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uestion of family

$upermodel in fhe hot sea{
m:=i= Jhe model Sophie Dahl.
I 20. i* the grarrddaughler
Wltu is your ide,r! mun..
tChris ari,l Tonr. Lileppssll
of the children,s writer
ffiffi There are
Roald IJalrl. She is quire
Somebodl u ho makes rne
some family Iaugh a lot. nho tliinks
unusual ber.ause. lor onee- I
connections luoL lantastic rritlr
we have a supermodel
between the lr.ho
unrrashed hair
is bigger than the a\erage - and
people in these who'll -enrl me flouels.
size. S6pfiis norks lor
photos. What Basi,.alJ). no one I knou.
model agenel Storm. She
do you think unfofiunateiy.
has beerr in a number u[
they are?
top lashion magazines What uas the
in,.lurling Elle. loniry Foir thc lusl pop group \.ou
anrl ItuIiun Vugtre. She /o secf 1r$31x pp1p,.-.
kindll agreed to ansr^cr \oltingham)
sume quesl;ons [
our I vent on a date to see
Armogerldon in \er,r \urk.
Horu did you start Tlre [ilnr uas dreacllul ancl
modelling? Is it something lhe dale nol mur.h bef ler.
1ou altrnls u.ontcr! lo do: f;1t1 grotrlr lss\a \4pr-p
(Danni Fielcling, Bilstol) tIe Bearti- Bo), anrl Ihpr
were fantasticl
I aftudll) wanled lo be ::

a writer but then I was ll hat memuri.c." dn
spollerj on the rlrepl. | Iture of
*u- y1t117 g.7ont[other?
crying after having a. huge Haue lott r"od anf ol hi,,
figltt rtitlr nrr nrulhcr and i:
- antl if so. uhirlt
lhis lyornan saicl to me, ,Let t:
one.s lre yotLr.fa,tou rites ? I
rne 111s(p
1ou irrlo a (Paula, Chester)
supennodel' and I suitl, !-
I miss him terribi-1,.. He l.
'oK.' was
erlraortJinarJ. Ie used lo
W hat dtt ).ou do toitl, oll thc talk alrout book- a lot. I
h ou rs he1 a epn.[a.qfi macle hirn laugh. My
sltctws? (Lisa Ster ep*6n. favuurile book h1 him is
?\t1,+2,,,:,,. Kirrg. li The BFG,r.hich is actually
aboul nrel
Read a lot, ancl clrink
endless eups oI lea, Wat rlo -t.otr thittA. vou.ll be
loi ng fire ).ea r.s.from rrcn 2
Do )uu exer,.ise? lJ
Picture A is of the supermodel, Sophie Dahl. so, rrhttt
ffi do you d,o and where?
(Chrissie llagan, Norwich)
With another student, write down three questions Hopefuil,v. I,1l be happy
(Emilp I{uneaton) and
you would like to ask her. extr-emely rieh, so $l
I work out with I l*on,t
a fuainer
have to rrorkl l'il also
Now look at the questions in italics in the three ilmes a week. be
ffi married to an aruazing
article. Were any of them the same as your Do yau belieae in making pasla sumeu here
questions? irr
mo rric ge 1 ( Debhie perrrose. southem Ital1., surroundecl

ffi I inchesler../

\esl But orrll lor lor.e.
b.y my frienrls.



I j*': :cr.rplete article and decide if these What do you do when you don't understand
.-r '::- :';e or false. a word?
A just continue reading and not worry
:, c cal supermodel. about it
; ',vant to be a model. stop every time and look up every word in
ot of time between fashion shows. a dictionary
stop sometimes and look up important
:- her own.
words in a dictionary
'er ideal man stop sometimes and try to work out the
:he pop group she saw recently meaning of important words from the
her grandfather. context

=- .-: won't be working as a model in five 4 What is good or bad about each of the
'.: possibilities in question 3 above?

Example: lt's not good to look up every
'< another student. Choose three of the
',^,rith word in a dictionary because not every
' the article which are relevant to you. Then, word is important.
^sr,ver them together.

.2 Look at the article on page 4 again.
Tryto work out the meaning of the six
highlighted words from their contexts.
Look at the highlighted words. Decide what
part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)
each one is.
Look at the words and sentences before the
highlighted words and after them. Think
what the highlighted words might mean.
Now decide which of the words rn the box
below has the closest meaning.

Example: actually - in fact

bad a lot in faet
man seen very big
,trr're nctt losing o daughter. a-e're going to Liue here.

.3 Find something in English to read,
FP e.g. a newspaper article or a page from
I*-: l
meaning from context a book.

1 Discuss these questions with a partner. Read it on your own, without a dictionary.
',' Highlight any words you don't understand.
ch of these things have you read recently in English?
Decide which of the highlighted words are
- al or part of a book
important in order to understand the whole
I an article in a newspaper
article or story.
- a text in this coursebook
I something else Look at the important words again Try to
work out the meaning from the context.
- ,', hen you read in English, do you usually
Use any clues you can find in the sentences
- understand every word?
around the word.
i understand most of the important words?
I understand about half of the words? Be prepared to report back to the class. Say
) understand only a few of the words? which words you chose and how you worked
out the meaning.

do you go to the crnema? Now ask another student all your questions and B: About once a month.. ..l p.. topics in Exercise 3. .... .) Whose Why How How... 2 Compare your answers with another student...... . Who is your rdeal man? (x3) Where When Who What m Match the questions in Exercise 1 to the topics below where possible.. 136 fol tEJ 1 Listen to three different people answer the first two questions in Exercise 1........ look at the pictures and describe go on holiday to? B: Mexico.? Example: Whatwas the last film you went to see? Student B O-DOU BLE C-U-7-A-T-|-O-N. How many brothers has she got? How many sisters? 3 Which picture matches her description? Did you have to understand every word to decide? ... with my parents.... tr Complete each ofthese quest ions with one of the question words in the box..... P 2 Now listen........ Write down the surnames with the correct spelling............ is one of your favourrte actors at How big is her family? the moment? B: Ben Affleck. make a note of the answers.heck you can pronounce the alphabet in English.... ......... 9 A: .. Are they all 8 A: .. ..... 5 A: ...much ...... is your surname? B: Smith..... o home town o free time o family 2 A: .. what you can see.. '> Gra*mar reGrence l............. are you living at the moment? B: ln Manchester... 1 1 A: .. o school o holidays o job o learning English 3 A: ... do you spell that? B: S-M-t-T-H.. views do you most respect and listen to? B: My grandmother........... ...... did you last see a band live? their answers where necessary. Example: Student A How do you spell 'occupation. ..s.. Then choose three words you ha.......... How many HoW often. ........... does it cost to travel to your school from your home by public transport? B: About f2. . country would you most like to Before you listen........ ... are you learning !nglish? B: So I can get a good job. . ' How long Example: home town ....... have you been learning English? written correctly? B: Nearly three years....... do you do? B: I'm a learnt recently and ask another student to spel/ them.. A question of family 3 C............... 1 You will hear a girl talking about her family.... 10 A: ...... (Not all of them will apply...) B: Last weekend. 13 A: (ln your family) .. . How are they different? 12 A: ... 6 A: .. ffi Write one more question for each of the 4 A: .... (Ask them to spell 7 A:.... brothers and sisters have you got? B: One brother and one sister.... Where are you tiving at the moment? 1 A: .... Show your partner the answers..

