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Issue Liberal NDP Conservative Green Bloc Quebecois
Education ~ Offering higher ~ Make post- ~ Increasing education ~ Make post- ~ More funding for
student grants for secondary more grants secondary more students
low-income affordable affordable
families ~ Make interest on
student loans
Health Care ~ Working to ~ Introducing ~ Increase funding for ~ Make prescriptions ~ More benefits for care
provide better free homecare and long free healthcare more affordable givers
healthcare to term care to the
Canadians public-healthcare
Environment ~ Reducing ~ Work to reduce ~ Protect marine ~ Working towards a ~ Make environment
pollution pollution environment sustainable future more sustainable
~ Working to
preserve National
Law and ~ Stronger gun ~ Keep current gun ~ Get rid of gun-registry, ~ Strengthen gun ~ Strengthen gun laws,
Order laws, Legalizing laws, decriminalize marijuana remains an laws, legalize marijuana for medical use
marijuana marijuana illegal substance marijuana only
~ More rights for ~ Protect LGBT+ ~ Support LGBT+ rights ~ No discrimination of ~ Support of LGBT+
Metis, Refugees rights LGBT+ people rights
and LGBT+ people
Family ~ More child care ~ Affordable child ~ Equal child care ~ Universal child care ~ Work on affordable
benefits for middle care benefits to all child care
class, single
parents and low-