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Accelerated Christian Education

Who influences
the children of
your congregation
the other six days?
Biblical training is “daily in the temple.”
(Acts 5:42 and Luke 19:47)

You can provide a Godly influence for your children
throughout the entire week. Accelerated Christian Education
has helped hundreds of pastors start Christian schools
in their churches. Just follow these 4 steps:

HEED God’s commandment
to diligently train
our children.
Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Matthew 28:19-20

ASK for wisdom and
PRAY for the children of
your church.
CALL A.C.E. for help.

For more information visit us at
or call 1-800-925-7777 and
request a FREE information packet.
Contact us today and schedule a presentation.
A representative will come to you!

Christian School Start Specialists FOR 45 Years

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Table of Contents
Welcome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 College Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
What Is a PACE? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Bible Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
Diagnosis and Prescription . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Christian Education Division . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
Reading Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Language Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
Kindergarten with Ace and Christi . . . . . . . 14 English Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
ABCs with Ace and Christi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Mathematics Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Speaking English with Ace and Christi . . . . 18 Natural Science Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
English As Your Second Language . . . . . . . . 18 Social Science Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Videophonics® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 French Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
Core Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Spanish Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
Mathematics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
English . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Computer Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
Word Building . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Resource Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Literature and Creative Writing . . . . . . . . . . 40
Required Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Recommended Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78
Animal Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Promotional Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80
Social Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
Bible Reading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Administrative Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81
Elementary Electives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Manuals, Training, and Forms . . . . . . . . . . . 81
Choose Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Parent Orientation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82
High School Electives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Dramatic Presentations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83
Bible/Christian Growth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Testing Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84
Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
Diagnostic Testing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84
Fine Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Achievement Test Series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85
Government . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58
Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Accessories and Supplies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87
Language . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59

Accelerated Christian Education in a Nutshell Contact Us
Since 1970 Accelerated Christian Education has published Home Office—Tennessee
Phone: 615-612-5200
Biblical self-instructional curriculum and provided Fax: 615-612-6104
training in its implementation of individualized education Mail / Payments
for Levels K–12. Students are tested diagnostically upon P.O. Box 2707
entering schools or homeschools using the program. Hendersonville, TN 37077-2707
Students are then placed in the curriculum in each subject Freight
at their own individual performance levels determined by Accelerated Christian Education
the results of the diagnostic tests. 130 Maple Drive North
Hendersonville, TN 37075
The unique format of the curriculum allows students to Customer Service and Distribution—Texas
advance from unit to unit as they demonstrate mastery. Phone: 1-800-925-7777
Students move independently through the curriculum Fax: 615-612-5304
under the supervision of instructors who provide tutoring General Inquiries
at the optimum moment of learning.
Accelerated Christian Education is more than quality Orders
academics. The curriculum is built on a theistic
philosophic foundation. Students learn to see life from
God’s point of view. Their personal relationship with God Technical Support
and their personal responsibilities to family, church, and 615-612-5288
community are of primary concern. Returns by Mail
Accelerated Christian Education
Each year, Accelerated Christian Education hosts exciting P.O. Box 299000
national and international conferences and conventions for Lewisville, TX 75029-9000
educators and students. These events provide opportunities Returns by Freight (UPS, FedEx, etc.)
for practical application, leadership, and training. Accelerated Christian Education
2600 Ace Lane

Lewisville, TX 75067
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) recognized that children are unique and learn in different ways.C. Name ilding u Word B 1010 ® RROW TOMO OL OF dba SCHO 2 www. Self-Instructional Curriculum and Individualized Programs..E. Since its inception in 1970. with Biblical principles. and character development Recognition of the God-given uniqueness of the individual Placement of child at exact academic ability in each subject through diagnostic testing Incorporation of goal setting. and academic excellence 1010 Development of critical thinking skills Score Test Utilization of multimedia and computer technology Issued Date Encouragement of parental involvement n Editio Fourth We appreciate your commitment to Christian education and look forward to serving you. Godly character-building educational materials to schools around the world.C.) appreciate the opportunity to assist in the education of your young people.C. wisdom. You will find that the proven. A.E. They also realized that education apart from Biblical values is not true education.Welcome to the Accelerated Christian Education Godly Character-Building. The founders of Accelerated Christian Education (A. motivation..C. individualized. We (the leadership and staff of .E. highly successful A. has endeavored to provide Biblical.aceministries. program focuses on these distinctives: Foundation of Scripture.

’s experienced writers and editors have meticulously chosen grade-level vocabulary and concepts that move in a mastery- based format from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract. will bless you and That is why A. think critically. individualized. understanding. and act responsibly. and wisdom. diagnostic testing determines if One Child at a Time there are any “learning gaps.Biblical Education At A. Godly character lessons to their own lives.E. self-instructional curriculum has been carefully compiled to introduce children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at appropriate age levels. Sixty character traits. our purpose in providing educational This unique combination of academics and materials goes beyond simply helping students individualized methodology.C. Additionally. process: knowledge.E. long burning passion to learn and grow spiritually. should go: and when he is old. Students will observe character development in the true-to-life character strips and then apply the he will not depart from it. A. It provides mastery learning. the A. Proverbs 22:6 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 3 . million dollars developing educational tools that equip children to live wisely.C. The A..C.C.C. based on physiological learn the academics required to enter college or get development patterns and Biblical principles. critical analysis. God-given distinctives of A. We desire to build in students a life. Diagnostic placement testing ensures that students begin at the exact point of their academic needs.E. has invested over fifty the children you serve in Christian education. cognitive reasoning. Train up a child in the way he and honesty.E.C. It is one thing to want children to be successful and conceptualization. such as kindness. loyalty.E.E..” Students can simply fill in the “learning gaps” without the stigma of “failing” a grade or falling behind. Each unit of instruction in the curriculum is structured to include all three life application levels of the learning Reaching the World for Christ. curriculum apart from all other curricula.. sets a good job. are presented within the curriculum. We pray that the training to ensure this accomplishment. and life quite another to provide the academic and character principles from God’s perspective.

E. This fact compelled many to curriculum assuring parents of: question the very structure of the conventional educational system. This unique their children.E. Prior to A.500 schools and education. A. a child’s specific needs and learning based curriculum and materials.E. 4 www.C. One result is that students score significantly Students must set reasonable goals.C. curriculum.C. Learning must be measurable. integrated the truths and Founder and President character values of the Bible throughout. Students must be at subject levels where From its beginning. addressed these concerns and designed a Biblically based educational program geared to meeting the Solid. beginning. mastery.E.Litt. has held to these they can perform. features a at their grade levels. back-to-basics academics for learning needs of individual children. was built on A program incorporating Godly character- five basic laws of learning: building and Biblical principles. and materials for an to-God movement in international network of over 5. many students were not performing The pioneering work of A. Traditional Values Accelerated Christian Education has emerged as a world-class leader Today. A. capabilities. With the Lord’s guidance.C. The educational concept of . higher on national standardized achievement tests Students must be controlled and than their counterparts in conventional schools.E. D.C. goals. program consisted of self-instructional. A Commitment Texas to Excellence Unapologetically Biblical Tennessee In the 1960s. motivated. Godly A course of study individualized to meet character-building.’s thousands of home educators in over 140 countries. 200 staff members provide training in a revolutionary back- services. there had not been a complete self- instructional curriculum spanning all twelve grades that recognized and Esther Howard.aceministries. individually prescribed. mastery. Learning must be rewarded.