:. tAts /.gt u..great?t) :j::. family and friends = r Look at Paula's family tree.-.a. -low does Kevin usually get to school? Stmon 11 <z /<z n A'-..1 . 9o.=. -at does Claire's boyfriend look Iike ? C tay broTler."-- . pictures.I.. +:: :-: questions and look at the pictures.l. Tell them what differences there are between this family and your family." ffi+.. You will hear tr ffi Listen and put a tick (/) under the correct n ..-'. ihe time? .s and . . .:-:.--.-. luy sister in-/aw'.a-l 1"" (( /e nrr>Cr> . -to Aear f'd /oreffi abrut your 4a*i/y. -iok at questions 1-5.'. Before you listen.l'e conversations... I have three brothers.::... =:. ff@ -at are they doing tonight? &ffi I'tum and Dad ..rty {a_i/y! /a7{. You will hear each conversation twice.r ! . ':.. Work with another student. ..n. in ( -'i | sn t sAe .:* '!8/ga lgl. lc you need to listen for? . Example: Paula only has one brother.--..

Show the names to another student and explain who the people are and tr ffi. rEr and Tomek use to say what they like. Who particularly likes this type of occasion? why they are important to you. He left home last year and I don't see him often. Look at the photograph and tell another student if you like Example: My wifes father is my this kind of family occasion.. advaniages and disadvantages of 2 1.. grandfather aunt cousin sister-in-law father in larv niece widow stepmother 1 My aunt and uncle's child is my 2 My fathers father is my . Listen to Katia and Tomek discussing their views. that too. l@12 IEJ grandparents should live with their families? ffi Now.. . but my mother gets quite anxious being an only child? 3t . Read these questions. . it especially because I can see my niece.. them. .. 6 My mother's sister is my . Example: Yes.. Example: father-in-law - mother-in-law ffi Write down the names of the people in your family who are the most important to you. 3 My brother's daugt-1sr is my 4 My father remarries. talk with another student about the kinds of things Who is your closest friend? How you Iike to do with your family and the kinds of things you don't did you meet them oriEinally? How Iike to do. lts all good fun.. Check you = understand them. 5 My brother's wife is my . so then I have a ... I like family meals because my brother comes home for them. Are you close to your grandparenis? Do you think Listen and repeat the sentences after the recording..I UNIT 1 A question of family a ffi Complete these sentences with the names of family members in the box.... 1 What do you think are the 1 I .. Then discuss lorll Listen again.. 7 lf my husband dies I become a what you think are Say the = male/female equivalents for each of the words in the box in Exercise 2. Complete the expressions below which Katia your responses with other students. long have you been friends? What do you value most about them? .. Give reasons. father-in-law.' Answer these questions.1...i......*t'r':'*xqr'n"*'sL'"" -- 2 What differences do you notice between the Extract B questions in each picture? t" Grammar reference 1.....!'? td'vit"njl Date of ui..i.. o using complete sentences... Look at the way two people have completed part of the questionnaire...' .. what your full name is? l'd also like to know if t ...t 'rr^""t ta-. :.. 1r.... Do you still live with your parents? (9) Which member of your A family are you closest to? ( IOI What's your full name? Are you closer to your Do you still live with family or your friends? (t t) .... ..1 . l: you still live with .-^-nrAcrrr qtk?.. " (6) J'&*fl$"$'$" 3'*:*h'ao'6u*f"15'f.*rii!itl your parents.:==::=-:!==::l::::: @ Writing reference (Spelling) p .1......1....... 2.4gn1.. grammar luestions and make sure you understand them.r"r. Date of birth (day/monthiyear): y" ixr'*' y'sa':" g p ation : (7)'{' ffi '8" *Sx#x $S" J'* rcl "ix" r'fi P resent occu 1 In which picture are the questions more polite? .i. UNIT l A quest on of 2 What differences do you notice between short answers the two extracts? Think about the following: A market research company has sent you o punctuation ruestionnaire to f ind out about families and family r spelling '/ou have agreed to complete it... .."...... Present occupation: (7) 5 Now complete the (5) I5rcr... (3) 4 Show another student the answers you are thlnking of writing and look at theirs..........ti.H paper..:.L ....:::=j. your parents? How often do alt the me of vour familv come together? on what (t2) ".. FA M I LY e u E s T r o NN A I R E Full name: (l) ..:lt Could you tell me Signature: (13). ............3fi1..... 136 Nationality: "*t'ol....:==..:.. . Read through all .. First.+Uii:1[*i..iittiigli'=... (7) Present occuPation: 9.. Do you notice any problems with their answers? Date of birth (dayI mo nth/year): (6) .A..j:.=-+qa'a.....1...... make a note of your appropriate) (2) Home address (inciuding possible answers on a separate piece of rj::.:-::..irUlli.... How many brothers and sisters do you have? (8) ......2 p...). Which one is good? Which one is not? Extract A 1' The pictures above show someone asking a stranger in the street questions j'#r$"i*ely*11"""""""" """' N ationality: (5) from the Family Questionnaire on this page.3 You are going to complete the form Title: MrlMrs/Miss/Ms/Dr for yourself.&1..

