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Vahana Puja Vidhaanam

||Shree Krishnaaji ||
(Learn the Mantra recitation with the help of video in youtube Medhayoga)

When can we do the Vahana Puja ?
On the Ayutha Puja day, while purchasing New vehicle , When you observe any
negative symptoms, On each Friday, When we plan a long trip we can perform this
Vahana Puja.
While selecting days for the vahana puja we have to avoid the following :
Rahu kala, EmaghaNta timings on the day, Saturday and Tuesday, Astami and
Navami Titis.

What are the benefits of doing Vahana Puja ?
It removes :
1 The negative effects caused due to Eyes Drishti (gaze) by the other people.
2 Negativity attached with the places (sthala doshas)
3 Negative illusionary thoughts or dreams occurring to the driver
4 Evil forces – Dead perons souls attack (Bhuta , Preda , Pisaca doshas)
The Vahana puja by removing all the above issues ensures a protecting shield to the
driver and the passengers.
The mantras referred in this puja vidhanam are very powerful. These mantras can be
recited daily before starting the vehicle. This will be a protecting power to the driver.

Is there any need to go to temples and do these type of
Vahana Puja ?
Definitely NOT. Vahana puja is to be performed by the owner himself. How much
we love our vehicle that much it is important to do this puja on our own. When you
perform this puja with the help of other temple priest we have to understand that
they are doing puja only to earn money. They are not a pure souls. Their whims

and fancies will affect your vehicles too. So it is always better to perform this vahana
puja on your own. We have given this puja in a simplified way. You can complete
it in less than 20 minutes time. Puja means connecting the supreme soul with our
soul. It is not done by others on behalf of us. Remember these words.

How to perform the Vahana Puja ? – preparations.
If there is a need to send the vehicle to service station complete it before the puja.
Clean your vehicle inside and outside with water. Apply Sandal paste and kumkum
on the Eight sides of the Car, On the place of Engine (Bonnet) , Vehicle’s Key, On
the Wheels , Steering wheel etc., Decorate the vehicle with garlands and flowers as
per your ability.
Keep the vehicle key on the Bonnet / on the seat with flowers.
Before doing puja we have to take a clean bath, wear a traditional or neat dress,
adhere the religious symbols on the forehead and other parts of our body.

Things needed for Vahana Puja.
Turmeric powder to prepare Cone shaped Vinayakar, Sandal paste, Kumkum,
Akshata ( Mixture of rice + turmeric + few drops of ghee) , Tulsi leaves (should not
be used for Ganapati – can be used on vinayakar caturti) , Loose flowers for arcana,
incense sticks, cotton wicks, ghee / oil for deepa, Camphor , Camphor Arati plate,
Deepa Arati plate, Panca patra (copper glass) uddharini (copper spoon) , Five
Bananas, Beetel leaves and nuts, Sweets (for new vehicles-optional) , lemons -Four
wheeler two – Two wheeler – two, one White pumpkin(Optional), Match Box, a
Small cup to pour arghyam water, Naivedya plate, A Coconut for Drishti removal.
While breaking the coconut do it in a safe distance from the vehicle. There are
chances that the broken pieces of coconut may hit the vehicle and cause some

In Which direction Vahana Puja to be performed?
Place your vehicle facing East or North. You have to stand facing west or North.

” During the Ayutha puja season this will be a divine service to the people. students and elderly people. You can write your doubts and comments on the comments section of the youtube Please do not write a separate mail to us. Along with your friends and relatives you can plan this service. Request you to co-operate on this. Irrespective of your caste and creed you can do this vahana puja for yourself or on behalf of others. But try to keep the service Fee (dakshina) to a minimum level. You may please train the elderly people at your home to learn this vahana puja method and provide them an https://www. This will be a part time employment for the youngsters.Can this Vahana Puja be performed as a profession? Yes you can very well Sarvejanas sukino bhavantu | . Video links for Vahana puja : Again we are proclaiming “ Irrespective of your caste and creed you can learn and do this puja on behalf of others. You can accept a nominal fee (dakshina) for this puja.

