of the Career Fair. Each
a crowded Cincinnati Thompson described a
nightclub early Sunday, chaotic scene in which as booth will be listed on this entry page. One click and you can read
leaving one man dead and many as 20 shots were fired
15 others wounded after as people scrambled to get about a company and the positions it has available.
a dispute among several away. He said there was a
patrons escalated into a fight and people were yell-
shootout, authorities said. ing for security to intervene
No suspects were in cus- before the gunfire began.
tody by Sunday night in “Once I got outside,
the shooting at the Cameo people coming out bloody,
club, which has a history
of gun violence, and police
said there was no indica-
gunshot wounds on them,
some of their friends car-
rying them to the car, rush-
tion of any terrorism link.
Cincinnati Police Chief
ing them to the hospital,”
Thompson told WCPO-TV. Regence
Eliot Isaac said one of “It was just crazy.”
the wounded was in “ex-
tremely critical condi-
Police Sgt. Daniel Hils
said the large crowd at
Clearwater River Casino
tion,” while a hospital the club was a factor in
spokeswoman said two
victims were listed in
the number of people who Alternative Nursing Services
suffered gunshot wounds.
critical condition. “When you’re talking
Police began receiving about something tightly Clearwater Valley/St. Mary’s Hospitals
calls at 1:30 a.m. about gun- packed like that, I think in-
shots at the club near the
Ohio River east of down-
tended targets aren’t going
to be the only thing that’s
Coleman Oil
town Cincinnati. Isaac said hit,” said Hils, who is pres-
200 people were inside the ident of the Fraternal Or- Lewis Clark State College
club, one of the few hip- der of Police local. “When
hop venues in the city, for you starting throwing lead
music and dancing. around, and there’s a lot Pathologist Regional Lab
Isaac identified the dead of other people standing
man as 27-year-old O’Bryan
Spikes, but provided no oth-
around, then the other peo-
ple are going to get hit.”
er details. He said 15 others Isaac said the club has
were injured, with some al- its own security opera-
ready treated and released tion that uses detection
from hospitals.
“What we know at this
wands and pat-downs, but
that police believe several
For more information visit
point in the investigation firearms got inside. Four
is that several local men officers were working se-
got into some type of dis- curity in the club’s park-
pute inside the bar, and ing lot and some tried un-
it escalated into shots be- successfully to revive the
ing fired from several man who died.