E. a moderate-paced learner. that should be the primary An admissions officer at Princeton said of concern of education. most schools look alike— buildings. influences.000 colleges and universities worldwide. or a slow learner. * Students have attended. educational process proceeds at the exact level determined by the child’s ability.C.E. curriculum. . These distinguishing features focus on what is best for the individual child.C. He is truly a thinker. Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built. student: He was one of our most extraordinary applicants. A number of distinctives set A. Character Building Godly character training received as part of this learning experience prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities as well as live Godly lives.E. We’ve never seen a student like this. Whether the student is a high-achiever.A Trendsetter in Education On the surface.C. Students concepts considered foundational to meaningful are trained to see life from God’s point of view. and. individualized program Individualization helps produce academic produces academic excellence. over 1. to interpersonal relationships and productive take responsibility for their own learning. after all.C. He has demonstrated Individualization an amazing academic excellence .E. The A. and are attending. program is different. the A. It is the trendsetter in Traditional Values Biblical educational reform. Individualization makes it possible for each student to master the subject matter before moving on. average achievement. Students using excellence. .E. and budgets. program the program continue to demonstrate above- continue to demonstrate above-average achievement. Additionally. Students using the A.C. Academic Excellence The God-given A. This is what is meant by individualization. personnel.C. one A. students using the A. One reason is that they take responsibility for their own learning. Moreover. apart from other educational programs. program go on to higher education* and into ministry and professional pursuits with confidence and a superb educational background. and to living in such a way as to become life-shaping walk in Godly wisdom and character.E.E. Its philosophy is built The curriculum conveys Biblical values and on basic principles of the Word of God. they receive character training in Biblical principles.C. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 5 .

Every Son. living a life of insights provide attendees an opportunity to update righteous works. staff writers research and develop curriculum that is highly motivational. however. current error. and adheres to Biblical precepts. For additional verification. immediate act. challenging. virgin birth. working closely with the writers. program. verbal inspiration of the much of the curriculum is field tested. separated from the . with the highest standard of quality. meetings occur in over 75 locations worldwide.000 people for all Believers to proclaim the Gospel and worldwide attend Regional Conventions and over to disciple all nations.S. and school staff members. all curriculum is checked by Executive Quality Control personnel to assure the highest standard of individualized learning and We believe in: academic excellence. the need for regeneration Education sponsors annual Christian Educators’ by the operation of the Holy Spirit Conventions and Student Conventions.C. The preexistence. To enhance its rapidly proliferating global network of schools. Over 13. experience. athletics. The spiritual relationship of all Believers drawing nearly 12. After final approval. check the materials for content accuracy. 3. Statement of Faith Before printing.aceministries. and knowledge of how children learn.C. Unlike the highly skilled personnel at A. These eternal life or eternal damnation. Seminars and Conventions and Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. miracles. every participant is a winner. technology provides the ultimate in productivity The one God. incarnation.000 educators. academics.000 attend the International Convention. substitutionary death.E. are constantly Olympics.E. art. the ministry of the Holy Spirit.C. school the resurrection of every person to either administrators. New educational in the Lord Jesus Christ. through personal faith in Jesus Christ as The Christian Educators’ Conventions are Saviour on the basis of grace alone. Editors. and numerous aspects of Professional Expertise service. working on all phases of curriculum development. 6 www. eternally existent Father. and true to the Word of God. professional skills and exchange ideas with other and witnessing of His saving grace through educators. homeschools using the A. and in-service training sessions for pastors. This student “Olympics” is the highlight of the school year for hundreds of schools and In answer to today’s educational dilemma. expertise. ascension to Heaven. Who created man by curriculum product meets educational requirements a direct. oratory. university campus. bodily resurrection. Accelerated Christian The Fall of Man. and Holy Spirit. Drawing on their A. Each year Accelerated Christian Education The Biblical mandate of the Great sponsors an International Student Convention on a Commandment and the Great Commission major U. The plenary.E. graphic designers enhance the text with interesting and colorful illustrations and photographs. Bible. sinless life. which includes over 140 events in music. equally and in all parts and without In all steps of the development process.

and Electives. These courses are available in all academic areas—Bible.E. English.C. Literature and Creative Writing. For over four decades. These training sessions Forty-Five Years offer instruction in Biblical educational philosophy For over four decades.C. Math. Social Studies. Accelerated Christian Education meets these Offers significant economic advantages needs.C. Word Building (spelling). program is an extraordinary educational approach.E. we have continually developed and provided academic courses from a Biblical perspective for the benefit of hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. Staff Training students don’t just get by—they get ahead! To God be the glory! A. Stresses the uniqueness of the individual In the United States. Trains the child to reason and analyze parents expect more than unmotivated students. and Supervisors’ Training at several locations each year. Tennessee.’s concept of individualized learning. A. Science. that prepares students for tomorrow’s world while giving them traditional moral values that will last a lifetime.’s innovative curriculum and a Biblical perspective for the benefit of hundreds methods. Biblical in its core.C. and demoralized teachers.C. has continually and guidelines in administration and operation of developed and provided academic courses from a school using A. when the federal Instills responsibility and accountability government invests $70 billion a year in education. students who cannot Encourages parental involvement read and write. Utilizes computer technology poor academic performance.E. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 7 .E. A. is your educational servant to meet today’s educational needs with yesterday’s traditional values and tomorrow’s technology of individualized learning. the A. Answering the Crisis in Education Educational Benefits Incorporates Godly character training Illiteracy is a tragic crisis on a global scale! No Produces academic excellence wonder parents are discouraged and anxious over this dilemma.E. Accelerated Christian Education  —  a unique program for this time in history—is building Godly citizens and Christian leaders of tomorrow. With A. conducts Administrators’ Training in Nashville. of thousands of students worldwide. Traditional Moral Values Challenging and highly effective.C.E.

there is development from this stage of learning to cognitive learning. The life of each child is too precious to be left to and life from God’s perspective. Students learn not only facts (knowledge) but also how those facts relate to culture. and The A. act. and wisdom.C. wants children to be successful. precept upon precept. This Christian curriculum is structured to and curriculum is God-given. critical so they can have the opportunity to be productive. A.C.E. Understanding. and Wisdom With adolescence. children focus on each new concept from a mastery viewpoint— line upon line.C. children so they will know how to think.E. curriculum is set apart from all other curricula on the market. more than based on physiological development patterns and this. Consequently. Before adolescence. We praise Him for include all three levels of the learning process: His blessings in meeting the needs of our knowledge. and whereas some publishers include understanding (relationship of information). Another distinctive of the A. This is referred to as the understanding dimension of life. and when of information. students concentrate on concepts that expand to the abstract or cognitive level. focus is on the who.aceministries.C. staff recognizes that the program live. conceptualization. 8 www. The A.E. provides the tools for training children Bible principles provides mastery learning.E. However. The special combination The Accelerated Christian Education staff of academics and individualized methodology. A. Knowledge. cognitive reasoning. Most curriculum publishers focus on knowledge (facts and information).com .C. the most advanced educational package of dollars developing a curriculum that can equip available anywhere in the world. science. as students progress from kindergarten through graduation. Writers and editors have carefully developed a scope and sequence with vocabulary that moves from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract.E.’s individualized program introduces children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at appropriate age levels in conjunction with maturation stages. focus is on why and how. But. has invested millions make A. Educators refer to this information as the knowledge dimension. A.E. and history (understanding). These differences chance. understanding. where. children—one child at a time. Accelerated Christian Education curriculum is distinctive in its inclusion of wisdom as a deliberate aspect of the learning process. curriculum is its focus on wisdom.E.C. what. analysis.C.