पूजा पद्धति || Shree Krishnaji || (Learn the Mantras reciting through Youtube audio) आचमनं (for inner purification. Intake an uddharini of water for each of the below 3 mantras) ॐ अच्युिाय नम: । ॐ अनन्िाय नम: । ॐ गॊविन्दाय नम: ॥ गुरु िन्दनं || ( with Namaskara Mudra) गुरुर् ब्रह्मा गुरुवििष्णु: गुरुदॆ िॊ महॆ श्िर: । गुरु: शाक्षाि ् परं ब्रह्म िस्मै श्री गुरिॆ नम : ॥ श्री कृष्णानन्दनाथ श्रीगरु ु पादक ु ाभयां नम: ॥ गणपति पज ू ा । (Tap 5 times lightly on the temple of your forehead) शुक्ां बरधरं विष्णुं शशशिणं चिुर्ज ुि ं । प्रसन्निदनं ध्यायॆि ् सििविघ्नॊपशान्ियॆ ॥ Make a cone shaped turmeric Vinayakar and do worship. .

श्री परमॆस्िर प्रीत्यथिम ् श्री मन ् नारायणप्रीत्यथं कररष्यमाणस्य कमिण: तनवििघ्नॆन पररसमाप्तत्यत्थं आदौ विघ्नॆश्िर पूजां कररश्यॆ ॥ गणपति आिाहनं | (Take few flowers and akshata. (If the puja done for others tell their name for example - ककरुष्णा नामधॆयस्य / नाम्नाया: (for female suffix with “नाम्नाया:” )) ममॊपात्त समस्ि दरु रिक्षयद्िारा. Recite the below ganapathi avahana mantra and place the f & a on the Turmeric Vinayakar ) गणानां त्िा गणपतिगुं हिामहॆ कविम ् किीनां उपमश्रिस्िमं । ज्यॆष्ठ राजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पि आन: श्रुण्िन्नूतिशर्स्सीद सादनं ॥ .सङ्कल्पं | Keep some flowers and akshata in your right palm cover it with left palm recite the below sankalpam mantras and place the akshata and flower on the North side of the Turmeric Vinayakar.

V) अघ्यं ( Offering water to wash hands) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: हस्ियॊ: अघ्यं समपियाशम । (Pour an Uddharini water on the arghyam cup placed before the ganapati) पाद्यं (Offering water to wash Legs) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: पादयॊ: पाद्यं समपियाशम । (Pour an Uddharini water on the arghyam cup placed before the ganapati) .ऎकदन्िाय विद्महॆ िक्रिण् ु डाय धीमही । िन्नॊ दन्न्ि प्रचॊदयाि ् ॥ अन्स्मन ् हररद्राबबम्बॆ सम ु ख ु ं श्री महा गणपतिं ध्यायाशम. आिाहयाशम । आसनं ( Providing Seat to Ganapathi) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: आसनं समपियाशम । ( Place akshata on T.

आचमनीयं ( Offering water to wash Mouth) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: आचमनीयं समपियाशम । (Pour an Uddharini water on the arghyam cup placed before the ganapati) स्नानं ( Taking bath) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: स्नानं समपियाशम । ( Take an uddharini water and touch it with a flower and sprinkle on the T.) िस्रं । (Offering Clothe – if not offer akshata) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: िस्राथं अक्षिान ् समपियाशम । गन्धं । ( Apply Sandal paste on T.V.V.) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: गन्धान ् धारयाशम । कंु कुमं ।(Apply kumkum on the Sandal paste) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: गन्धस्यॊपरर हररद्राकंु कुमम ् समपियाशम। पुष्पम ् । (Do archana on TV with flowers – Donot use tulsi for Vinayakar except on Vinayakar caturti) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: पुष्पै: पूजयाशम । धूपं ।( Show incense smoke to TV) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: धूपमाघ्रापयाशम। दीपं ( Doing Ghee or Oil deepa Arati to TV) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: दीपं दशियाशम । .

