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Disappearing Honeybee

Did you know that the honeybee is disappearing? Find out how this could change the world.
Do you run away when you hear a bee buzzing? Many people do. A bee sting hurts and
some people are allergic to bee venom. But did you know that bees are very important to
humans? Honeybees do more than just make honey. They fly around and pollinate flowers,
plants, and trees. Our fruits, nuts, and vegetables rely on these pollinators. One third of
America's food supply is pollinated by the honeybee.

Have you seen or heard a honeybee lately? Bees are mysteriously disappearing in many
parts of the world. Most people don't know about this problem. It is called Colony Collapse
Disorder (CCD). Some North American beekeepers lost 80% of their hives from 2006-
2008. Bees in Italy and Australia are disappearing too.
The disappearance of the honeybee is a serious problem. Can you imagine never eating
another blueberry? What about almonds and cherries? Without honeybees food prices
will skyrocket. The poorest people always suffer the worst when there is a lack of food.

This problem affects other foods besides fresh produce. Imagine losing your favourite ice
cream! Haagen Daaz is a famous ice cream company. Many of their flavours rely on the
hard working honey bee. In 2008, Haagen Daaz began raising money for CCD. They also
funded a garden at the University of California called The Haven. This garden helps raise
awareness about the disappearing honeybee and teaches visitors how to plant for
Donating money to research is the most important thing humans can do to save the
honeybees. Scientists need money to investigate the causes of Colony Collapse Disorder.
Some scientists blame CCD on climate change.

Others think pesticides are killing the bees. Commercial bee migration may also cause CCD.
Beekeepers transport their hives from place to place in order to pollinate plants year

Not everyone has money to donate regularly. There are other ways to help the
honeybee. Spread the word by telling your friends and family about the problem. Tell
your teacher about the disappearing bees too. Maybe your class can write a letter to the

I. Grammar Quiz

When you learn a new language it is important to learn word forms. Nouns, verbs, and
adjectives are the easiest to spot. Adverbs can be more difficult to find. Do you remember
the role of an adverb? Here is an adverb lesson to help you remember. After you take the
lesson, come back and try to spot the adverbs in these sentences. Finally, try to add
adverbs to a few sentences from the reading.

Spot the adverbs
1. But did you know that bees are very important to humans?

a) poison weeds a) bee cooperation disorder b) sting pests b) colony collapse disorder c) pollinate plants 2 . Reading Comprehension Quiz 1. Do you run away when you hear a bee buzzing? 2. a) donation b) lack c) skyrocket d) allergy III. 3. Vocabulary Quiz 1. __________________________________________________________________________________________ II. a) disappears a) hovel b) falls apart b) hair c) shrinks c) hive d) spreads d) husk 3. Another word for "rely on" is ____________ . When something collapses it _____________ 2. Not everyone has money to donate regularly. You may need to add an adjective and an adverb.englishclub. Add an adverb Now try adding an adverb to these sentences. We need bees to _________ the plants that a) work on we eat. 1. According to the article. The place where a honeybee lives is . __________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. 2. b) depend on a) transport c) spread on b) investigate d) keep on c) pollinate d) poison 5. Humans rely on honeybees to disappearance of honeybees is called _____________. 4.https://www. There is a ________ of honeybees in North America. Bees are mysteriously disappearing in many parts of the world. The poorest people always suffer the worst when there is a lack of food. ______________. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Bees in Italy and Australia are disappearing too. What about almonds and cherries? 1. called a ______ . 3. the 2.

englishclub. which famous 4. Why is the honeybee so important to humans? 3 . Moving honeybees from place to place is called _________. try to find the truth 9 not enough of something 1 in a way that is not easily understood 0 1 the transfer of the male parts of the flower to the female parts of 1 the flower. According to the article. research. Topics for discussions and essay-writing 1. Disappearing Honeybee Vocabulary Word Meaning caused by an allergy (the body's reaction against certain foods or substances that it thinks are poisonous) 2 the gradual (slow) increase of temperature on earth 3 the falling apart of something 4 no longer able to be found or be seen 5 a problem or disease that a certain group faces 6 give money or resources to a group or person in need 7 the place where honeybees live 8 study. ensures plant reproduction 1 depend on. need 2 1 go up very high in a short amount of time 3 1 tell other people something 4 1 move from place to place 5 V. What is the most important thing people company is very worried about CCD? can do to help honeybees? a) Coca-Cola a) give money to research b) Microsoft b) stop killing bees c) Haagen Daaz c) eat more berries d) Nike d) eat less honey 5. c) hive transport disease d) allergic bee collapse 3. a) commercial bee migration b) pollination donation c) CCD transportation d) spreading the word IV.

collapse 4. Do you run away quickly when you hear a bee buzzing noisily? 2. b III. Do you think scientists will invent mechanical pollinators that work as hard as honeybees? 4. b 4. climate 3. What about nutritiously delicious almonds and cherries? II. Do you think humans can survive without honeybees? 3. Vocabulary Quiz 1. a IV. b 2. Grammar Quiz 1. regularly Sample Answers: 1. What does this mean? RJEŠENJE: I. c 4. Bees in Italy and Australia are rapidly disappearing too. c always 4. very 2. Disappearing Honeybee Vocabulary 1. a 5. b 2. Reading Comprehension Quiz 1.https://www. 3.htm 2. Scientists fear that the disappearing honeybee will have a "ripple effect". Which companies need to worry about CCD the most? 5. c 3. disorder change 4 . c 5. mysteriously 3. allergic 2. disappearing 5.

Give …. skyrocket 14. pollinate 12.englishclub. points for each sentence.https://www. mysteriously transport word V. hive 8. donate 7. investigate 9.. lack 10. spread the 15.htm 6. 5 . rely on 13.