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The purpose of this procedure is to describe the method for G.I duct fabrication.


This procedure shall be applicable for the duct system used to transmit air from
the air handling apparatus to the space to be conditioned.


3.1 QAP ~ 050 Document & Data Control

3.2 QAP ~ 100 Inspection & Testing

3.3 QAP ~ 040 Design Control.


4.1 Company XYZ.

4.2 Quality Engineer Nominated Quality Engineer at Site.

4.3 Discipline Engineer Company designated HVAC Engineer as
decided by the Management and assigned with the
responsibility of managing electrical part of the

4.4 DW 142 Duct Work Standard

4.5 ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and air-
conditioning Engineering.

M & E MST- 031/ REV 0 Date: January 26, 2001

3 Fabrication 5. if it is not satisfactory then blade must be sharpened. 5. 5. 5.2 Thickness of acoustic liner and minimum required distance of acoustic liner rom unit outlet should be verified and accordingly duct sketches shall be made. volume control damper and fire dampers position in the duct shall be shown in order to fabricate the duct accordingly.0 PROCEDURE 5. supervisor must make sure that cut edges are sharp without any burr. sheet. M & E MST. DUCT FABRICATION.3 According to DW / ASHRAE standard. 2001 . thickness (gauge) of the sheet. stiffener shall be provided in the duct workshop itself. all duct joining.I.2 During fabrication fabricator should make sure that the wastage should not exceeds more than 10% of the total fabricated duct area.I.2. 5.3. Xyz COMPANY METHOD STATEMENT M & E NO. 5. TITLE: All G. 5.3. I.6 Lock former overlap shall be checked and to be verified for the size of standard.2.3 In every sketch.: M & E MST. 5.2 Preparation 5.1 All fabrication shall be done according to the DW standard. Supervisor must make sure that hand gloves are supplied to all workers and all workers must use during the time of working.1 Particular project specification and DW standard should be verified from the approved shop drawing and Mechanical specification book.5 During cutting of G.3. 5.1 The responsibility for carrying out this Method Statement shall be that of the Discipline Engineer/ Foremen.1 Responsibility 5. The Quality Engineer/ Discipline Engineer/ Foremen shall be responsible for inspection & testing.031/ REV 0 Date: January 26. 5.3.031/ REV 0 Page 2 of 3 G.3. sheets shall be handled in a proper way so that it should not get damaged during transportation and handling at duct workshop.2. unless otherwise specifically mentioned in this procedure. which is shown in the approved drawings or in the specification.

5.Inspection report M & E QC~Form. 0.8 Sheet consumption for each project and daily wise shall be recorded in the workshop material register. DUCT FABRICATION. I. 6. 2001 .10 All required check.3.3. TITLE: 5.list shall be checked and verified accordingly before despatching any fabricated duct to respective sites.3. Xyz COMPANY METHOD STATEMENT M & E NO.7 Duct work shop supervisor should check and verify for any manufacturing defects and dimensional discrepancy before dispatching all fabricated ducts to site 5.031/ REV 0 Date: January 26.9 Monthly / Quarterly invoice shall be raised to each project / party 5.031/ REV 0 Page 3 of 3 G.: M & E MST. Duct works.1 G.031-01/ REV.0 DOCUMENTATION/ RECORDS 6.3. I. M & E MST.