pour an uddharini water on it) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: िाम्ब् ू ं समपियाशम । कपूरि आरवत्त । ( Showing karpura Arati to TV) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: कपूरि नीराजनं सन्दशियाशम । ( Show the arati to others to take raksha) प्राथिना । ( with namaskara mudra) िक्रिुण्ड महाकाय सूयक ि ॊटि समप्रर् । तनवििघ्नं कुरु मॆ दॆ ि सिि कायॆषु सििदा ॥ िाहन पज ू ा आरम्र्ं । गणपति नमस्कारं । (Tap on the temple) शुक्ां बरधरं विष्णुं शशशिणं चिुर्ज ुि ं । प्रसन्निदनं ध्यायॆि ् सििविघ्नॊपशान्ियॆ ॥ िाहन पज ू ा सङ्कल्पं । (Take few akshata in the right palm and cover it with left palm. Recite the below mantra and place the a & f on the North side of the vehicle) .नैिॆद्यं ( Offer Two Bananas for prasad in a plate. Pour an Uddharini water on the naivedya prasad and recite mantra) श्री महा गणपियॆ नम: नैिॆद्यम ् तनिॆदयाशम । िाम्ब् ू ं । (Beetel leaves and nuts.

ममॊपात्त समस्ि दरु रिक्षयद्िारा श्री परमॆश्िरप्रीत्यथं श्रीमन ् नारायणप्रीत्यथं अस्याम ् शुर्तिथौ अस्यां शुर् नक्षरॆ शुर्ॆ शॊर्नॆ मुहूत्थॆ (If the puja done for others tell their name for example - ककरुष्णा नामधॆयस्य (for female suffix with “नाम्नाया:”)) मम सहकुिुम्बस्य क्षॆमस्थैयि धैयि िीयि विजय आयुर ् आरॊग्य अशर्विरुद्ध्यथं. समस्ि दरु रिॊपशांत्यथं िाहन पूजां कररष्यॆ ॥ विघ्नॆश्िर यथास्थानं । After reciting the below mantras place akshatas on TV and move Vinayakar lightly towards North) अगजानन पद्माकं गजाननं अहतनिशं । अनॆकदन्िं र्किानां ऎकदन्िं उपास्महॆ ॥ अस्माि ् हररद्राबबम्बाि ् सुमुखं विघ्नॆश्िरं यथास्थानं प्रतिष्ठापयाशम ॥ (Reciting the below mantra take few akshatas from the feet of TV and place it on your head) विघ्नॆश्िर प्रसादं शशरसा गह् ृ णाशम ॥ . आटदत्याटद नि ग्रह पीडा शांतियथिम ्. सिि अररष्ि दॊष र्य तनिारणाथं.

Key. vehicle. persons assembled) ॐ विनायकाय नम: । (akshata on the vehicle ) आटदत्याटद निग्रह दॆ ििाभयॊ नम: । ( a & f on vehicle) ग्राम दॆ ििाभयॊ नम: । (a & f on vehicle) नगर दॆ ििाभयॊ नम: ।(a & f on vehicle) Do Ashta dig Bhairava puja on the eight sides of the vehicle placing a & f) ॐ अशसिाङ्ग र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पज ू याशम नम: । East ॐ रुरु र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पूजयाशम नम: । South East ॐ चण्ड र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पज ू याशम नम: । South . Worshipping on the Vehicle क्श पज ू ा । Cover the water filled Panca patra (uddharini placed inside) with right palm and recite the below mantra to invoke auspicious rivers गङ्गॆ च यमुनॆ चैि गॊदािरर सरस्िति । नमिदॆ शसन्धु कािॆरर ज्ॆन्स्मन ् सन्न्नधधं कुरु ॥ ( Do sprinkle (prokshana) the water with uddharin on yourself. puja things.

ॐ क्रॊध र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पज ू याशम नम: । South West ॐ उन्मत्त र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पूजयाशम नम: । West ॐ कपा् र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पूजयाशम नम: । North West ॐ र्ीषण र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पज ू याशम नम: । North ॐ सम्हार र्ैरिाय श्री पादक ु ां पूजयाशम नम: । North East सुदशिन पूजा । ( Do sudarsana puja on the four wheels of the vehicle placing a & f ) ॐ नारायणाय विद्महॆ िासुदॆिाय धीमटह । िन्नॊ विष्णु: प्रचॊदयाि ् ॥ ॐ सुदशिनाय विद्महॆ महा ज्िा्ाय धीमटह । िन्नश ् चक्र: प्रचॊदयाि ् ॥ ॐ सुदशिनाय नम: । ॐ सहस्रार हुं फट् ॥ (Do durga puja on the place where engine is found with a & f ) .

