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Stevenson Middle School Club Day Course Selection List

Read the course title and description carefully. Write and bubble in your top eight (8) course choices
on the scantron. These are classes YOU (not your friend) are interested in taking on Club Day.
Course Course Title Course Description
01 Intro to Professional Students learn about photography, the importance of
Photography, Social Media and social media and dangers of social media, as well as
Taco Connoisseurship how to become an expert judge of taco quality.

02 The Secret in My Eyes Students learn how to draw a giant eye and hide
images inside of it.
03 How to Make a Students personalize and assemble decorative
Bunting/Pennant Flag Banner buntings/pennant flag banners of their choice.
Buntings can be used to decorate a room or party,
given as a gift, etc.
04 Intro to 3-D Figure Making Students learn how to make 3-D Figures using
colored printing papers.
05 The Art of Sculpting Students learn to sculpt by using soap as a medium.
06 How to Scrapbook This course will teach students creative ways to save
pictures and journal about their experiences.
07 Intro to Professional Lead and Students learn how to create custom art designs
Graffiti Art using lead and graffiti.
08 Clowning Around: Face Students learn the history face painting and how to
Painting Basics create face painting designs.
09 Makeup Artistry Students learn the importance and skills needed to
maintain proper skincare. Students also learn
techniques in face cosmetic artistry.

10 Art Expressions Student will color two selected patterns and then
express what the patterns say to them as well as why
did they chose the colors that they used.
11 Adorable DIY Flower Pens Students will learn how to create their own bouquet of
flowers with pens made to look like flowers.

12 Create your own African Mask Students will design and paint their own ceramic
African Mask.

13 Fashion Merchandising and Students learn about careers and degree programs in
Design fashion merchandising and design. Students also
combine outfits, style their hair and learn basic make-
up artistry skills.
14 Students will learn to recycle plastic shopping bags
Crocheting A Plastic Shopping by crocheting them into mats for the homeless.
Bag Mat For The Homeless Students will also observe the process of flattening
bags, cutting bags, making "Plarn", and winding the
"Plarn" into balls ready to crochet.

15 Superhero Mythology Students will create comic strips/graphic novels,
discuss mythological origins/connections to
established mythological figures, and weigh the pros
and cons of the superhero evolution in present day
16 Piñatas!! Students learn how to make their own piñatas from
recycled materials.

17 Therapeutic Coloring Students learn stress relief tips and experience how
adolescent coloring pages are used as form of stress
relief therapy.
18 Star Wars - Behind the Scenes Students will watch scenes from various
documentaries to better understand the evolution of
special effects technology. They will also have an
opportunity to create a Star Wars themed bookmark.
19 Publish a Storybook all about Students use materials and their words to create a
YOU unique storybook/autobiography

20 Coffee Filter Books Students will use cone coffee filters to create unique
and interesting books which can hold secret
21 #SQUADGOALS – DIY Students creating matching sets of friendship
Friendship Bracelets or Bands bracelets and bands.

22 Push Pin String Art Decor Students will learn how to use push pins, cork
sheets, and colored twine to make wall decor, initial
art, etc.
23 Nail Technician 101 Students learn nail tech safety and proper
techniques, as well as how to paint perfect French
manicure nails.
24 The ART of Paper Flower Students learn how to create elaborate paper flowers
Decor as potential gifts or decoration using 3-D design
25 History of Henna Tattoo and Students learn about where henna tattoos derived
DIY Henna Tattoo (Temporary) and how to create their own henna tattoo

26 Visual Media Performance and Students create and edit videos.
Performing Arts
Course # Course Title Course Description
27 World Drum Circle Students learn how to make beautiful music together
using instruments from around the world.
28 Drama Workshop Students learn different techniques to have fun in the
art of acting including the following: play theatre
games, work improv scenes that will test and prep
your mental and physical acting abilities, etc.
29 Dance Battle Students learn self-confidence through the art and
discipline of dance.
30 So You Think You Can Dance? Students learn to compete in dance through individual
and group competitions through various genres of
31 Drop the Beat Students learn how to create music beats using MPC.

Culinary Arts
Course # Course Title Course Description
32 The Art of Cake Decorating Students get an Introduction to Culinary- Arts.
Students will learn about culinary schools in Houston
and complete a hands on culinary arts experience that
they get to create and eat!
33 Introduction to Culinary Arts Introduction to Culinary- students will learn about
culinary schools in Houston and then be hands on with
a culinary experience that they get to make and eat!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Course # Course Title Course Description
34 Gotta Catch 'em All Students learn about the history integrating Global
Positioning Systems (GPS) into apps. Students will
also play/learn about Pokémon types and how to
dominate at battles. Tips and tricks will be shared.
35 Compute This Game Students learn about careers and degree programs in
online game development. Students also compete
using an online academic game.
36 Intro to Cosmetic Science: DIY Students learn about cosmetic science and how to
Crayola Lipstick/Chapstick create lipstick or chapstick using crayons and other
37 Fishing 101 Students learn about the best freshwater locations in
Houston and surrounding areas to fish. Students
learn about different types of freshwater in the area.
Students also learn how to tie basic knots, hooking
bait, etc.
38 Introduction into Competitive Students will learn about the competitive gaming
Gaming subculture and the different opportunities offered in it.
They will also learn to organize and participate in a
school appropriate video game tournament.
39 Organic Cleanser: DIY Liquid Students will create their own liquid soap using
Soap natural ingredients.
40 Gamers Unite: Building a Students will learn about the different parts of a
Gaming PC gaming pc.
41 Drone Racing Compete in racing drones.

Social/Leadership Development
Course # Course Title Course Description
42 Intro to Chess Students learn how to play chess.
43 Networking 101: How to Break Students learn the importance of networking and
the Ice how to do it purposefully. Students also participate in
ice breaker and team building games.
44 Card Battles: Magic the Students learn about what made these trading
Gathering/ Yu Gi Oh games and compete in card battles.
45 JENGA Overhang Students create structures to see how far they can
get the furthest Jenga block to stick out beyond the
edge of the table.
46 Loteria Students learn the history behind the game of
Loteria and compete in a game of chance, similar to
bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead
of plain numbers.
47 GSA (Gay/ Straight Alliance) LGBTQ+ understanding and support group
48 How to Behave Like a Lady or Students learn proper etiquette for different social
Gentleman environments.
49 Team Building 101 Students will use team building skills to succeed in
various tasks.
50 Southern Girl Etiquette Young ladies will learn proper ways to conduct
themselves in various settings such as banquets,
restaurants, etc.
51 Jeopardy - What do Middle Trivia game consisting of questions about
Schoolers really know? academics, sports, music

Course # Course Title Course Description
52 Pick-Up Basketball Students form teams and play basketball.
53 Badminton Students learn how to play badminton and compete
in teams.
54 Ultimate Frisbee (Football) Students learn how to play this highly energetic
game that will require a lot of running and throwing
55 Zumba Students will exercise to the rhythm of Zumba.
56 Softball Students learn how to play softball.
57 Volleyball Students learn how to play volleyball.