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NUFLO Differential Pressure Cone Meter

Cameron’s differential pressure-based NUFLO TM
Cone Meter is a process control and multifluid
meter that provides accurate, repeatable and cost-
optimized measurement solutions. Designed to
work in unprocessed and processed applications,
the NUFLO Cone Meter is ideal for upstream,
midstream and downstream applications that
present a wide range of measurement challenges.

Supported by decades of experience – and a broad
and complementary base of instrumentation
capabilities – the NUFLO Cone Meter strengthens
Cameron’s capability to provide the best solution
for any measurement situation.

The NUFLO Cone Meter provides a unique solution
outside the scope of traditional technologies, due
to the hydrodynamic shape of the cone.

NUFLO DP Cone Meter shown with the Scanner® 2000 microEFM

5% of reading (Reynolds number and fluid dependent) the use of a shorter meter run which in turn reduces with a nominal repeatability of 0. The cone meter also generates a low noise differential pressure Space Savings and Weight Reduction signal at the center and back of the cone. large turndowns which allows differential pressures to be measured down to < 1” water column. plus the availability of special Minimum wear occurs at the beta edge of the cone materials (duplex stainless steel and hastelloy). offers a new because this edge is downstream of the flow which helps solution for specialty fluid metering requirements. 4 Provided the device is not used outside of its design criteria 2 . are relevant and where real estate is at a premium.55 and 0.4 The meter is constructed from high-grade traceable materials and both high-quality The NUFLO Cone Meter can be manufactured in diameters welding and NDT techniques are strictly applied throughout from 1/2” to 48” with flanges ranging from Class 150 to the manufacturing process. request. The meter can the offshore environment where space and weight issues operate with turndowns nominally up to 10 to 1. page 6). pp 3-4).75 only) 2 To ISO TC 193 allocation draft standard 3 SAGD processes in Canada and other areas around the world or world wide Wide Range Also available are threaded NPT connections in diameters from 1/2” to 4” (Table 3. 2500 in accordance with ASME B31. This sizing flexibility.3 (see Tables 1 & 2. The NUFLO Cone Meter has the ability to re-distribute and change the velocity profile The NUFLO Cone Meter achieves accuracies of up to upstream of its cone. Custom to maintain a constant stable geometry through the meter’s designs for higher pressure ratings are available upon operating life. This flow conditioning allows for ± 0.1% under many installation and setup costs. These specifications meet custody transfer performance requirements for natural gas transmission measurements with sizes to > 36” (Contact Cameron for exact ranges Low Cost of Ownership per process fluid). The NUFLO Cone Meter has no moving parts nor does it require the replacement of primary spare parts for the Technical Flexibility operational life of the unit. Wide Ranging Applications Oil and Gas: Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas: Downstream • Natural gas custody transfer measurement (CTM) • Gas processing • Wellhead and separator measurement (both produced water and gas) • Butane • Compressor control and fuel gas • O2 • Wet gas and steam1 • CO2 • Natural gas allocation metering2 • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) • White oil blending Wastewater • Seawater pump control. crude oil pump control allocation and Municipal Water injection metering (all forms) Pharmaceutics • Enhanced oil and gas recovery (C02 and steam)3 • Coal bed methane (CBM) for low pressure systems (circa 5 to 20 sig) • Pure product metering opportunities in refining applications 1  y using the Stevens wet gas correlation B (Published: NSFMW 2004 and Flomeco 2005 with betas at 0. page 5) and butt-weld body in The NUFLO Cone Meter is designed to operate over diameters from 1/2” to 24” (see Table 4. Differential pressure systems usually require long upstream and downstream lengths which add high overall cost to High Performance Characteristics most metering installations. This is especially significant in conditions and modes of operation.

B31.3 BODY 3 .3 Body TABLE 1—CLASS ANSI B16.1 & B31.1 & B31. Table 1 – Class ANSI B16.5 Raised-Face Slip-on Flange.5 RAISED FACE STANDOFF FLANGE. B31.

