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This unit posed a challenge for me because I had been excited to write about a certain

topic but ended up not having the chance, because I actually wanted to do a rhetorical analysis

rather than a piece in one of the genres provided. From here, I started with the idea of letters but

figured the purpose I had was more personally therapeutic, that is, I would have been writing for

myself rather than my audience. So I left this behind and considered writing a review on a few

different TV shows I love, but ended up settling on one of my favorite professors. This was a

pretty unplanned and random process, but I came up with something in the end that I felt I could

thoroughly write about.

My first draft was rather jumbled (as they always are) since I did not use an outline or

really any structural plan for my paper at all. The persona/voice was also inconsistent as I began

the paper extremely disinterested in the assignment but later developed a more engaging and

lively tone. It was not until about half-way through the review that I figured out how I truly

wanted to sound. Because of this, the initial product was scrambled and confused, which gave

me a lot to revise.

I took in nearly all revisions made to my paper, as well as adding my own. In the end, the

paper has a more defined style and persona, as well as more flowing structure. The newfound

consistency holds the paper together as one single review, and the tone and structure allows it to

be more engaging throughout. I focused particularly on topic sentences and transitions, along

with movement of paragraphs, to help the structure flow better and generally make more sense.

The newly consistent tone is better adjusted to fit my audience throughout the review, and

makes the whole thing more lively. Along with this, I also added more in-depth descriptions of

my audience, though it was challenging to give enough of a description on an almost infinitely

diverse group of students. This generality of audience compounded with the generality of the

. which was done intentionally to avoid being overly subjective or specific to the point of creating disinterest from the audience. I think I managed to push out something unique. still with the goal of remaining as objective as possible. Even and maybe it even achieves its intended purpose. I’m an analytical person so this type of creative writing is particularly annoying to me and I often find myself disinterested and unmotivated. However. In the end I can’t say I’m particularly fond of what I wrote. considering it’s not what I had been expecting to create nor was it something I felt strongly about. I attempted to add more detail in the review to provide a clearer image of the subject.