.. Everythtng Evervthing *"' rr --^.. What's your full name? friend in the street below...a the the tr""51 indirect questions where possible. "'.: . '"'".. i.. Ask another student the indirect questions.. "'p"i"l moment.iit::i"'5Jf 'r i#'i'H:' [r:. I Now.*{ ::i:liij: Iji.:j::-:. children's books..Itto. The *": was absolutct. Example: What's your full name? .d what tnef . = ..n*. after lunch and dozed off.:*.l'. Write direct questions where necessary broomsttck and have a black cat! (where there is no question written already)' Mary leaned out of the window and waved to her Example: Full name . 2 You are in a shop.itrhins hour' L.::.'l. u: she 1'J i. *i"L o"u.^. The witching hcur "fi.ii.* .:. *:.'^"r"^'-"*-*iirr.. :ely ?nd further down diifer. -L.:. Could you tell =..:. this was 1rel had o'nce whlst to her' Student AThank You verY much.h.. Here are some different situations' .i . was somerhing coming Roald Dahl is a famous writer of =t ' !... ^'. :"o'"':'il* . . she troze . It was dark and Simon was feeling nervous suddenly Now change all the direct questions into he frozel What was that noise? indirect questions....:r'" witching hour. You see one you like but there is no prrce marked.t"::l-* I :l-"i!* that itl1l.. Use .. You want to know if they -'...'JJ*:'- 3 Sophie... lt couldnt::l]'"::: *r. i. walking *.o:''o'1 1"..r1. l'.o'a' li'rened again' Everywt '""' 3 You are interested in seeing a film called ii.*. look at the questionnaire on page 9 witch was supposed to ride on a ln the past. *". 1 r-. . The extract below comes from : oil rhe blacl his book The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)' The . herself.. they are over here..: say mean." talr its head washis: : 'r English-Engl ish dictiona rY. and ask about the price and times of the film' 1 4 sophie wantru \oohte '" . the r"a'"g and hrd had have any English grammar practice books.--.^d been Example: ii'. .:#il:fT: 1 F'i. what you think the words below in bold -*T?1.- mouth to scream' 1 Her grandfather sat in a comfortable armcharr 'i...1 -^*nletelv il'il.'i..leen The other children tr dormitory Ln the in Roleplay them with another student.'.. house ..0"a. Ring the cinema completely ttti' ..'-' wanted t:^'^ our so badly thar.i:. next to ' had never known s Knowrr 4a """n.ri"""nd shop assistant..r.pnl rrnder under rhe curta:- srop herself ..-' was :.tLl'' she wenr couldnt \"too* ln rhe silver-v moonligh: ' t.."'i.i. _^look in rhe end.:Ji:::'i. . differ' streer' rhe street.'. :' . sophie hesirated' watches.'i'::'^:i:*:i"i:. Do you think it is a me what your full name is? good start to a children's book? Why?Affhy not? .. looked flike :ht.::. r The wirching hour' somebody 1 You are in a bookshop.*tao*' the upstarrs wluquYlr """-r"""a but "t*:..i-i1.: Now read the extract. now ii.0. .' ii:'il. Ask the :#T. UNIT 1 A question of familY 3 She whispered hrs name in my ear so no one else ':t'z could hear.+.f.t 'o)n''hi"g blark .Tt'iiill.t. Before you read. child and every grown-uP ]. Her rh.r:il:.' Sndd.. ' . ...:H.. and leaned out orof *rtr the Fj. 2 Ben is hiding somewhere in the garden and we can't f ind him ! ji=.n:I'-:.T"':T.::' what . dt . Ask the shop assistant...'t'ttning hour' She Heartbreak at a local cinema.: ffi.rains. .:. ::i: wantec :..n. a again.n. was frozen with fright' +. a human' i. oli"**t.r.t-tlY oPPosite side'. have any Engtish grammar practice books? Student B Certainly. .1'. .Y:l.* "". "' i'g rall and young girl in the story is based on his and uery thin' Sonething uery tall and uerl black granddaughtel Sophie Dahl. Then check Your ideas in an tr': . . Student A Excuse me' Could you tell me if you was + . 1r .lLins on the the.l6s^ (aoohie couldn'r he1 eYes and lay ' ) asleep *1n""' I"or-.:':.::[ came out. [:Iii:.'. the .1'11'. You are looking at some fix'$i... *i' t"'. *a' lt'io*r.t -u^..t"":li:..T.r:T:l1::ifJ ".]^j r-.'.J reallv window to see t". up tl" '- t= ::onl' '?"kl1 i).

Use your notes and the h story (1) outline below. . 3 Now write the next part of the story iF (about 80 words).:-: siatements below are false in some way. * :. . Why? Because he thinks she is brave and : . .-: next part of the story..oPhlA'-nf. . -.'. so scared that she couldn't stop screaming... 148. What happens? Do Sophie and the BFG remain friends? f ." :iting reference (Making your writing interesting) p..oaragraph in the story each of The BFG is lonely. :.B t looked straight at Sophie. 2 Answer the questions with notes. 152 .l'en were asleep. When do they leave? Where do they go? What does she take with her? What adventure do they have? F lt all ends happily. Why? What is his everyday life like? Does he have any friends? lf so. -. ' --: ::l'y again and saY whY.-. making any + F 4Show your writing to another pair of p .'. You are going to write o correct punctuation? See Writing reference (Punctuatron) p. U NIT I A question o' ':- :: ..'.'AO ?c'ra'qrc-?h 3 E Po-ro.--e BFG wants to be friends with Sophie i mprovements necessarY.:'k with another student. Example: '..oX-. &' Writing reference (Planning your writing) p. 1 The BFG wants to be frrends with Sophie.'/hy? How does she feel about that? Unit test l:Teacher's Book 11 . Begin with Sentence 3 from Exercise 1 . ='ed the curtains.jr.: : -chle was not as/eep. . 5 Write your final version. who are they? C The BFG has a problem. Why? How will she help him? E Sophie and the BFG go off on an adventure together.: etely quiet except for the sound of that she can help him.? dark in the village and she couldn't see much. Nervous but interested. To her amazement. Outtline . 1 50.. How does she feel about that? : . Read the outline and the ': owing questions. . Which is the most interesting? Why? It looked at Sophie lt smiled. r*o-lX. Have they used: o interesting vocabulary? See Writrng reference :'l (Making your writing interesting) p.ogilcn. What? What are the possible solutions to the problem? What is he going to do about his problem? D Sophie decides to help the BFG. . 150 students and look at theirs.. m -='e are three possible continuations of the story ' -::: 10.

is about. Oblivion and Corkscrew tr listen.A/hy not? A are always the same. tr . Answer any of these questions that you can. what is it like? You can't use a credit card if you book 6 When is it open? A uy po5l.. Ug Land and Corkscrew tr British theme park called Alton Towers. what can you buy there? B depend on the weather. ^ l-. tr 2 B you can see only very new buildings. tr 2 Whar can yoJ see or do there? Da y closing times at Alton Towers 3 Did you enjoy it? Why?A. This will make rt easler to lndersiand A Nemesis. more relaxing ways to theme park. . T 5 ls there a cafe or restaurant there? lf so. Have you ever been on In the grounds of Alton Towers anything like this? lf so.:r:::: .: 3 You will now hear a recorded message about Alton Towers. Tell them about a At Alton Towers.. what was it Iike? A there are some old buildings. museum or other interesting place that spend your time include you have visited. Oblivron and Ug Land tr You are going to hear a recordlng about a famous B Oblivion. A visiting a museum tr B walking around the gardens T 1 Where ls lt? C going up in a balloon.b {&. Before you C Nemesis.t'. tr C vary according to the ttme of year. T C they are building some shops. tr-i. talk to another precjlct what it The following are rides at Alton Towers ..: iF' : -ri" l:a = E:::. *#g *-***:'. When you listen to a recording in Englsi. tr C in person. 1 Who is Alton Towers desiqned for? A teenagers tr B older people tr 1 Work with other students.{ g T &T *" -T-- LJ lq s_ _€ re lrr g* Ti me out & :'ii=:::L. tr 4 Does t have a shop? lf so. T 12 . Put a tick (/) in the correct box for each question.---a T 7 How much does it cost to go in? B by telephone. Describe what you C the whole family tr can see in the pictures.