Additional courses are available for enhancement. Stresses uniqueness of individual. Offers a superb education that is affordable. Places child at exact academic ability through diagnostic testing. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 9 . With a scope of kindergarten through Grade Level 12. mastery-based curriculum available.Building Lives for the Future A.E. INDIVIDUALIZED MASTERY LEARNING Encourages parental involvement. Scripture. this individualized program utilizes more than 800 PACE Worktexts and Score Keys for core curriculum. Produces academic and provides spiritual excellence. Instills critical thinking skills. Distinctives of the Accelerated Christian Education Program Incorporates goal setting. Views life from God’s perspective. Utilizes multimedia and computer technology. and Biblical principles.C. provides the most self-instructional. Godly character building.

words are repeated a certain number of times to ensure mastery. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. Goals and concepts are clearly . From the very beginning of each PACE. Checkups reveal weak areas and provide opportunity for review and reinforcement. achievable worktexts called PACEs. impart Biblical Students begin their PACE work by noting their principles.aceministries. and a corresponding character trait. new vocabulary. 10 www. goals. Also. bite-sized.What is a PACE? Vocabulary control increases Accelerated Christian Education has taken the reading level and comprehension. If mastery in an area is not achieved. which are minitests covering a section of the PACE. the concepts they will learn. Full-color self-instructional explanations and illustrations add excitement to each lesson. the Checkup will reveal that weak area. they know what is expected and they assume the responsibility for their own learning! Throughout the curriculum the introduction of new vocabulary words is computer controlled so that no word is used without the student first learning its meaning and pronunciation. and innovative learning activities reinforce the interesting text material. Students can then take the time necessary to learn and master those concepts before proceeding to the next. conventional textbook style and divided it into Lower levels include visualized vocabulary. Each PACE is more or less equivalent to a unit in a textbook. PACEs integrate Godly character- building lessons into the academic content and self-instructional activities are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and create Scripture and character traits mastery learning. Each PACE contains Checkups. a Bible verse.

A Self Test helps students and staff determine readiness for the final Test. Activities develop mastery.E. students prepare to take the Self Test. Upon completion of the activities and Checkups. A. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 11 . Hands-on science and social studies projects allow students to experimentally apply what they have learned. Lessons are presented with exciting illustrations and are written to ensure comprehension. When the Self Test is successfully completed. Students observe Biblical principles in developing personal relationships. a practice test.C.Creative writing and character development applications are integrated with academic lessons. Here students evaluate themselves and a supervisor/tutor determines readiness for the final Test. The final Test objectively measures student mastery of the material. A Test measures student mastery of material studied before student is issued the next PACE. Since 1970. PACEs have proven to be effective tools for goal setting and achieving academic excellence and spiritual maturity. particularly in the lower levels. the student turns in the PACE and takes the final Test the next school morning. Students continue to build fine motor skills.

the student progresses at his performance level. If he demonstrates mastery at all levels of testing.aceministries.C. The diagnostic tests assist the evaluator in Diagnostic Test n Fourth Editio determining the student’s academic needs in each subject. Four academic areas are tested.C. Proper academic diagnosis and 10 73 –1 10 prescription is vital to a student’s achievement. After the student completes the diagnostic Math Name testing. Fourth Edition Each student entering the A. the appropriate gap PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses. program is Issued Date given diagnostic tests to determine skill and concept Name mastery. Diagnosis and Prescription A doctor must diagnose a patient’s physical needs 1001–1072 before prescribing proper treatment. social . science. In much the same way. he has the ability to function at his chronological grade level in the high school curriculum. Free Complete Diagnostic Testing ONLINE diagnostics.E. W® OF TOMORRO dba SCHOOL If weak areas are evident from the Are your students really mastering basic math. These tests cover Math basic skills normally mastered before high school. After completing the gap PACEs.E. diagnostic testing begins with simple concepts and continues through more advanced abstract thinking. and spelling skills? Could there be some learning gaps that have not been identified? A. Each student entering the A. program is given diagnostic tests to determine skill levels and concept mastery.C.E.aceministries. English. he is given curriculum that meets and dba SCHOOL OF TOMORROW® st Diagnostic Te challenges him at his performance level. Successful completion of these tests indicates readiness for high school level curriculum. 12 www. a student’s academic needs must be diagnosed before proper curriculum can Issued Date 8 be prescribed.

C.aceministries. and Baltic States Southern South America For more South America Western A. visit www.A.I. Caribbean. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 13 .E. over 140 countries around the world! and Middle East various regions..C.S. Around the Globe Canada Central Australia and America South Pacific Western and Eastern Europe Thailand Africa and Scandinavia Mexico Philippines and Cambodia Russia. serves information or to contact these United States. . A four-volume daily instructional manual Coordination Development Tests covers 36 weeks and utilizes all the evaluate the student’s reading readiness developmental skills. However. Sixty PACEs (2. Kindergarten with Ace Kindergarten with Ace and Christi (K3--K5) and Christi This kindergarten program is designed for children who score below 80 percent on the reading test. his growth throughout In the 1930s and 1940s.Reading Development Believing that reading is the doorway to education. the Accelerated A student Christian Education program offers several avenues by which children may follow and adults can learn to read or increase their reading ability. It features a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare children in readiness to read. and the reality of God’s love. and full-color picture stories m end motivate a child to read.C. A. He will also learn social skills. adults must learn phonics in order to read better and faster. Aging Ape Abbie Antelope Arby Armadillo Bucky Buffalo Connie Cockatoo Cilbert Civet Davie Duck Emil Emu Ellie Elephant 14 www. and coordination skills. Those who do not receive phonics training are stifled in the reading process and are often unable to function beyond the fourth grade level. incorporates the phonics method in all its reading courses.500 pages. Another feature for you is the Re ate r S epar self-instructional format for guiding e (Ord children from pretesting through a kindergarten graduation program. Total of 2.000 pages) filled with Bible and animal pictures. Then schools began using the look-say or whole language measured on the Growth method.E. the wonders of o m Rec source ly) God’s world. most children learned to read by studying the year as phonics. ed coordination development activities. conclusive studies demonstrate that children and Chart.

and encourages motor and C it Kit hrist h coordination. and promote auditory processing. stories to letter sounds. II. 49)—provide practice in all development Animal-sound display cards build visual recognition and correlate skills necessary for learning to read. 30). Visualize instructions for early awareness of self-instruction. Bible Stickers (150) i Growth Chart Progress Reports (10) Kindergarten Songs CD These items along with the Kindergarten PACEs may be purchased separately. English (p. enhances long-term Gold Stars (60) Ace garten w memory. Daily Instructional Manuals I. Twelve PACEs in each of five subjects—math (p. PACEs are designed to: Develop sequencing skills. Present sets and association concepts. stress letter sounds. III. 38). science (p. Felix Fox George Gerbil Gary Goldfish Humphrey Hippo Ilex Ibex Inchy Inchworm Jimmy Jaguar Kiki Kangaroo Leonardo Lizard 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 15 . and social studies (p. Progress reports allow objective reporting of the child’s progress. Kindergarten with Ace and Christi Kit: Number train cards visualize counting and emphasize number recognition. and IV Coordination Development Tests (10) Display Cards (36) Number Train Cards (11) Kind A song CD reinforces phonetic er sounds. Present spatial awareness. 42). Word Building (p. Improve hand-eye coordination and visual perception. 24).

