PBL Action Plan

Members: Tim Baumann, Jessie Adamczyk, Paul Filush, Twaina White (10th Sophomore
Language Arts team) Cicely Lewis, Media Specialist
Key Learning Targets:
1. Integrate quotations and citations into a written text while maintaining the flow of ideas
2. Write college-style essays (AC15a/b)
3. Adapt writing style to various audiences (WW1)
4. Qualify and justify own views (S&L30b)
21st Century Skills:
1. Collaborate with other students
2. Use technology to convey ideas
3. Integrating evidence into a cohesive product.
Students will be provided a series of documents and images that deal with a potential zombie
outbreak here in Norcross, Ga. Students will need to work together across classrooms to meet the
following objectives:
1. Raise awareness about the health crisis (this can be done through brochures,
advertisements, commercials, etc.)
2. Come up with an action plan for leaving the city using the advice of the CDC,
3. Write a narrative about life during the zombie outbreak (Create a fictional text about
zombie apocalypse)
4. Direct a news bulletin about the outbreak.
Final Project:
Students will present their final projects to the city leaders (AKA their teachers on a chosen
presentation date).
Community Outreach:
Students will have someone from the CDC speak to them about the possibility of a true zombie
outbreak attack to enhance their research and project.
1. Documents supplied by teacher
2. Access to video cameras/phone videos
3. Access to computers