-ril" .<rnow when the new ride will be open? 2 They always are latel -=.::'"" ] :::: 'fastcars'too' Armat something I like bY """""""""' to l'm in my room' I ( l0) -". iake eat practise spend rot drink listen go travel ..'.::=-..=...a' summer holidays....Y . ?:::f...i+.]. Example: My dad often plays tennis at the weekend. Use the : :::. ln two of the sentences they are in the wrong position.{. ".and Roland' I.. il. T \ \t TT ' ! I _ E.:' the verbs in bold in sentences 1-4 j :.^ if I . "J.... .oJil'.. Then the 3 I sometimes go swimming before school.::11..nt n/dAtL sonetrnes l-. ock you into your seat..f broLhp-r/srster aLoa. ron't understand what you mean.. --e box in the present simple.soM-llof ! lomplete the following text with verbs L€..$raJ. T kskcLllqr.T."' t't'*"^s*". ''lS 4 ls he often so rude? - .. .: ::::::::r ::: j... .'a tZ. .. state verbs ..:- sentence beginnings on the notepad below.r. Decide which the I '. two sentences are and where the adverbs of -1 _ frequency should be. A. present simple 3 The words in italics in the sentences below fn." """" ' ""' a #.-: rbuyit.ii!:a:: . l(q. of these sentences is not correct? WhyT .-. :..:l::::lEl -" - *o 1:!'*o : -:" li't":::..-:kes us to a different theme park 1 We usually go to the north of Spain for our .. .r.un.'.".. ..i roi . . yogLutt' toast and honey and lot or pasta and l'eakfast onry o.i0.. -':: habits ' i= pe"nanent situations 4 Write six complete sentences.nmar reference 2. ."rr*n"'e rn"ft' O" if I do it's about a tennis tournament' by about l0 p'm' I (1'z) "'-"-"" . S're's loving her new computer.""t t'. .uriJ:'.f\..."".' .:1 ::"uu:-'. .2 p. are adverbs of frequency. l4o:: best {rwnC olten . 'n not understanding what you mean jre loves her new"'ff"*" on court s*u'auv on arternoons and Sundavs ---^. and r ' :rrads.'... I(9) .-..... -':: processes 6 Never I have toast for breakfast.._ ::jartx::. .. . . -.YvonlyluxurytscruLrrEr'I"i-it*"1 lB.:.i:i:#:. . :s ^ F orrda near an amazing theme park. . :cffee. 't around 5 p'm" when mv dog' l'm usuallv in bed with mv mother.. .:i.." .'.dream wake not practise like circuit' the international tennis Sre (l) .'.r." her first title when she four times a day' but off at Sam' l (3) """""""""' a shower "" alarm (2) " "" ' "" ls the important on""ti (4) me up after the '..e categories A-D below.. -sed in the continuous 5 She occastonally lets me borrow her bike.-e flrst one in the rnot*ng ::. hours I sleeP everY night' big glass of mill<' t (5) '-""""" is cereal.."""""" nrne months a yearon was l7' .. 137 lil.. .

.raattaqr'..aG.*:.ine*a:1.: l. ..... .:' 1'1l?aar:A.rt*a.l.G €..r fa VeAfaa ....d{alr.:S . .c'aAohallu J sone+wes of+en alwrys . r... a... f{?. syllable is stressed? dng*eur* Example: jogging ..f 1 4"& .ii$. rt?ALta.b ..t. .. i : t ?-t. 2 sYllables - utrayts al jsgging +e uledehd aatch iV m +e ntrhlg 1 Complete the following sentences with a verb from Exercise 1 in the correct form' ExamPle: l'd like to .9a.'.. . UNIT 2 Time out Ask another student How often do you "'7 and put a tick free time === (D in tf. ... chess on mY computer. tt Tell other students about the person you interviewed' the cinema tonight....... lwe affee .]l. .'.. = l'd like to .. lots of PhotograPhs on my last holidaY.alr..l'r'!&rliil':i'i'y1'f '' do+e ulalqyt'. l started .i1 "ryhfu I'arfr :']].. ac. ffi Match the verbs on the left Example: with the activities on the right' Student A How often do you get up before 6 a'm'? Student B tVeYer/ Example: going to .r l r. .i-1-!-:i"fjjl .!is1l...*.! . gz+ ryVfue . basketball Example: Sonia never gets up before 6 a'm' for my school team..1. I ...ano€..P.r.:: ."".:eC.... the cinema .ia'tt..:.. ... .-rP..:::'r.. summer.ti.1.e correct box.r. k F * F 6 d # .''.S.r.-{txr()3? 4 a}n-.1..yb gn |rlrrtet^u* '.ta1al':...p ffi How manY sYllables do the words on the right have? Which g: to a fi|r. .i t .tna..$aa-taa!€. I think stamPs is the most boring hobbY in the worlc I like . . .ri.....ta.'..l..-:i rd inbl Vfae . .:.:.*t""liri!rrlrrrrlr*"". 4 -i: ' '. .:t.€ii..'lgeri<a{b.:::. the guitar tl^ .!@*... e s $r -.{....r*. glg:+o kr4 l*u +o nys< ttib..

. 3 '.. :h another student. 3 -:. . (l) .f ---: club who want to (5) ' ^r'do I like it so much? Well' I love being and : .. Make notes about each of the areas in Exercise 4.-' 3 Listen and check your ideas. What is she talking about? ihe piano quite well when I -.sually play with some friends who ...lxercise I ? when and how often she does it E -...=: -: true for you. Can you 4 ln which order does she talk about the ::'er words to go with the verbs following things? ..'. {. -: ..\11 _ ^-:_ :..-. .--:. but not as much' The weather r. ' I really lil<e running around But I -. camping in France last : 1 Look at the picture of Sally below and read the text. .. t.ut club.= me his old racl<et' Now 1l o. """ it seriously for about two = .:.. and there are ..=3n three :r : -cw' ln the summer' I play at least more' I play . tr where she does it E := your partner which activities how long she has been doing it E ' ^ -.. clay basketball for my -.r ay with him and some . l'm a (4) """""" always people at k 1\* . aweel< and sometimes ' -:er as well....... Try to speak continuously for at least one minute. 5 Prepare to tell another student about your A <e playing football.r: a Problem' . .. partner should ask you two how she first became interested in it tr : : I rt each activity.....r'nl.LC d VVeeK..^< getting (7) """""' ' is very rmportant' itwith other -:s: of all I love being able to do lt's such a friendly (8) """""" I =::ie. playing after my j brother asked me friends' He even . 2 Complete the text with words from the box.pop concerts why she likes it :. favourite free time activity..=' s:udent how many of the - :' -. .: logging with a group ...". . = exercise game started member --= times outdoors play doing ''jr senterce ts deftnitely true = .-. A .- .g.^^1_ ...o do you play with? 6 Now tell another student._ .t often do you play? r ^.

He particularly likes crime thrrllers. Decide which film (A-H) them to somethir_- would be the most suitable for each person or family (1-5). highlight or underline any important words .) Apparently they love being scarec Example: /H Ot you read abour each person. want to see a filn together. Jeremy is a university student who wants a break from his studies. Rita's two nieces (12 and 14) are coming to stay fo' the weekend.. first one has been done for you. Exercise 2would you be most I or phrases. look for parallelwords or phrases interested in seeing? Why? that link the book to a particular person. On page wants to take 17 there are descriptions of eight films.':3' Which two films from l. (The they'll enjoy.As you read about each fjlm. She has read lots of books abor-. :lj.ff What is the best film you have seen recently? They'd like to see a Why did you like it? comedy or something that will cheer them up. witches and wizards but can't get enough of them ! The Dobson famrl_. They all like adventure stories and Mum especially likes anything to do with the sea. She tl These people would all like to go and see a film.IINIT 2 Time out Cathy and Jody have had a bad week at school. . Sarah Jane loves any kind of fantasr story.