The ABCs program These items along with the appropriate kit for one child PACEs may be purchased separately. Each child receives a special diploma for completion of the program. is designed to prepare a child for the Ace an with Progress Reports (10) d Chris Kit individualized instruction of the PACE curriculum. including Test Key) through poems. reinforcement of sounds Students must score a minimum of 80 percent on the test. Within a ti ABCs Songs CD period of 12 to 15 . The ABCs with Ace and Christi Reading Readiness Test is administered to students who have never been in school and to Audio song CD provides children who are considered kindergarten or first grade level.aceministries. displays.’s multi-sensory. Milton Mule Nicky Nightingale Obie Okapi Oliver Ostrich Petey Peacock Quentin Quail Ricky Rabbit Sandy Sunfish Tiny Tiger 16 www. is also available. who score below 80 percent should be enrolled in the Kindergarten with Ace and Christi program.E. Students who score well on the Reading Readiness Test may begin the ABCs with Ace and Christi program whether they are five. or seven years of age. Children and songs. ABCs with Ace ABCs with Ace and Christi program kit: and Christi Daily Instructional Manuals I and II Reading Readiness Tests (10) A. often Diplomas (10) ABCs referred to as Level 1. Progress reports allow objective reporting of the child’s progress. six. complete plans for each day. A two-volume daily instructional manual contains detailed step-by-step. Alphabet sound picture cards can be used for display and review. Total of 900 pages. and various activities. easy-to-follow. These features help him Display Cards (36) learn letter sounds. Tactile and Kinetic Cards (36) Your child is helped in his physical and character development Post Tests (10/pkg. and word relationships.C. alphabet sequence. songs. phonetic reading program. he becomes acquainted with phonics through animals. Tactile-Kinetic cards imprint the shape of the letters in the child’s mind. and stories.

indd 1 10/16/2007 2:39:08 PM to set goals and complete each day’s work. After 12-15 weeks. Score strips tell the student Activities reinforce how and what to score. Large. color-coded goal cards train students Goal Card #305 revised.—6 1/2” x 10 3/4”) Tuesday Wednesday Phonics Flashcards (35/set—3 1/2” x 6”) Thursday Stars Friday Student Progress Chart (50/pkg. and Math 1004. twelve Word Building. All rights reserved. and twelve Animal Science PACEs are completed as an integral part of this 12-15 week program. Social Studies 1001. Frequent character strips (cartoon illustrations) capture After completing the Post Test with interest and reinforce the character trait. The following items are not included in the kit but can be Goal Card NAME: DATE: purchased separately: Subject Math English Word Building Literature and Creative Writing Science Social Studies Bible Coloring Sheets (45/set) Monday Goal Cards (50/pkg. Phonics Flashcards: This set of 3 1/2" X 6" cards has the same letters. phonetic markings. Completing through PACE 1012 in each of these subjects concludes the average student’s Level 1 experience. © 2007 Accelerated Christian Education. Ulysses Unicorn Unkie Umbrella Bird Victor Vole Wacky Walrus Eddy Ox Butterfly Yalta Yak Zippy Zebra Twelve Bible Reading. the alphabet sounds. the Post Test evaluates reading ability for continuance of self- instructional PACEs. Scripture passages support the lesson and illustrate character traits. three math. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 17 . Inc. 10-07 305 available for students who have completed the ABCs.) A Written Book Report To Demonstrate Responsibility: C ´ Check your goals the first thing in the morning. the student immediately begins English 1001. and animal pictures as the large display cards. Oral Book Report ´ Mark through page numbers as each goal is completed. a perfect score. E See also page 66 for a computerized typing program Bible Memory ´ Set new goals for the next day. Science 1001.

Speaking English with Ace and Christi The Speaking English with Ace and Christi program provides the means for the young school-aged child who does not speak English as his first language to become sufficiently acquainted with spoken English to prepare him for learning to read the English language. Speaking English with Ace and Christi includes a series of 60 lessons intended for young children to learn conversational English skills at levels appropriate for the successful comprehension of and participation in the ABCs with Ace and Christi program. English As Your Second Language English As Your Second Language is a DVD/ English As Your Second Language provides .com . statements. science. workbook course geared for adult thinking at an Powerful presentations integrating audio. and ideas. (Recommended use for students as they read the English PACEs: My Own Dictionary. This program provides lessons for aural and oral language development that include: English language for everyday listening and speaking which will allow children to function in the Learning Center activities and routine. needs. Self-paced and self- visual.  understandable English). student can complete it in 6–12 months with a possible intermediate level of proficiency. English. . English communication structures that allow children to verbally express in English their questions. including phonics and linguistic-type activities. Math-oriented lessons with semitranslation of numerals to communicate the names. and kinesthetic ways to learn whereby instructional. but an active small group review or for individual use. English language skills necessary for children to progress through math. adult maturity level. The Total Physical Response (TPR) (concrete course has ten DVDs and one workbook. Lessons participant through the variety of approaches are short and fast-paced so the non-English-speaking and activities in each lesson. . Intense reading and phonemic (sound system) mastery. this course works equally well for a the student is more than a viewer.aceministries.) 18 www. and social studies PACEs 1001-1012 in English. English vocabulary necessary for children to succeed in the ABCs with Ace and Christi program in English and in Word Building PACEs 1001-1012.

The Videophonics literacy program uses DVDs and workbooks to give English- speaking students the necessary tools to be able to read.E.C. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 19 . has combined its phonics-based program with technology to develop reading skills in students aged 9 through adult. and applications of reading and writing skills. practice exercises. blending exercises. The program includes letter sound exercises. Research proves that 76 percent of Americans learn better visually than verbally.Videophonics® (Literacy Program for Ages 9 to Adult) A. Skill-Pack Workbooks (12). Videophonics is also available in twelve individual units that may be purchased one at a time. The combination of technology with a time-tested phonics method makes learning to read easier. Various items may be purchased separately. A complete Videophonics set includes: Videophonics DVDs (12).

Ace Creativity in visualizing character is encouraged. For emphasis. To develop character is a PACE goal. and testing help the student gain an understanding of each trait. the character trait is practically applied. Ideal Biblical character traits form the basis for Godly character development Character trait is named and illustrated in story form. Fourteen main cartoon characters portray Biblical character traits throughout the PACEs. The student is given opportunity to state how he has demonstrated character. Emphasis is on one trait in each PACE. All sixty traits are presented on each grade level. A specific Scripture that demonstrates the character trait is presented on the goal page. activities. Repetition from level to level reinforces each trait. Booker Hapford 20 Pudge Miriam Racer . Christi Poetry from character songs reinforces the character trait that appears on the goal page. Illustrations.

curriculum. Biblical Character Traits Appreciative Attentive Available Committed Compassionate Concerned Confident Considerate Consistent Content Cooperative Courageous Creative Decisive Deferent Dependable Determined Diligent Discerning Ajani Discreet The story line of many Efficient activities relates to character.E. throughout the entire fabric of the A. Responsible Secure The trait reflected from Scripture appears as an activity throughout Self-Controlled the PACE. Godly character development is the common thread woven Bible characters are presented as positive illustrations of character. Sincere Submissive Tactful Temperate Thorough Thrifty Tolerant Truthful Virtuous Miguel Nita Reginald Sandy J. Michael 21 . Faithful Fearless Flexible Forgiving Friendly Generous Entertaining and exciting Gentle stories with pictures exhibit Honest positive character and set an Humble example for Godly living. Joyful Kind Loyal Meek Merciful Observant Optimistic Patient Peaceful Tian Le Perseverant Persuasive Prudent Punctual Purposeful Resourceful Typical situations presented in Respectful cartoon format illustrate character.C. Equitable Students learn that character Fair is Biblically based.

phone number. mastery-based education? High-quality school stationery that features your school’s name. address. advertise and share what you have! 22 . professional. Promote. and in the yellow pages? Your community needs what you have. individualized. well-trained staff? An emphasis on Godly character building? Brochures to present the merits of Biblical. on radio stations. Go tell it on Tips on how to promote your A quality image makes the difference! Does your school have… A sharp. and a Scripture text? A professionally made sign on your property with contact information? Advertisements on the Internet. in local newspapers.

school and the A. One Curriculum brochure The Great Commandment DVD The mandate for Christian education College and Universities Booklet A listing of schools that have accepted A.C.E.the mountain.C.E. graduates 59505 ) e of 25 ackag 561 469 (p 562 (1 B o (5 B oklet) ook lets) 23 . One Choice. program Emphasize over four decades of academic success! Tools to share the vision: One Lifetime.

