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\g/ ul BUY WAR BONDS: TAMPS \ Words and Music by IRVING BERLIN ® White Christmas Slowly with expression SS Nee one ~ *)Da7 \F ozs VOICE ad lid. 8 Tho sun is shin - ing, the grass is green, The or - ange _and palm trees ta soce|_F Gdim, Dale, a Daz ° ° GO, ‘O° is me fib Hd Fal, 7 sway. There's ney-er been such a in Bev-er-ly Hills, L. A. # ror lt Ea Fn a E or, 20 Soo FEB Hee & FEE - cem- ber, the twen - 4l dl 2 ———— ay, Am Br oA a7 OE nara long-ing to be up ~£ S—accet - ¢ |. rit. a => +) Symbols for Guitar, Chords for Ukutete and Banjo. Copyright 1942 IRVING BERLIN, 1650 Broadway, New York City All Rights Reserved Including the Right of Public Performance for Profit. International Copyright Secured. Made in US.A. © . Da7 Da? G2 bn Ge DS H7, 7, CHORUS “rrempo Hi@ Ga Raa an GER GD Bley In dream-ing" of a WHITE CHRIST-MAS Just li @7, ike the ones I used to peta liter t [ftp | | know Where the tree-tops glis-ten And chil-dren tre Te cr == CoD Dav ee 20 Da? co ee ee ge A gim Ga af ie gb atl a ne Ei ae Ey Be Co beet lis- ten to hear dicaka sleigh bells in the snowm—— Tim dream-ing"of _a__WHITE CHRIST- MAS * ©. de ‘ey “ehh FFF C70 Fr Be Ee With ev-'ry Christ-mascard I write “May your days be mer-ry and bright ~~ Mert oer leet tr # * Ree tn 6, 00m Dero Teast a ey Ge Ga Be And may all your Christ-mas-es be white-_—— — £ aos = — — ERE SEX White Christmas -2 e 7 2 ooo De iam af