Emory & Henry’s New Philosophy

Emory & Henry College has a new philosophy professor, and his name is Taylor Stone, Ph. D.

It is Stone’s belief that he is saving the world by teaching critical thinking to college students.

“So often, students will walk into my classroom with all these preconceived notions about the world and

philosophy. I feel it is my job to destroy these before they go out and vote. However, the goal is to do so

while still encouraging them to come up with new ones.” Stone thinks that if he can do that for students,

they will in turn go out into the world and teach others this way of "thinking about thinking". Teaching

philosophy is not Stone’s only goal for his time at E & H. Another important objective is to make students

want to ask questions.

“I want to inspire these students to not only ask questions when they are confused, but to ask them all the

time. Question everything. Asking questions about life and how stuff works in the universe is a great part

of philosophy.”

Stone and his family have a long history with philosophy. Stone’s family is from Emory with his father, Ed

Damer, being a former philosophy professor and his mother being a philosophy graduate. Damer was a

professor at E & H and helped build some of the academic and residential buildings on campus, including

the recent addition to Byars Hall. Stone earned his undergraduate at Centre College in Kentucky and his

post-graduate from the University of Florida.

“I spent my childhood growing up in Emory so when I went off to college I wanted small places. I feel at

home in small town areas.” Taylor Stone is excited to be teaching what he loves in the area he grew up


“I’m happy to be back, because this is all I want to do.”