5 ANSI B16. B31. B31.5 Raised-Face RAISED Weld-Neck/Ring-Type FACE WELD-NECK/RINGJOINT WELD-NECK Weld-Neck Joint FLANGE.3 Body & B31.1Flange.3 BODY .1 & B31.4 Table TABLE 2 – Class ANSI 2—CLASS B16.

Table TABLE 3 – ThreadedNPT 3—THREADED NPT Connection.1 B31. B31.1 & B31. CONNECTION.3 BODYBody 5 .3 & B31.

Table TABLE 4 – Class ANSI 4—CLASS B16.25 Butt-Weld BUTT Body WELD BODY 6 .25 ANSI B16.

7 . determination is available at various approved laboratories in the US and Europe. This enables higher Reynolds numbers to be determined (larger meter sizes may be limited by test laboratory flow rates and uncertainties).d. Pressure decreases (Bernoulli equation) and a differential pressure is generated across the reduction or producer (A1 and A2 shown below in figure 1). The differential pressure (DP) and flow rate (Qv) have a proportional relationship such that P/ and it is by this universal relationship that flow rate can be determined.) Determination Each NUFLO Cone Meter is pre-calibrated with water to four points at the factory to determine its Coefficient of Discharge which allows for enhanced performance. Further enhanced C. While this principle is used by other differential pressure flow meters. Figure 1 Calibration and Coefficient of Discharge (C. the velocity of fluids passing through the conduit are increased across the boundary change area (continuity equation).d.Differential Pressure Measurement Principles Basic Equations When a cross sectional area of a closed conduit (or pipe) is reduced by a diametric change or by the use of a differential producer element. the NUFLO Cone Meter generates a Figure 2 differential pressure by creating an area of reduction using a cone-shaped flow element located on the center line of a pipe section as opposed to a reduced diameter pipe wall or orifice.

Cameron’s in-depth registered to ISO 9001. and Russia Suite 16. Africa.O. The NUFLO Cone Meter represents the on-going refinement of these core capabilities.. All equipment is subject to rigorous understanding of measurement and knowledge of their quality assurance plans and all sub-contractors or suppliers customers’ requirements differentiates Cameron from its are quality audited to ensure that Cameron continues to competitors. Al Jazira Club Tower A Houston. contact Cameron Contact us at 4040 Capital Ave.02 Menara AmFirst Level 9. Cameron has been measuring and NDT inspections.The Cameron Approach to Measurement Cameron and Quality The NUFLO Cone Meter is a valuable addition to Cameron’s The NUFLO Cone Meter is manufactured in a facility system of measurement solutions. analyzing and reporting data since the early Specifications subject to change without notice. For more information on the NUFLO DP Cone Meter. welding and transfer projects. This philosophy is applied to all facets of the supply chain. 1950s. City of Industry. CA 90601 | Tel 1 562 222 8440 ms-industry@c-a-m. either meet or exceed product North and South America Europe. Box Tel 44 1243 826741 ms-kl@c-a-m. | SWP 2M 2/14 AD01332M . Caspian Asia Pacific Middle East 14450 JFK CANADA • CHINA • UAE • ALGERIA • INDIA • RUSSIA www. UK Tel 603 7954 0145 ms-uk@c-a-m.c-a-m. transmitting. including but not From simple sensors to complex automation and custody limited to material selection and traceability. and ms-uk@c-a-m. 1 Jalan 19/3 © 2013 Cameron | NUFLO is a trademark of West Sussex PO22 9TT Malaysia Tel 971 2 596 8400 England. controlling the flow and level of oil and gas. TX 77032 3 Steyning Way No. Muroor Road USA Southern Cross Trading Estate 46300 Petaling Jaya Abu Dhabi Tel 1 281 582 9500 Bognor Regis Selangor Darul Ehsan United Arab Emirates ms-us@c-a-m.