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Global Warning (Jon Oliva's Pain album

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Global Warning
Studio album by Jon Oliva's Pain
Released March 21, 2008 (EUR)
April 30, 2008 (N.A.)
Recorded 2007
Genre Heavy metal
Length 59:50 (Standard Edition)
65:52 (Limited Edition)
Label AFM Records
Locomotive Records
Producer Jon Oliva
Christopher Kinder
Jon Oliva's Pain chronology
Maniacal Renderings
(2006) Global Warning
(2008) Festival
Global Warning is a 2008 release by Jon Oliva's Pain. It is the band's third stu
dio release. The record reached #11 in the German MRC Rock Radio Charts during M
arch 2008.[1]
On February 7, 2008, the initial track list of the album was posted at the band'
s forums.[2] On February 8, five song samples from said track list were posted o
n the band's MySpace page.[3] In support of the album, the band announced a tour
of the United States and Europe,[4] with support on the European dates coming f
rom Manticora and Masterstroke. The US tour was scheduled with support from Circ
le II Circle and Manticora. The tour with both JOP and CIIC would mean that Jon
Oliva and Zachary Stevens were on the same bill for the first time since Savatag
e's 1999 tour.[5]
The record features a guest appearance by Ralph Santolla on two tracks: "Adding
the Cost" and "You Never Know".[6] The track "Before I Hang" is made up of two p
revious Savatage songs - the original "Before I Hang" (of which a demo was relea
sed on The Dungeons Are Calling Silver Edition in 2002) as well as Streets lost
track "Larry Elbows". The album also features a tribute to the band's former pro
ducer, Greg Marchak, who died prior to the album's release, entitled "O to G".
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2 Personnel
2.1 Further credits
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Track listing[edit]
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Global Warning" Jon Oliva, Matt LaPorte, Christopher Kinder, Kev
in Rothney 4:46
2. "Look at the World" Criss Oliva, Jon Oliva 2:54
3. "Adding the Cost" Jon Oliva, Matt LaPorte 3:50
4. "Before I Hang" Jon Oliva, Criss Oliva, Christopher Kinder 4:00
5. "Firefly" Criss Oliva, Jon Oliva 7:08
6. "Master" Jon Oliva, Matt LaPorte, Christopher Kinder, Kevin Rothn
ey 4:00
7. "The Ride" Jon Oliva, Matt LaPorte, Christopher Kinder, Kevin Rothn
ey 5:56
8. "O to G" Jon Oliva 1:44
9. "Walk Upon the Water" Jon Oliva 5:42

10. keyboards Matt LaPorte guitars Kevin Rothney bass guitar John Zahner keyboards Christopher Kinder drums Ralph Santolla .guitars (on "Adding the Cost" and "You Never Know") Further credits[edit] Recorded at Morrisound Studios and Shabbey Road Studios. Jon Oliva 4:38 11. "Stories" Criss Oliva. Produced by Christopher Kinder and Jon Oliva Co-Produced by Tom Morris. "Open Up Your Eyes" Jon Oliva 4:47 12. "Someone/Souls" Jon Oliva 7:18 [show]Limited edition [show]Japanese edition Personnel[edit] Jon Oliva lead vocals. "You Never Know" Jon Oliva 3:16 13. Matt LaPorte and Jim Morris Engineered by Tom Morris and Christopher Kinder Assistant Engineer: Jason Blackerby Mixed by Jim Morris Mastered by Jim Morris and Christopher Kinder Spiritual and technical Guidance: Greg "Super G" Marchak and Criss Oliva Photography by Kim Grillo Artwork design by Thomas Ewerhard .