.*oYd: i.i:: cai ta e of Bogdoon on the big f) Lr'f-*ir'!A.i ..:r .. .nd againl .** : --:-.=:-:. -: ) mal<e this the scrence flctron movie 3 Drctionary style -. =-:sr-r:p and adventure which systems do you have? Discuss with other .ir..--. SuSpense: feetlng jtu have i^:hen -.eir fbmiiies are totally against the l{ someone zs -ar will they do? 3ru*7i*. : I . 'l' new islands. ti.. 1 How do you remember new words that you learn in your English class? What .." : . = : -: s he really on? er(cLLLnS Lo hcrppen ... ng Changes. Soon = :ut then they have to fbce the reality of /'3rn^7i/ a$e'live -.'"/arming story deflnitely one -. .. :hey meet by chance tn a parl<.''r behind 'the Sorcerers students.t . : -:'-E s r'es ond the Sorcerer's Revenge ' '.' . ...un ll-. .:. !::) Ttme 2 -.--.-.. i:nny follow up lo Porcy Ime /." {elin3y ': cw the rves of a group of lriends rn gru*py in. il I r' ]]lll'lur-...l l. IYike's gelting too good at 9* :* r^rall-Lng for sonoeg6in.3r\Lrn?ire6* **1 tYY r'-' ' '/' tieY sh. i I -: aeman.. Fi led with tenston and recording vocabulary in a vocabulary .l rides -:^ come from two very different lndlan -:. -': :^= . But his boss. A flrst-rate cast of actors and an . --.d cats with attitudel Amazing r:. *t. .ir.' .t' 'who llves with her recording words _ .=-ence..-. adventure and .-:^srorted into a world of tall<ing lrr>{{r>* ... -** *:::: Story . ff a young woman and her notebook... .*.....:cme of the wrldest men of the . . . --rers of the family will love and :: :. s worried.:'5 Es 2 Look at these different ways of : . ..- : .5* :] . More sli${y oryry n I'.. .: cf the NewYork Mafla.e galaxy on a misston to help restore .*s1..' ieis sent to Pootrot School . Which of them have you used? - -: : an old castle in Scotland lust = --ri they tal<e on three new 1 Translation : .as mag cal powers. I \:- rhfililfl* i{ i .--r-€s of the spaceshtp Sun Seeker as she . :^'ance and some dramatic scenes of 2 Short English-English explanations i .-ou* l'm lired' .-r the strangesi American high school you -o encounten 17 . -. -. worl<ng undercoven He's .*f i*Y'l $.-?.. = -'-..: '"'Odef : : .L..

i_. I got a new job in October.. When you have entered them in your Why Petra . . for the same compar-.- notebook. 137 'tdr** --4 \/ +j. ..ffik but l'm free at the weekend... rrlf....UNIT 2 Time out 4 Pictures continuous or idr6*+SS+& simple? E iff:tffi Listen and complete the gaps in the fol lowing conversation. anythrng else! $. &i &*$Sr{'{" | .. much more fluently than any new words you would like to record in your when you arrived in England last year.. i=fl= Look at the previousReading section. .. on Saturday? Would yc- like to come? Simon Yes. of going? Katrina Yes. the verbs in the box in the correct form of .... What's happened? .. Julie and Simon YnOAIS married? L.#j Complete these sentences with one of 8ol+ h?L-tClVriS.. }' Grammar reference 2. ....2-2... out of the windor'.3 p. .LE How many examples of the present continuous did you hear? Which of the following uses does each example have? To 5 Mind maps describe: atlrl*bs 1 a temporary situation {owrbail 2 a future arrangement. Simon Are . ./r\| turrpwC 'to b. nlatch get watch look speak 6 Grids go have work rain 'i *:r $r $:... .?p are ill night? r lr$^r€d We can play tennis now... vocabulary notebook? Decide how you are going to record them. Why not? I .. . ........4l Serte the present continuous.i... show another student. any more. restarran* organlsrn0 ki+cher preparction ot When .... I think he . records l'm not sure where Gavrn is.... . What . {.. .... ? Katrina I about a new cinema complex.. Simon What . TV in the living room... {inarc... ... ..€ you to Bev's party tomorrow people v...' {a s:: q. dinner with friends tonight "i& $1r hb Hm of .. lt lCeepinglcnecking any more. . maybe this weekend.... Are there You .

. '' Y:'1'*'7.ak ng a book with me to read. Mt* break{ast bus = break{ast 1 . : ack most of the\Tie idea is that everybody .aways having cerea for breakfast.. Wrrte them a short letter in which you .ke &iry a?d baskefull {rve t*l z /1wile'Pfi lhn. t. -- . UNIT I Time c-: -it' n*:. lt Task 'r"-c : : . but this -a. But this week l'm wall<rng o describe your everyday routine **= := rr [sl6\ /.. r.-- ur *4-i :-= -. Divide your letter into separate paragraphs.: .withnf 'a. to 7 a.m.N llilll|lltl*il]lfl.. -=. There are five 2 Where does each paragraph begin? .): . 'takng Ii itrbrax. lds of di$fettk tWgs aa t* -.. to 4 p.* :* tir'e'I n..g bowling with reference on page 154 and answer these questions.".Yy boy..r.tth:rg"t Y ^tter3 pa' wlen tut -./ing an. -c it is National :( . :. tAY to* is Alareia' tn sisters ad ?n reattY 'Px/o' i' Seo . D -'-^:colate nearly every day.'a -.m. -j . 3 with topic sentences Paragraphs often begin which tell you the subject of the paragraph.:.=. ^eed the exerc sel o say what you like doing in your free time.'a t*****t I t.:'-. Decide how many paragraphs there should be in the letter and where each one should begin and end.*.'. See f n. isua y lust daydream. . p.. this week I am ' ---e day from about 8' ai'g tern '. -: :-em and correct them. qet tte bB b sct@t' 9"t yn : .th ot t'net write seh avd tett ng backwards th s week..'. .lmrnurm : r. Use topic sentences where possible.-. : .rrnutes to get to work on the fa-ward b g*ry9"ttt".s week because it's National :-.. informal letter ('l) 1 Look at the informal letter in the Writing . language student in another country. * b kipw /*yil -.-. write your own answer to the task in ixflmr-fi: -:3:ion reading material music Exercise 2.-.' .. letter? . ::^i ble or sillvl Stewart llarshall You have the name and address of an English :r-.uil : -. And I usually sleep afu.. What are the topic sentences in paragraphs 2 and 3 in Marcia's : -..^ew routine for each one. .. so f* . The letter has not been divided into separate paragraphs.-r :'.!'cise or sports clothes sleep 4 Now.J'A'" Lalitgefuit. ionight. -:) school.m. weli.ty sctet so tM .rrg about their daily routine. rr ends are th nking I'm crazy\.rt yarl bst wisles' -. azr. | ' lhrua 'J I 'cr dinner this week. ^. T-hare so*thitg to ut'it i"t"g. :'d fferent colours.r.--e go very quickly. ANSWER m -. F Unit test 2:Teachert Book -:< l'm having chocolate for breakfast 19 . -: I usually have cereal for breakfast. :o aeople about how they are *:------:. But any4hing.m. For 1^.frend says i look good rn it. '. lt ""*r. lllllllllilllillllt ._ 1 How does the letter begin and end? fim.-. lt's "' .:-: :'esent simple or present 3 What is the purpose of each paragraph? . .i the categories below and tell Break-Your-Routine a Writing reference (Paragraphs) page 149. 2 Now look at the task and student answer below.r'es me to the statron and then l'm r introduce yourself --:. So this week STUDENT yurs o/d' 7 tive in Ll i har fua. that you next weekend .s:udent one thing I nlmltl.Today I wear fir! .r Maybe 'l stop completely Wrrte about 100 words.

