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Project No. & Name:
Name of Client/ Consultant:

1 Check panel before Vendor details Visual 100% Damage free. Engineer/
installation Equipment according to Foremen/
Equipment Layout drawings. Quality Engineer
2 Check mounting Drawings Dimensional check Square to line and level. Engineer/
Accessible for inspection and Foremen/
maintenance Quality Engineer
3 Check tools Vendor Visual Random Correct size and type Engineer/
instructions Foremen/
Quality Engineer
4 Check fixing and Drawings Dimensional check Walls are flat. Engineer/
location Visual 100% Align with trench, holes, ducts. Foremen/
Freely accessible. Quality Engineer
Correct size of fixing bolts,
brackets tension.
5 Check brackets Drawings Visual 100% Free from burrs & sharp edges. Engineer/
mounting plates With minimum vibration limits Foremen/
Quality Engineer
6 Check supports Drawings Visual Random Rigid. Engineer/
Excess thread, screws, bolts removed Foremen/
Quality Engineer
7 Check equipment As per Client's Visual 100% Engraved indelible characters on Engineer/
identification specifications plastic laminated plate. Foremen/
Horizontal wordings. Quality Engineer
Fixed adjacent.
8 Check circuit Contract Specs. Visual 100% Typed list inside equipment. Engineer/
charts Designation of circuit rating Foremen/
of fuse, breaker Quality Engineer

349618607.xls Date: January 26, 2001

Visual 100% Ensure the activities in accordance Engineer/ completion with acceptance criteria.XYZ Page 2 of 4 QC~PLAN. Standard drawings Engineer/ and bonding Foremen/ Quality Engineer 11 Check insulation Vendor details Insulation resistance Very high mega ohms. Foremen/ Quality Engineer 12 Check plan Contract Specs. Engineer/ connection Foremen/ Quality Engineer 10 Check earthing Contract Specs. 2001 . Continuity check 100% Elect. tight. Engineer/ resistance check 100% Compliance to vendor information.xls Date: January 26. & Name: Name of Client/ Consultant: SL ACTIVITY CONTROLLING NATURE & EXTENT ACCEPTANCE PERSON RESP. Visual 100% Rigid. Project No. No. / TEST CRITERIA AT LOCATION 9 Check main cable Contract Specs. DOCUMENT OF INSP. Foremen/ Quality Engineer Work Location: Quality Engineer: Engineer / Foremen: Remarks: Date: Date: 349618607.

1 M & E QC~Form. 2001 .004/ REV.004-03/ REV. 0 RECORD -- Inspection report M & E QC~Form. 0 M & E QC~Form. M & E QC~Plan. No. 3 Inspection report M & E QC~Form. 0 Inspection report M & E QC~Form. LV Switchgear Doc.004-01/ REV.004-02/ REV.004-04/ REV. XYZ Page 3 of 4 QC~PLAN.004-01/ REV.004-01/ REV.004-01/ REV.xls Date: January 26. 0 -- -- -- 349618607. 0 Inspection report M & E QC~Form. 2 M & E QC~Form.

LV Switchgear Doc.xls Date: January 26.004/ REV. M & E QC~Plan. XYZ Page 4 of 4 QC~PLAN. 0 RECORD -- -- -- Certificate of Conformity 349618607. 2001 . No.