Learns carrying and borrowing. and consistently reinforced in a variety of imaginative ways throughout the material. Mathematics includes arithmetic. Levels 1–4 Ace and Christi. Identifies odd and even numbers. 24 www. mastered. Regular. each student can succeed and develop his full potential. * The first three PACEs of this level are completed in conjunction with the ABCs program. Scripture memorization to emphasize character Learns measurements.. fives. temperature. trigonometry. as expressed in numbers or symbols.) He is introduced to: The number line. Recognizes and constructs geometric shapes. systematic testing and evaluation promote mastery of the material. Counts by very large numbers.aceministries. These skills are . Core Curriculum Mathematics Math e mat ics (math� mat�iks. Counts by twos. science dealing with measurement. and tens.and three-digit numbers. algebra. provide the students with role models while introducing them to basic math skills. The mathematics curriculum provides a logical. reviewed. math mat�iks). Visualized math concepts on younger student’s interest level Counting from zero to one hundred. geometry. properties. In Level 2 the student: Adds and subtracts two. Relates multiplication to addition. (See pages 16-17. Your student will be encouraged to recognize God as the God of order and of absolutes. orderly method of taking the student from the known to the unknown. and relationships of quantities. two lovable cartoon characters displaying ideal Biblical character traits. Simple addition and subtraction. and calculus. and liquids. Measurement of time. In Level 1 the student learns: Numbers in symbol and name from zero to ten. Using the individualized system of learning. n.

. Solves word problems. Basic math concepts cleverly visualized along with . Roman numerals. liquid. number patterns. . and division. Is introduced to money values and measurements of weight. and multiplication skills. . . subtraction. Learns Roman numerals. In Level 4 the student: Advances in addition. . .E. math Additional help available 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 25 . and practice Basic principles for higher math skills introduced early in the learning process Character strips illustrating Biblical principles in an informal setting Drill—an integral part of A.In Level 3 the student: Expands his basic addition.C. subtraction. measurements. and money. an example . and length. . Gains an understanding of the basic concept of sets. multiplication.

Since review is one of math concepts. Practical application Making and interpreting graphs of math principles 26 www. He will then discover what the next exciting phase Expands knowledge of fractions and decimals. Uses key words in solving word problems. is going to be. your student Completes detailed examples in interactive will see immediately what is going to be reviewed. and percents. Students are actively involved. Learning is FUN! Studies the relationship between fractions. his enthusiasm increases. new concepts or practicing applications. Develops skills in prealgebra and geometry. Builds thinking. students to achieve mastery. subtraction. the goals for that Engages in a comprehensive review of basic work text are clearly stated. and multiplication of fractions. Reviews basic mathematical concepts. ENJOYABLE! REWARDING! . Works additions. and problem- In Level 5 the student: solving skills. Levels 5–8 In Level 6 the student: At the outset of each PACE. Gains a better understanding of English and metric measurements. Learns decimals through the thousandths’ place. reasoning.aceministries. allowing Learns multiplication of three-digit numbers. instruction. As his fund of knowledge expands. Concepts are presented logically and completely. the most important aspects of learning. whether learning Solves division problems with two-digit divisors.

E.and two-step equations. linear equations. reflections.C. multiplication.In Level 7 the student: New In Level 8 the student: New Reviews basic number theory and Reviews basic number theory. circumference. Interprets data and graphs. order. subtract. Finds the number of permutations and combinations using factorial notation and combinations using Pascal’s Triangle. and Fahrenheit conversions. fractions and fraction terms. Learns English and metric units and Celsius Uses equations to solve word problems. symbols. Converts from binary and octal number Solves one. squares. add. and shapes. and rotations on a coordinate plane. monomials and polynomials. Expands his knowledge of business and consumer mathematics Math Builder: Use A. saving. properties of addition and concepts. Graphs points. See page 66 for more description and details. Learns to find perimeter. lines. Uses a protractor and compass decimals. Expands his knowledge of ratios and proportions. multiply. rounding and terms and operations. Is introduced to business and consumer Adds. and divides mathematics. Learns to compare. multiplies. Gains mastery of exponents. budgeting. the value of numbers that are not perfect Finds probability. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 27 .’s Math Builder to enhance your students’ ability to use math facts and master all the basic math skills. mathematical mathematical terms. and basic geometric estimating. and bank services. area. and shapes. basic geometric concepts. and divide positive and negative Learns to simplify radicals and estimate integers. symbols. systems to the decimal system. Uses the Pythagorean Theorem. subtracts. investing. and surface area. translations.

Algebraic addition. Students learn to operate with: Radicals. percents. full-motion video. positive and negative numbers. self-instructional. and . Algebra I and II. mastery-based education. High School Mathematics Algebra I Basic algebraic concepts are introduced in a carefully structured way so as to make the learning material understandable. and canceling algebraic equations. subtraction. resulting in longer attention spans and conceptual retention.E.C. Arithmetic and geometric sequences. The program effectively equips your student with necessary knowledge to excel in the real world. permutations. to help students understand the algebraic concepts as they learn through hands-on experience in the PACEs. The student works with: Monomial and polynomial expressions. and matrices. and colorful graphics enhance the learning process. hyperbolas. ratios. enabling the student to use his reasoning abilities. has developed exciting DVDs that reinforce the traditional strengths of individualized. Algebra II This advanced study in algebra includes: Parabolas. transposing. averages. and division.aceministries. and proportions. 28 www. The utilization of sound. interest. A. multiplication. This curriculum includes principles for logically solving. logarithms. quadratic equations. Prerequisite: Algebra I Algebra I Algebra II To help students gain mastery in Algebra I and II. The approach is practical. fractions. A complete set of twelve DVDs is available for each course. Factoring.

The student learns: Properties and theorems and how to use them for solving problems. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 29 . Prerequisite: Algebra I C2 A2 B2 A2 + B2 = C2 Trigonometry The Trigonometry course is a six-PACE. Reviews previously learned material. Prerequisites: Algebra I and II and Geometry PACEs and Score Keys reflect the use of a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. interactive-learning experience for the student. How many teens can logically come up with answers to the problems they face from day to day? This course: Develops the deductive reasoning powers of students. Instructs the student in the proper use of a graphing calculator. Through the use of a graphing calculator. Directs a student to solve equations both graphically and algebraically. Introduces new concepts. Establishes basic relationships among the trigonometric functions. Describes patterns in Creation using mathematics. This course: Extends the study of angles and triangles. the student is able to solve realistic problems about our universe.Geometry How were the ancient Greeks able to calculate the ­circumference of Earth over two thousand years ago? With geometry. A complete set of twelve DVDs is available to help students understand geometric concepts as they learn through hands-on experience in the PACEs. The student will come to view his calculator as a learning companion as he enjoys learning more mathematics. To reason logically and systematically.

writing. and spelling. and writing skills To ensure reading comprehension and subject mastery as the student advances To reinforce skills and concepts previously learned To build confidence and capability in the use of English both written and spoken To encourage development of research and observational skills To concentrate on vocabulary development and improvement To instruct in the value of dictionary usage To enhance the spiritual and intellectual development of the child To develop higher thinking skills Each grade level contains 12 . continually building on traditional grammar and usage concepts. Each unit integrates Biblical and character-building principles. he finds satisfaction and success in reading. n. On­going review and testing provide regular evaluation of the student’s progress in thinking. High school English includes American and British literature. and writing skills. Each level moves students step by step. The Accelerated Christian Education English curriculum develops optimum language skills through its balanced scope and sequence.aceministries. or British dominion. and most of the regions formerly under U. 30 www. Objectives To develop basic language. Level 1 The first-level English material reviews consonant and vowel sounds and introduces reading and writing of word families and sentences.. reading. reading. English Eng lish (ing´ lesh). the United States. the language of the people of England.S. As the child develops reading comprehension skills.