Tests show tha. Read on and find out how.) ou are getting ready to play a football match Sport . the key to your success. perhaps. a match.) in the same colour or lots of different colours? Why? 2 Read paragraph 1 of the article Winning colours and discuss the highlighted questions. (You don't need to understand every word at this stage. is the colour of winning. L to an interview and you want to succeed. New information now. black or blue? yellow Strangely enough. an exam or an interr-_- Wearing blue will show that you are an efficient think about yotl. - but can often make yott look reserved. athletes who wea: The most popular colour in Britain is black. black is common in Britain. The colour of you: and hard-working person. not red. etc. .s. What however. phone. What colour should you Sometimes people mistakenly think that re:- wear to help you win? You are getting ready to go you look strong.a race. Iife . red or yellow? and you want to win. assertive and successful. and the sports kit of both countries --. next time you have an important event -_' uniforms and business suits are often blue. clothes can change your life! . Wearing hlack makes people feel more confident. but colour could be yellow. 1 1 Discuss these questions with a partner. yellow glasses during a race can improve ti . '2Now read the whole article quickly and answer the two highlighted questions. you will be seen as aggressive if r colour should you wear to help you succeed? choose red clothes. School and work . 1 Which clothes in the photos do you like best? Why? 2 What colour do you like wearing best? Why? 3 Do you usually buy clothes (and bags. Strange questions. This may yellow colour makes them feel positive and be why people sometimes think that British people energetic and could be the difference befir'e. Ar. School So. don't want to make a stl-ong lmpression. time by up to half a second.UffgY The senses . and Brazil are both very successful in the s: world. Although medal and no medal.. most people agree that in fact blue is the world's favourite colour.r clothes.

* funne:+. lrc. 138 dr'ork with a partner and discuss :..:. . e :.. 2 Match the sentences above with the correct rule..94.. a confrdent way.'*e i.i: a sentence. .. ... mr . nrer= Briiish people feel sure about mimr -...'ersally popular colour is black...:. .nr.. :. tffi'.: the statements below.ffirc .estions.1 p. .? Why? 1 I told my-___Z best friend the news before telling everyone else.m =':und the or energy. fulml[. you say what you & e6 e +a I * e s6 e a a * € 6 9 * r e ae € * a * e 6 ae a e € 6 e € o an * . don't {-:l: . What is/are the Example:$$/immfn!\is a good way of getting fit..''vho is physically powerful B is 2 l'm looking forward to go/going to the party.. We use gerunds when an activity is the subject of Er:.H"*:::rour are the walls of your this country.v. uu* i 1ffi. Read aqa r to decide if each statement ...= x- [B-c : n Bntain like wearing black. without gerund or infinitive?n * * e 6 s a e e I .*E about their feelings. =r"nplete each one. -itjr:. ffiilrnqs .:i colour to wear for an ilE .?F. tr4ta: :irours would you never wear? Why? 2 Being afraid of flying means I usually go on holiday in M. ffi Underline all the gerunds after prepositions and circle all the gerunds used as subjects. H 1 lt's fun lo go/going shopping.rm. " person puts a lot of effort into ffi a E I II ffi Which alternative is correct in each sentence? Why? * ffir. UNIT 3 The senses L@r . people are sure that they can do iEij: f:ri Iir:.f.:'n? Do you like them? Why?/ 3 Living with other people is often quite difficult. -. Look at the following 1 Wearing black clothes makes me feel confident. and find a word in paragraphs 2 2 I feel nervous about wearing bright colours. person works well. What kind of fu-agraphs 2 and 3 of the text word is the underlined word in each sentence? rme adjectives which describe i1.rrc'<. :=role who are fe. " M Grammar reference 3.:. .cs--::cular colour(s) that the students are ' wm--. -:i? 4 He's using it for keeping old newspapers in..t ow are both colours for both Australra and . :+:uie often wear blue g i . ": ow glasses can make people ffi Ei:' 1 Look at pictures A and B..-.1 : . . 5 l'm looking forward to hearing from you. : * 3 l'd like to golgoing to the party. ..U-.m* =-: . We use gerunds after prepositions. Match each example sentence below (1 and 2) with the correct picture.

.yg. about things that worry What kind of word is each one (noun. Compa'= relaxing. so that it means the same as the first. 8 Do you think it's a waste 4 Being lazy is my only weakness of money to buy CDs? 4 Complete the 2 Complete the table below. . Listening to music is very 5Complete the sentences below to make them true for you. . 4 One of my favourite word formation things is to go shopping. . 7 I can't decide what to . check in a good English-English dictiona- sentences by choosing the (e..Y IINIT 3 The senses 3 Rewrite the 5 My brother is really good at French food. .). to listen to music. Iate.. you Soon. Secure get give play lzztt - . They are thinking about 3 We need to inform you about what clothes to wear. correct verb from the box and deciding if it is a From verb to noun. 5 lt's cheaper to get a video 1 Suffixes are letters that you can add to the end of a word. .r.!lre?e-. .*erl inform Example: He's really worried excite . to th is 2 The price of these leans was reduced from f 60 to f4O.. . 3 Being lazy is my only weak potnt. for Alex . use the suffixes: imorove . the show next week. s-ecqri*.9.. She's not interested in Wearing black gives me a feeling of .. adjective..he's half an hour late I Example: I only feel secure when I wear black.?. enjoy . -ment -ionl-tionl-ation gerund or not. Therewas af20. use the suffixes: weak . flexible see use wait 3 For each question. Lon g ma n Wo rdwise D i cti o na ry). 7 lt's illegal to drive a car 2 Painting the room white will be a real lmprovement when you're '15. computer properly.. as subjects. etc. verb or adjective)? you 1 Painting the room white will really improve it. complete the second sentence with one word l'mtiredof . can change the meaning of the word and the kind of word it is (noun. and discuss your sentences with a partner. bail games.. !mp-:q. reduce From adjective to -ne55 -ity arrive cook ily noun. Kim for her birthday Example: lt rs very relaxi^g B They apologised for . A suffi> than to go to the cinema. 1 | want to improve my clothes and hair. 4 is one of my favourite things to do at the weekenc 3 It is important to write clearly in an exam. tickets for We need to give you important about what clothes to wear. . 22 . lf you are unsure of the spellings or ti'= meanings of any of the words.. I really don't know how I want to make some . Look atthe underlined words in the examples belc. v. sentences using gerunds 6 l'm looking forward to . It is difficult to speak 1 l'm really interested in another language well. impress about flying to Australia. to my clothes and hair. 2 l'm looking forward to It isn't healthy to eat a lot 7 is something that makes me nervous of fat and sugar..q. in the price of these leans. 6 lt's a good idea to talk verb.

otos opposite and complete the : j=-:ences in the speech bubbles. ways to describe a picture. Complete the but l'm not sure. 2 Write three more sentences for the pictures . a friendly person. 23 . You can start by talking -. '1 He looks friendly.-. . Use the phrases in Exercises 1 and 2 to help you.. -. Use the examples above to help you.:. rt is useful to be able to : -:-.s like quite a boring 1ob.:u are going to say.: . arise the content of the photograph. using the verb to look.:ks quite f riendly.tis photo shows =.t<s as if he can't decide what to buy. -. ': ..rout a photograph. . .(s as if you can pay by credit card.ohoto shows a busy market with -=cple selling fruit and vegetables. . the sentences below.'nk it was taken in an English-speaking :ountry because the magazines have 1 We can use the verb to look in different :':glish on them. . ery excited about the film star s . .'rhere you think the photo was taken think it was taken 2 .. . . sentences below with /ike... as if or nothing.. hes a friendly person = . . 3 Work with a partner and take it in turns to describe one picture. lt could be in the uSA. then talk about the details in the picture.:':-e refer to? .as caused by the film star's :-= c.'. . Which picture does 2 He looks . 3 He looks .. -.. U\IT : = 33o-rt what kind of clothes about what kind of clothes -.

