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Assisted Living Services, Inc.

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JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

CALA Conference & Trade Show

Home care specialists Assisted Living Services and
Assisted Living Technologies joined other providers
at the 22nd Annual CALA Conference & Trade Show
to share their expertise. The event took place on
March 2nd at the Radisson Cromwell Hotel &
Conference Center. “We connected with so many
dedicated professionals in the assisted living care
community at the event,” said Mario D’Aquila, Vice
President of Assisted Living Technologies. “Our
industry is constantly changing and collaboration is
the key to providing the best possible care for our
elderly population.”

From left-right: Mark Halliday, Community Liaison,
Fast Facts for Home Care Workers…. Lynne Schmidt, Dir. of Hourly Services & Marketing,
How to prevent Workplace Violence Mario D’Aquila, V.P. of Assisted Living Technologies &
The following are some tips from OSHA on the topic of Nicholas D’Aquila, Special Project Manager
workplace violence. In home care the spectrum of violence
can be from the environment you travel into – to an agitated
client, or even a family member or visitor.
Employees should be aware that ALS has a zero-tolerance
policy for all incidents of violence. Should you encounter
an incident of violence it must be reported to your
Be astute to your surroundings. When arriving in a
neighborhood look for anything that might threaten your
security. If something doesn’t feel right –call your
supervisor. Trust your judgment.
Be sure of your location and that you have accurate
directions to the client’s house or apartment. Before
getting out, check your surroundings again carefully.
When driving you should have your windows up and doors
Park your vehicle in a well-lit and prominent location.
If you feel you are being verbally abused by your client or
family member ask them to stop. Maintain a behavior that Carol Wolosko has worked for Assisted Living
helps diffuse anger by 1) presenting a calm, caring attitude, Services, Inc. for 18 years as a Homemaker and
2) not matching threats, 3) not giving orders, and Personal Care Assistant. Carol always gets high
4) acknowledging the person’s feelings. praise from her customers because she develops
Avoid behaviors that may be interpreted as aggressive (for more than a great working relationship – she
example, moving rapidly or getting too close, touching develops a bond with her client and their
unnecessarily, or speaking loudly.) families. She really cares about people and loves
If possible, keep an open pathway for exiting. what she does. For these reasons Carol recently
If you cannot gain control of the situation, contact your was given an “Employee Special Recognition”
supervisor, after stepping away from your immediate award and bonus to have some fun with!
Adult Day Center Services
Many people as they age are choosing to remain in their
homes alone or to live with family members. For many this
may feel like isolation if no one is home or they live alone. October, 2016
Emma Spio Bentil LI
Adult Day Centers offer the senior a chance to have door to Rubin Sekyere LI
door transportation that can take them to a center for
socialization and/or supervision. Medical model centers February, 2017
provide extensive personal care, medical monitoring and Jane Josiah LI
rehabilitation services in addition to a structured and Carol Wolosko HMK
stimulating environment. All centers provide meals and snacks Yakeima Blake PCA
for participants that meet their personal nutritional needs.
Participants in adult day centers are encouraged to engage in
center organized activities designed with their interest and
abilities in mind. Socialization with peers is important as is
staying involved in their community. Amusing story—
from Sharon D’Aquila
Attending a center also offers caregivers much needed relief.
Care giving though rewarding can be very exhausting.
My father is a bit challenged by
Professionals at these centers can listen, advise and reassure
technology. He is nearly 80 years
caregivers. Many centers hold Caregiver Support Groups that
old but staying very active down in
can be most beneficial to the caregiver. The time a loved one is
Bonita Beach Florida where he goes
at a center offers respite for the caregiver or time to care for
with my mother each winter. I was
their personal needs while being assured their loved one is safe
talking to him last week about my
and well cared for.
new iPhone and it reminded him to
Call Lynne or Mary in the office for any more information. tell me something that happened to
him recently.
He was at the beach, but it was too
hot so he decided to leave. As he
got close to home he was at a traffic
light and heard the sound of his rear
car door close. Startled, he turned
around and a very nice oriental lady
put her phone in his face and said
Assisted Living Services “take me here.” He was shocked at
the request but looked at the
Welcomes address and said “That’s all the way
Ann Evans, up in Fort Myers, why would I take
Human Resources Manager you there”? The little lady said
“you not Uber”? He said “Who’s
Uber”? To which she quickly exited
Welcome to Ann Evans into a the car realizing her mistake.
new role of Human Resources Manager. Ann has many years
of experience from other Home Care Agencies and will work I spent about 30
hard to help recruit, hire, and orient new staff. Ann has some minutes explaining
great ideas on how to help us with issues related to Worker’s all about Uber to my
Compensation injuries and safety, unemployment claims, dad, and told him he
training, and maintaining records efficiently. should really lock his doors!
If you have any HR related questions, you can reach Ann at
203-634-8668, extension 117.