Level 3 This level concentrates on verbal skills. easy-to-understand sentence structure and visual acuteness explanations of academic complement writing skills and perception material. parts of speech. English curriculum recognizes each student’s need to develop his skill on an individual basis. The child expands his knowledge of poems and rhyming words. Alphabetical order Related. verbs. and simple punctuation. The curriculum develops visual discrimination and increases reading comprehension skills. confusing word pairs. Cursive writing is emphasized so that the student may achieve penmanship excellence. and rhyming words. Activities that visualize Activities that check Clear. The A. The material covers types of sentences.E. rather it is a skill to be developed.C. and creative writing is encouraged. The student studies nouns. He also studies word meanings and order. geared to the younger student Proper use of English as a language is not inborn in an individual. and other parts of speech along with more confusing word pairs. Level 4 This level covers three basic sentence types with an emphasis on usage and the writing process. The material touches on proper telephone manners and writing friendly and business letters.Level 2 Each student is introduced to punctuation and parts of speech. practical experience using the dictionary Primary guidelines that encourage and provide an opportunity for good handwriting Dotted examples for additional help and understanding 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 31 . compound words.

and heteronyms. Level 5 Level 5 includes exercises and review of capitalization. punctuation. Practice in all types of letter writing A Christian perspective of the study of English Sentence patterns cleverly illustrated Clear explanations of types of writing with practice and testing Character building reinforcement Student scoring for objective activities 32 www. antonyms. and paragraph structure and writing. There is special emphasis on sentence patterns. The student learns to express himself clearly and must apply principles of composition learned earlier. and sentence structure. Letter writing and dictionary work are also a part of this course. Level 6 The student continues studying grammar concepts and developing skills in sentence diagraming. clauses. and sentence elements. and kinds of sentences. agreement of subject and verb.aceministries. conjugation. outlining. letter writing. The eight parts of speech are covered more extensively as well as synonyms. The student learns sentence diagraming. homonyms. The material reviews .

which include topic sentences.Level 7 Students continue to work at identifying. reviewing. and the emphatic mood. Noun and pronoun study becomes more intense. outlining. and diagraming simple. They review principal parts of regular and irregular verbs. compound. and complex sentence patterns. participles. and proofreading. adjectives. Step-by-step instructions for student comprehension Practice in diagraming for visual reinforcement Creative writing opportunities with specific. prepositional phrases. He learns to recognize sentence fragments and run- on sentences and is guided in writing several short biographical sketches. and sentence patterns. and paragraph development. Verb study involves perfect tenses as well as conjugation of all six tenses. adverbs. There is opportunity to develop writing and communication skills through use of sentence variety. the progressive form. composition writing. paragraph writing. as well as verb tenses. troublesome verbs. conjugations. Infinitives. Progressive verb forms. The student continues to develop writing skills. and gerunds are introduced. Diagraming concentrates on pronouns. and transitive and intransitive verbs are studied as well. Action and linking verbs are reviewed. Level 8 Sentence patterns and parts continue to be emphasized. outlining. guided instruction and art to aid imagination Specific instructions to supervisors for scoring subjective activities 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 33 .

but students especially enjoy and are challenged by the study of various types of newspaper articles and techniques for writing them. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.aceministries. and the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature. including verbals. and the research paper Drill in the eight parts of speech 34 www. Writing skills are again emphasized as students are encouraged to think analytically and to write with clarity. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. From there. The Swiss Family Robinson and Twice .) The course also includes poetic forms and poetry appreciation. reference books. students move on to biography and autobiography. This course begins with an intensive study of the four kinds of paragraphs and practice in writing each. Also included is practical application of library skills—how to locate and use the fiction section.) English II Give your students experience in several areas of writing. essay writing. step-by-step practice in research. with a detailed reading and study of God’s Tribesman and The Hiding Place providing examples. They will also be challenged by the comprehensive review of grammar— including emphasis on basic sentence patterns and the eight parts of speech— review and practice of punctuation and capitalization along with verb conjugations. This level includes an in-depth study of two literature books. and special emphasis is placed on correct sentence structure and noun and verb functions. Grammar is again an integral part of this course. High School English English I In this course your students will enjoy learning about the history of the English language. Clear explanations of academic material along with examples and related activities Guided.

Appropriate writing activities provide challenging experiences in various writing genres. Included are Christian writers whose works are not found in most other American literature courses. English III American Literature How has America’s history affected its literature? Students find out as they follow the chronological presentation of American literature in this course. sentence structure. Students learn how to evaluate a writer’s style and technique and find reading of classical works enriching and enlightening. Most unique is that the text for grammar exercises provides the Biblical perspective of life principles. and proper usage. Students learn how to evaluate an author’s philosophy and style. sketches. English IV English Literature Do your students know what constitutes good literature? They will learn as they complete our 12th level English course. Writing skills are covered along with basics of speech preparation and presentation. contrasts. and evaluations.) Each unit incorporates a review of grammar. Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. Along with reading comes opportunity for self-expression as students write summaries. comparisons. (Required Resources: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Silas Marner.) Presentation of historical events and art from a literary period to add relevance and interest Opportunities for creative writing and practice in all writing skills Help in getting started and checklists to aid the student in his proofreading skills 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 35 . Emphasis and detailed instruction are given in essay writing. Research paper preparation is explained and visualized as a step-by-step process. All twelve PACEs provide examples and analysis of the best literature from various writers and literary periods of British literature. Grammar is an integral part of the course with thorough review of parts of speech. Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. (Required reading: In His Steps.

These inserts are completed in conjunction with each English PACE. Scripture is always the basis for the wisdom principles. in a variety of ways. 36 www. Activities help the student Teens see wisdom principles draw out wisdom principles illustrated in a real-life. The English curriculum’s emphasis The wisdom inserts address issues such as love. Wisdom Inserts All English I-IV PACEs (high school) feature special wisdom inserts. presented in a nonthreatening format that appeals to teens and is specifically designed to present a pattern for Godly wisdom. maturity. This emphasis on wisdom More than one format adds to the variety and .aceministries. and motivational gifts. The student is encouraged to use the inserts to build a life notebook. and the material is integrated into each Self Test and final Test. The material is develop character-building principles. seeks to help the student further develop Godly character and Biblical life principles. or they may be used by the supervisor to form the basis for weekly devotional sessions. thought-provoking format. decision on wisdom seeks to help the student making.

Gold Embo ssed Seal MODEL STATUS BENEFITS: ® • A.E.E. Status Certificate with Model Status Seal for display • Official letter of congratulations for achieving status • Press release for local promotion • Enrollment referral recommendations on inquiries 2007-2008 Model20 Se07 al-2008 Mode l Seal • Qualification for the Dual Enrollment Program • An EXTRA 5% DISCOUNT on the purchase of A.C.C.C.E. please contact your local Ministry Representative. Status Certificate with Quality Status Seal for display • Official letter of congratulations for achieving status • Press release for local promotion • Enrollment referral recommendations on inquiries • Qualification for the Dual Enrollment Program al uality Se -2013 Q 12al y Se 013 Q ualit20 2012-2 To receive a FREE copy of the Model and Quality Status Benefits and Requirements. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 37 . curriculum items Seal bossed Gold Em QUALITY STATUS BENEFITS: • A.