do not drive. 2 3 Which does the man say is the biggest problem for hrm? . :- = perfume above and read r-= : -:: On what other things mig-: : . lf affected. c) neutra I? 3 Listen again and put a tick (/) under the correct 1 pictu res. as well as the words. ln which of the extracts are the people a) positive. @'@ It can help to look at the sty e c' --.@ What new products with added smells does the woman you can buy? ffi say May make you sleepy. Keep out of the reach of children c@ ob 6 5 How much does the perfume cost? E} Where would you see these labels? Choose two of the following a) on bottles of medicine b) on packets of food A c) on office equipment ffi l@l d) on cleaning products Generally. which of the following are concerned with? :-: @ 24 a) explarning how to use the product b) warning about possible dangers c) telling you how to open it . Listen to the extracts and answer this question. Tell a partner. a similar label? To get a general idea of wr:: :-- following labels are saying. Look at the label on the b::.. UNIT 3 The senses labels 1 Think of a smell you like and a smell you hate. 2 You will hear some people talking about things you smell. -==: c% them quickly and answer the Which situation is the woman talking about? questions below. b) negative.

..o. :.<now what to do in these :l*:.:: 1:..-" 3re"o+. : . 9 this. tr agree arrange hope manage offer -.. -9 your car.'1.+t . rf. .): L l)- I sentences below and complete the rules (A and B) by writing gerund or infinitive.J i. tr rea-^. u-\]T I T..A.i:.:":"J. . if#Hi"it5:tt:Hfu=^ -'' .te c'34'in -. . tr 4 She is planning to have a party.i}: how it . a 1 | enjoy shopping in street markets.= lln't use your car.:'*''^ -: wash this out with ::es in your eyes. gerunds and infinitives . .. '^l Cc-rina- .=. "iT.^zenr. have ^ .t..[.e where children ' ....*i. 138 : : -.T.our contact tr '..tlil. J:::.i r hc-ven)r d.":fit:" I:l n.. a\/o< -. the {o..*. label. = .n*iq . JSe. * i:j:.. tr 2 Can you imagine being allergic to perfume? -arm or tr 3 I decided to sit at the back of the restaurant.YJ'*J.rsidered E : . ..z be able to reach r 2 Choose the correct alternative after each highlighted verb in the letter below.. d with an empty : -:t e. ' .ilufrfilllilfirrillilrr I l r: -:.-' car until you -: ..:ff$Hi"*1*iHi..*" ^f:: :=:s dangerous chemicals in il::=i ro 3o *^ri+h").^r.:l'f : i : .: 1* * .. 1 Sor" verbs are always followed by a gerund and ltllllfffirr some are always followed by an infinitive.=::ach : ineans.*:. )r -_!- e tr A :-. :^atron .. .j. -: .: .. '.. chrldren need it.J. tr .:'. Look at the - .:ps breathing ::rs burned.. ='gency situations? Discuss -::ld do with another hc--s o€{e .'i". e txi . I Deo-r Aur. after takrng .r€ ...'= outttng them in tr .y. if you put .1o1'+io^s'" r !).'^?f+o = :.1^".=::..: .5.2 p. f you .'tn5 wifh c' {rienJ !^t. T Grammar reference 3.i: .i$...ou feel sleepy Other verbs that follow this rule are: -. -' eyes first.:" sol-l'o=pin3 €in/ sornelhin3 r)rn sre. 'llililffirumrml. 3U'Ve Seen I Other verbs that follow this rule are: avoid consider finish involve suggest ' T B -_-<yifyou The verbs decide and plan are always followed by the tr ' r. (i i:..a s should T The verbs enjoy and imagine are always followed by the.s .

the senses in the box. at the pictures and imagine a story to I finished .'rq€f . The holiday rnvolves say s€e++ seen touch OK. 1 l'll help her with the shopping.tyqg link them. Then listen on holiday..urri. place in the song. put them in the iorrect We're going to walk . Before you listen.o And though it (3) . l've waited there as though you might not call at all .u ... ". . today. We've done thrs once and then you closed the door Don't let me fall again for nothtng more Don't (4) You love me unless forever We finally finished the Don't tell me you need me if you're not gonna stay Don't give me this (5) proyect! ' l'll only believe it We f na]V manaOed it all awaY Make it real or take l've caught mYself smrling alone Lets go to the cinema Just thinking of Your (6) ' suOoested And dreaming of your (7) is all too much I You know I don't have anY choice I don't want to see Manuel. . l'd like to buy some shoes Example: picture B. Compare your story with a vesterdav" pa rtner's.4.ny.t l.. so great l'm still afraid help me. . song Example: I did all my work 1 You're going to listen to a song by The Corrs.t. l'll meet you at 6 voice feeling feels felt o'clock ls-----------. look yesterday.- We arranged 4 Listen again and answer the i*"i questions.i".ll phone her cooking to do.g*iry?.t say you iove me'? 5 Does she think about hearing him or 26 seeing him? . want to avo.' I know this face l'm wearing now I t've (2) this with mY eyes I think I might urt ..Don. 2 Listen to the song and write i offered the letters of the pictures in the order you hear them. or not? l've finished 2 ls it the first time shes felt like this? 3 Why is she afraid? 4 Why does she say . Before you listen again. That You'll be leaving anYtime l'm considering . . 10 There isn't any more 1 Does she think he. .l The senses L 3 Complete the second sentence so that it is similar in meaning to the first sentence..O 3 Look at the words related to I . L \lT . t've (0) . this place a thousand times l've (/ ) this all before And everY trme You call OK. l'll go with him. and check.

6.: Find the words and write the correct spelling for =-..--'.ewritinga letterto each type of mistake below. '::. {rr r -= -at film (or play) you saw. 149 . etter to her friend Marianne ]. :n-:.. 2 Words ending in -y.. -. she seen? in Exercise 1.oOd film of play ffn.. @ Writing reference (Spelling) p.. What was it f. .. . (or -ee or -le). u *'. Write your letter (100-120 words).i. :' --e questions. ^t iriend to tell him or her 1 Words ending in -e.:. :rds. Check that the layout and the : start and finish are appropriate for an ==c the letter again and match informal letter. .. : -: -er the ending of the film? '1 Choose one of the films in the ' -li7 photos or choose a good film (or play) you've seen recently. . . .i :.. . 4r .' .5 Decide how many paragraphs your letter will have..' : ". What film or play 1 n the most important actor in a film or play: ' ": :cout? How many words 2 v lo take part in a play or film as one of the characters: ..-f- &* Writing reference (Paragraphs) p. 154 -. . play or book: ..) Make notes for each paragraph. You can also use the words rn Exercise 3 if necessary.T informal letter (2) 3. What will the subject of each one be? (Refer to Exercise 2. 1r" . ' -.*.r[L. Read the letter again and find words that mean the same as each definition below. 4 n the way of performing in a film or play: llfum 2 There are three spelling mistakes in Danka's letter.4' You are going to do the task -' -'. Tell rJ-'L'*! your partner about it. = il.. UNIT . \llffrir.rrions below (a-c) to the paragraph @ Writing reference (lnformal letters) p. . =rr rffir' --_ and why you enjoyed it 3 One-syllable words ending in one vowel and one consonant. rhe film :cinion about the film @ Progress test l:Teacher's Book io friend s last letter 27 . ura@illilfi . '' 'efrer' lt was SooJ lo l'ea-r about? Why did you like it? 2 What vocabulary will you need to write about the film (or play)? Write down three words or phrases that you think will be useful.' :elow. -: ) 3 n the main events in a film. *lr: '. l5l iir.=.