दग ु ाि पज ू ा ॐ ऐं ह्ीं क्ीं चामण् ु डायै विच्चॆ ॥ ( 3 times) ॐ कात्यायनाय विद्महॆ कन्यकुमारर धीमही । िन्नॊ दधु गि: प्रचॊदयाि ् ॥ ( Once / Thrice) ॐ ज्ि्ज्ि्शूश्तन दष्ु िग्रहान ् हुं फट् स्िाहा । ( Once / Thrice) सिि मङ्ग् माङ्गल्यॆ शशिॆ सिाित्थि साधधकॆ । शरण्यॆ रयंबकॆ दॆ वि नारायणण नमॊस्िुिॆ ॥ (Once / Thrice) मत्ृ युञ्जय मन्र पूजा । (on the engine place) ॐ रयम्बकं यजामहॆ सुगन्न्धं पुन्ष्ििधिनं । उिािरुकशमि बन्धनान ् मत्ृ यॊमुक्ष ि ीय मामि ृ ाि ् ॥ (do archana Once) ॐ मत्ृ युञ्जयाय नम: (do archana Once) .

उपचार पज ू ा आिाटहिाभय: दॆ ििाभयॊ नम: ध्यायाशम आिाहयाशम ।( a & f) आसनं समपियाशम । (a & f) अघ्यं समपियाशम । (water in arghyam cup) पाद्यं समपियाशम । (water in arghyam cup) आचमनीयम ् समपियाशम । (water in arghyam cup) स्नानं समपियाशम । (Sprinkle water with flower on the car) स्नानानन्िरं आचमनीयम ् समपियाशम ।(water in arghyam cup) गन्दम ् दारयाशम । . pour an uddharini water on the prasad) कपरूि िाम्बू्म ् समपियाशम । (Offer beetel leaves and nuts) कपरूि नीराजनं दशियाशम । (standing before the vehilce take ghee deepa arati three times – in clockwise direction) प्रदक्षक्षण नमस्कारान ् समपियाशम । ( Come around the vehicle in clock wise direcion and do namaskar ) .(apply sandal paste) हररद्रा कंु कुमम ् समपियाशम । ( apply kumkum on sandal paste) धूपमाघ्रापयाशम । (Show incense smoke on all directions of the vehicle) दीपं दशियाशम । ( standing before the vehilce take ghee deepa arati three times – in clockwise direction) नैिॆद्यम ् तनिॆदयाशम । (Offer prasad to devata invoked in the vehicle.

Stand before the vehicle and rotate your hand with lemons 3 times clockwise and 3 times anti clockwise directions and place .Take four or two lemons.Place a & f on the vehicle Light camphore on a coconut and touch the eight sides and centre engine side with the coconut.Take few akshatas and flowers do yathastanam of the devatas invoked in the vehicle. आिाटहिाभय: दॆ ििाभयॊ नम: यथास्थानम ् प्रतिष्ठापयाशम ॥ . Standing before the vehicle light a camphore on the pumpkin rotate the pumpkin with camphore 3 times clockwise and 3 times anti clockwise and break the pumpkin forcefully before the vehicle reciting “हुं फट्” To remove the drishti dosa . Standing before the vehicle rotate the coconut with camphore 3 times clockwise and 3 times anti clockwise and break the coconut forcefully before the vehicle reciting “हुं फट्” If you are breaking White pumpkin to remove the drishti dosa – make a square side cut in the pumpkin and place some kumkum inside and lock the opening with cut piece.

Start and move the vehicle slightly to crush the lemons. Take few akshatas and flowers with an uddharini water pour it on the land reciting कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण िाहन पूजा समाप्तिम ् .one lemon under each wheel.

Ashta dig bhairava puja .

Placing the lemons under the wheels .

Coconut Drishti Removal .


Vahana Decoration .




Pumpkin Drishti Removal .


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Gayatri Mantra Meaning of Gayatri Mantra : Let us meditate on the on the Supreme spirit (radiant Sun) who directs and inspires our intelligence and understanding. .

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