These PACEs provide the foundational phonetic skills needed for reading and writing mastery. n. Level 1 This course provides activities that accompany the ABCs with Ace and Christi .. (See also pages 16-17. a study of written or printed linguistic forms that symbolize speech and communicate meaning.) Most children are reading the Bible after completing this program.aceministries. Instructions Activities to stories to be read along with visual. and writing mastery. phonetically marked Activities to combine auditory. Appealing. Each student should be able to read even unfamiliar words and material when he has completed this program. Students will learn 35 letter sounds and 11 additional blends and diphthongs that are basic to all reading. spelling. and tactile skills as a phonetically marked increase auditory activities to test comprehension prerequisite to reading to aid in reading discrimination and visual perception Practice writing all the letters of the alphabet in proper manuscript form Supervised testing of sound discrimination skills Character Supervisor illustrated in an scoring appealing format required that helps young for control students with and social skills mastery Practice in sound distinction and recognition along with manuscript Exercises to develop writing manuscript writing skills 38 www. Word Building (wörd bild´ ing). Word Building These PACEs provide the foundational phonetic skills needed for reading.

es e n th fo r ar ds Le ar re w .C.’s Word Builder.indd 4c. Windows® 98. Pudge Meekway le ? nd ab de pe Review and yo u A re reinforcement are required when needed. defined. Windows® 2000. he . a lovely garden in a seed. illustration. X type. meanings. Windows® XP. suffixes. Each level presents appropriate spelling rules and their exceptions by both statement and drill. Word Building Self Tests and final Tests on CD-ROM (Levels 2-9) use digitized speech technology to present the oral portion of the vocabulary test. The series is designed for use on a Windows® operating system. Students are encouraged to complete the Review PACE before proceeding into Level 2.” William Arthur Ward Practice incorporates tactile skills and manuscript writing practice. core Res AM AM 11:277 44 11:2 Objective activities 4/5/1 4/5/1 rect Cor takes. mis /13 1:0 1 PM Spelling words are given in bold Definitions are allow for student 7/3 . Earlier levels expand the student’s grasp of phonetic sounds and combinations. and Windows® Vista.E. To t try th e � t no e ie I m us al on y th ey i Fo r lie . is page also tested. el lin gr ap rs sp a di le tte lle d Tw o e ca so un d ar spelling test. Word Building Levels 2–8 Word Building increases the child’s vocabulary base and reinforces his confidence and capability in spelling. and a giant oak in an acorn. Sound is generated through the computer speaker and optional sound card support is included. and functions of words. e th Scor scoring. Spelling words are used in interesting and varied settings. Word Building Level 9–Etymology This course leads students to an understanding of word origins.ind 34_ Word Builder: b10 4_w 143 To give your students additional help and drill in word usage. Information. w ise 0 s is so ul 11 :3 ng . See page 66 for more details and description. application. Each CD-ROM contains one full academic level of tests. Practice exercises show the student how to avoid wordiness and how to be precise in the choice and use of words. Basic spelling rules are introduced and illustrated for the younger child. . emphasizing the relationships between words and spelling patterns. pronunciation. and root words so that they can build new words and w in th at . and spelling. Older students learn the meanings of ne th prefixes. 1413 1413 wb1 013_ wb1013_ dd 66 4c. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 39 . then illustrated.” “. The Word Building Tests on CD are compatible with Windows® 95. This course begins with simple words and progresses through complex words. use A. . There is an emphasis on learning the and pronounced phonetically. 12 d 4C. He av en in PACE includes a e sin gl g a h. er bs Th in k on th is w ise sa yi Pr ov expand their vocabulary. lin gs bu y sp el so un d. It also demonstrates the value in knowing those origins. “Faith sees a beautiful blossom in a bulb. and drill far exceed rote memorization.

Instead of drudgery. Children’s Missionary Library. writing story titles. setting. Level 2 In this level students are encouraged to visualize. identifying rhyme in poetry. Level 4 Level 4 provides opportunities for students to use their imaginations. Level 3 Students in this level gain more practice in critical thinking. Christi. Creative answers are encouraged throughout the course and should be evaluated subjectively. Saved at Sea. use their imaginations. and give creative responses to questions following one-page stories. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page . Animated cartoon characters—Ace.) Speed reading and handwriting skills are emphasized and practiced. and to practice cursive handwriting. Character. and writing blossoms into a comfortable skill. Special activities require choosing the best endings for stories. to learn dictionary skills. and learning about the kinds of books and the parts of books. Charlotte’s Web. Ace and Christi Series—The Red Rag Riddle. The six required resources are The Little Green Frog. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. and Choice Stories for Children. you will welcome the Accelerated Christian Education Literature and Creative Writing course. Students learn to put critical thinking skills into action as they draw conclusions and examine ideas attributed to heroes and heroines in the required reading assignments. reading suddenly becomes a true learning experience. and their friends—lead students through foundational concepts of writing. each PACE provides practice in handwriting and speed reading. To round out Level 2. and plot are emphasized as the student reads specific chapters in the two required resource books—Summer Fun with Ace and Christi and Christians Courageous. Literature and Creative Writing If you want your students to find reading a pleasurable experience and writing a natural and enjoyable outlet.) 40 www.aceministries.

Star of Light. characters. description. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. analogies. students will learn and practice many new and useful writing skills. observing carefully. In both the PACE and Score Key.) Basic Literature Basic Literature Study Guides are completed in conjunction with odd-numbered English PACEs in Levels 7 and 8. comparison and contrast. and considering facts to find conclusions. Little Pilgrim’s Progress. Ace and Christi Series—Miracle at Camp Friendship.) In conjunction with their reading. Grandpa’s Christmas Gift. Level 7 Level 8 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 41 . (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.Level 5 Students learn more about setting.) Level 6 As students complete Level 6. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. Anagrams. use these different formats in their writing of essays. fact and opinion. and Treasures of the Snow. These study guides contain questions as well as tests and composition assignments for each literature book per level. they will be guided to use various literary devices and write original paragraphs of summary. Biographies and autobiographies along with the writing of news stories are also part of this course. Students practice reading. plot. North to Amaroqvik. then. They will also see how such paragraphs develop into larger literary works and. and exposition. Christians with Courage. Required resources—Choice Stories for Children. persuasion. Opportunities to paint word pictures with similes and metaphors are provided. From literary illustrations. dictionary work will reflect the use of the Thorndike Barnhart Intermediate Dictionary (1993). Alexi’s Secret Mission. A Dog of Flanders. cause and effect. and alliteration are also explored. they will read The Fugitive King. and order in short stories. For a list of literature books used in each level. refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. and narration. Heidi.

and frogs. n. Patrick McKay of Maryland was awarded a certificate of outstanding achievement for Level 1 ability and creativity in an This level of Animal Science is a welcome companion to the Atmospheric Science Exhibit ABCs with Ace and Christi program. dogs. spiders. snakes. rodents. and visual discrimination. cattle. He learns of the animals’ habitats. Included are the unusual and interesting Science Award characteristics or habits peculiar to certain members of the species. in PACE form. He learns about the human body as well as concepts of health care and hygiene. 42 www. Level 1 This course material builds reading skills as it presents the young student with the facts of Creation as presented in the Bible. tested design in Creation truths. unusual birds. animals. the younger student meets the members of an exciting animal family each time he opens the cover of a new PACE.. hand-eye coordination. included are a variety of activities to develop fine motor skills.E.C. ranges. He learns this in the context of how these individuals and that He has a plan principles apply to God’s physical Creation and to everyday life. poultry. each concentrating on a specific animal. All the science texts are nonevolutionary in approach. The for each individual life curriculum takes the student’s natural curiosity about his physical To present men of science who view environment and helps him build a solid foundation upon Biblical Creation from God’s point of view principles. Animal Science What child doesn’t love animals? In the Animal Science course. It incorporates. and physics. toads. Each is presented in interesting story form and. science curriculum. The students learn about sheep. presented in an orderly fashion. Also Meteorological Society. biology. . chemistry. Science includes the study of plants. where appropriate. Scripture reference to these animals is highlighted. sponsored by the American the animal stories used to illustrate all the alphabet sounds. horses. Objectives Science To make the study of science practical in everyday life To show that God had a purpose and Science (si´ ans). physical Student Wins characteristics. the To show each student that God student learns basic concepts and principles that are expanded is personally concerned with throughout all levels. In the A. and special features. Level 2 This level consists of twelve PACEs. physical science. cats.aceministries. To present science from a Biblical A major area in education where the humanist influence is perspective especially seen is science. Knowledge based on observed facts.