. 5 If I see harriet l'll tell her you want to talk to he- . Could you you been to the cinema g) To help me get a b) How much is this grammar book? this year? better job.. sportsperson ? =l Decide if the verbs in these sentences are in the correct tense or not. 7 They travel around ltaly at the moment 4 lve left my keys in Johns car.. l'd also like to . First you go to the administration office to find out 2 l'm going to have lunch with peter in Cambridc= which class you are in... 3 She visits her sister in Australia next week 1 she bought two pairs of jeans six T-shirts some s- 4 I am not knowing what time the match starts and a black jacket. Th u rsday. been Iiving in England? d) In Thessaloniki. l'd also like to . f) 3 a) Do you have any English-English dictionarie. 6 Whose bag is that? me to look after it..f.. lf not. .-.-a. B When did you last h) Nearly a year. l'd also like to . correct the k) Anna. He's an b) Do you have this lacket in other colours? 4 How long have you incredible golfer. I stay with some friends for a few days until I find my own place. ]$. .rng English b) How long does the film last? ? e) Helen's. 10 Where were you born? j) Lotst I go as often as I1 How much does rt cost I can. 2 How do you spell your b. correct them. Could you ear. lf not. Could you 9 How often do you do l'm going to visit b) How far is it from here? some exercise? them next weekend. 6 He lives in Warsaw where he was brought up 3 We drove to paris found a hotel and then had a fantastic meal in a local restaurant. .--' Match these questions and answers. . the north of Greece. Could you 3 What do you do? c) Tiger Woods... 7 How many times have About f200. 12 Who is your favourite l) D-E-A-C-O-N. your grandparents? see 4 a) How do you get to the nearest post office? i) About a month ago. mistakes.'. Begin with the words given. 2 He's playing football in the garden nght now. ':ll: Decide if the following sentences are to fly to Poland? correctly punctuated or not. in 2 a7 What time does the fjlm start? 5 Why are yo.. 3 Change these direct questions into inc 1 Whats your first nameZ a) l'm an engineer. i try to go to the 'l a) How much is that jacket? surname? gym twice a week.1t. questions. 1 I am usually having cereal and toast for breakfast. She asked l'd also like to . .

Sophie : -. :' : -'-ch older than me. nucssoi. : -: .: aying Ihe raugit for years and he out the approximate meaning of the eight : -. . at the airport. . . :'ze at school.=':. 7 Make the verbs in brackets gerunds or inf initives as appropriate..-t .=.. And there she crouched. believed he would know such .: )...: the word given in capitals at the end of . .hey've left home now.. and the eves were staring straight at Sophie. .:') a iseon and went downstairs to enormous ears. SECURE . 8 Look at this extract from a story. .co the plate. when I was given .-:.. . ...... so my sceeni 2 We've decided (move) to Scotland. (visit) places l've never been to before. Sophie caught a q[mp:c of an ' -:. . PROTECT 29 ..1 charge of . such a nice day. 6 l'm considering (apply) for a new job. .: SOUQht me a new camera and l'm 7 Sylvia suggested ... Laura. 'un about three miles. ENJOY . . The nose was as sharp as a knife. 5 She's hoping (live) in Mexico for a few _ ---=:.=nd you some about our language . . .. She flew across the dormitory and jumped into her bed and hid under the blanket. enormous long pale wrinkly face with the most .rees gave them some .rta has two children by his previous months and learn Spanish. . EFFICIENCY -= r .'=... : . -: : :re words (connected with family. .trf. still as a 6 -. .'= i playsinaband..:':ence to form a word that fits in the mouse. and tingling all over..' .-:=C is really good at ssehc but he usually He offered (teach) her how to play the piano. and -.. -ather became quite . underlined words from their contexts. rj: 3 Have you finished (watch)TV? -.=rgh rs going to be ninety-two next 1 | really enloy ..? INFORM . every morning.v : -rce the bad weather didn't spoil your .]-') her flowers was a sign of real JGHT .... . EMOTION -= ...: above the nose there were two brrght flashing eyes.--. . lt's very hot.:.-'-'. Our parents never moved 4 He agreed (tidy) up hrs room before he went out.rrst find an way of organising your -'. . t' oopphhstarg with it.. .ijo with my friend. esatt the sauce and tell me if you like it? gave a yelp and pulled back from the window... Try to work ::. ...: lemslof fresh coffee! ln the moonlight. against the . .. (go) swrmming as it was .S ..

l fake (it) /ferk/ v to Pretend to be At the end of the month. Discuss these questions with a partner. I Look again at the photos of Sian. were told. due mostly to enormous amounts of dedicated practice.'''"'. Were your answers to the questions in Exercise 2 correct? 1Look at the photographs and the words in the box. something that You are l None of them picked Sian. her. She had voice training to make he' 2 The title of the text is Faking it. the title and any pictures. Anne. training. &JNgY W Practice makes perfect? 3 Read the text quickly.r: ' " given a challenge.'=:::=:::::-::=:lrjir'rrrl' "":. however. She content of the text? practised ever6hing. She said. Until last yeari she lived a quiet life. '. When Sian first m:. Read sound right:'l learned to shoutwith attitudel'said Sian. perhaps it's true that 'practice makes perfect'! . for at least five hours a day. Sian stayed with top DJ. lwas really quite scared atfirst. cello and studying music at university.. Then one day. She was on the dec. however. She had just four weeks to learn fl ' Vou wjll find it easier to understand a text completely new skills and become a nightclub DJ. lmmediately after the 30 programme. she had new clothes.'She is so glamorous. she was offered a job as a professional DJ in a top nightclub.'Almost as soon as she arrived. She was professional and confident. So.f if you predict the content before you read. She agreed to take part in a television 2 programme called Faking rr. Their job was to pick the 'fake'. lt wasn't only lessons. She had to convince the judges that she wasn't a fake. Sian and three other professional DJs not i performed in front of the judges. At the end of r-:' .: record decks to mix records ' I ian Evans is 22. She also practised. She had lessons in 'mixing'th= What do they tell you about her? music on Anne's record decks.=*. a cello a nightclub DJ : '. she had to pertorm and compete againstthree professic-e You can predict the content of a text from DJs. Check with a partner if you are not sure of the meanings of any of the words. What look right. a new haircut and even dancing does the title tell you about the lessons. but mostly the 'mixing'. ln fact. . she felttotally out of place. To make -=- the dictionary definition below. she r'. they couldn't believe it when tt-=. For a month. Sian starled her training. playing:r''.