jungles and hot lands. He will see the effects of solar bodies on the earth. volcanoes and earthquakes incite the natural curiosity of children—all this and much more makes this an exciting learning experience. It also demonstrates how various plants and animals function in today’s world. tundra and cold lands. experience for the child building appropriate activities to test understanding Activities that challenge student thinking and reinforce learning 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 43 .Level 2 This level sets forth the days of Creation and what was created on each day. Miniature characters that Learning about animals in a Character illustrated identify the speaker to the storybook format and from a through animal habits very young student Biblical perspective Fun activities that relate Appropriate and New vocabulary words with Practical. Geologic changes after the Flood. Level 3 An explanation of God’s world from a Biblical perspective finds the child becoming familiar with the life cycles of animals and plants. hands-on to animals and are skill colorful art pronunciations and definitions. It reveals God’s original instructions to man and the consequences of man’s violation of those instructions.

Level 4
The student is brought into an understanding of matter and the laws
of nature. Microbiology and early researchers with their equipment are
studied. The child learns about simple standards by which scientific
observations are made—measurements, time, length, weight, and
temperature in both metric and English systems.
Botany, zoology, meteorology, chemistry, geology—fascinating
subject matter that intrigues the fertile mind of students at this level—
are introduced.

Level 5
Basic earth science principles captivate the student’s interest in:
Molecular and atomic theories. Expansion and contraction. The attributes essential to life are
seen in relationship to the Word of
Friction, heat, and gravity.
God and Biblical Creation.
There is a study of:
Geology. Aviation and Zoology. Sound.
Chemistry. aerodynamics. Meteorology. Botany.

Character building encouraged Simple experiments that Parent involvement in Review presented in a fun
through experience—writing and coincide with the text the learning process format that appeals to
Visualized vocabulary drawing young children
to increase reading level
and comprehension Character building illustrated
in story and picture


Level 6
More details and in-depth studies of subject matter previously presented includes chemistry,
light and electricity, and magnets and magnetism.
Students also study the central nervous system, skeletal and muscular systems, internal
organs, and the germ theory of disease.

Level 7
These life science PACEs introduce and prepare students for more advanced biology. The
student learns about the habitats and characteristics of plants and animals along with ecology
and God’s balance in nature.
The interrelationships between organisms are discussed. The attributes essential to life are
seen in relationship to the Bible and Biblical Creation.

Level 8
These earth science PACEs introduce specific areas of study such as astronomy, volcanology,
topography, oceanography, meteorology, and mineralogy with proofs of the Creation. Students
learn about the perfection of God’s design for the universe. Weather science is a fascinating study
as a part of this curriculum.

PACE outline with Special facts relating Appropriate illustrations to
helpful illustrations and to science for added explain the text and provide
meaningful overview interest visual reinforcement
Clear and informative New vocabulary with parts of speech, A variety of types of
illustrations that pronunciations, and definitions. Appropriate activities including
complement the text activities to test understanding those requiring
deductive reasoning

877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 45

High School
Biology PACEs
When God created our earth, He filled it with a vast array of living
creatures. This course explores the wonders of that living Creation.
Included are studies of birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles,
sponges, coelenterates, mollusks, echinoderms, worms, arthropods,
plants, and microorganisms. A study of the human body includes the
integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, By uniting video reinforcement
digestive, and endocrine systems. Genetics and embryology are with individualized instruction
incorporated into the study of the human reproductive system. and a values-oriented, theistic
curriculum, A.C.E. offers one of
the most powerful and efficient

Biology DVDs
educational programs on the
market today.
Now students can receive the benefit of additional instruction with
the experts and the world of biology coming to them.
Would you like your students to visit the Great Barrier Reef off the
coast of Australia when they are studying coral reefs?
How about taking your students to the forested mountains of North
America when they study grizzly bears?
They can even enter the teeming world of microbiology with biology
The twelve units (contained on 24 DVDs) feature:
Full-motion video with colorful graphics.
Lab experiments with the student more than an observer.
Required written reports documenting their understanding
of the experiments.
These DVDs are learning tools that help students understand the
concepts as they learn through hands-on experience in the PACEs.

Give your students quick, easy access
to all the lab experiments by using the
Biology Labs on DVD.


Biochemistry. Profit from all the resources of a laboratory right at their fingertips. nonmetals. All units view the material from a Biblical perspective and provide necessary helps. and a college-bound student will have a good foundation for more rigorous chemistry and physics courses. Prerequisite: Algebra I Physical Science DVDs bring the world of science to the Learning Center through Physical Science DVDs The Physical Science Labs on DVD contain the Physical Science lab live footage. charts. Balancing of chemical equations. The character. the student will have a better understanding of science. Acids and bases. Quantitative and qualitative analysis. diagrams. and Molecular bonding. successful experiments on video. Chemical reactions. make learning fun.E. The first PACE has a pop-out section that includes a Periodic Table of the Elements and Rules for Solving Problems. Chemistry PACEs Students are given a solid introduction to the science of chemistry. experiments in one handy package. experiments. Hear scientific terms pronounced correctly. applies Scriptural principles and demonstrates character development. Chemical equilibrium. which will enhance the learning process. Properties of metals. Nuclear chemistry. Prerequisites: Physical Science and Algebra I 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 47 . ideas understandable and Each of the twelve units (contained on 24 DVDs) features several lessons. Thermodynamics. This course covers: Organic and inorganic chemistry. in the process of solving his problem. In addition to the regular PACE course. Each PACE contains a short story interspersed between sections of the text. students can receive video These DVDs make complex instruction. Students will: Benefit from seeing interesting.C. metalloids. Gas laws. These DVDs are learning tools that help students understand the concepts as they learn through hands-on experience in the PACEs. Periodic Table of the Elements. Electrochemistry. After finishing the course. and narration. Each story deals with a particular problem faced by many of today’s teens.Physical Science PACEs Science does not have to be mind-boggling! The A. physical science course presents in clear and understandable language an introduction to chemistry and physics.

interesting. Measure physical quantities. Momentum and energy. Light and electricity. E= Apply defined terms based on observations. Magnetism and electrical circuits. Prerequisites: Algebra I and Physical Science Physics DVDs Enhance the PACE course with exciting physics DVDs! Each PACE has 2 c two corresponding DVDs that provide your students with opportunities to: m Observe physics phenomena. Evaluate career implications of chemistry and nuclear principles. These twenty-four DVDs are learning tools that help students understand the concepts as they learn through hands-on experience in the PACEs. Full of illustrations and . Describe chemical processes. Force and motion. Give your students the opportunity to observe intricate physics experiments while learning about God’s Creation. Electrochemistry. Radiation and nuclear energy.aceministries. Classify physical interactions according to similarities. it covers: Measurements and mathematics. You don’t have to be the “sage on the stage. Heat and kinetic theory. Wave motion and sound. Apply defined terms based on observations. and understandable in this the Learning Center completely self-contained course. Explore factors governing the rate of a chemical change.” Your students will: Observe chemical reactions in actual laboratory experiments. Gas laws. States of matter. Chemistry DVDs The engaging chemistry videos make chemistry an adventure by bringing technology to your students individually. Physics PACEs Provide the benefits of a live chemistry laboratory experience without leaving The basics of physics are practical. 48 www.” you can be the “guide on the side. Optics and optical instruments. These twenty-four DVDs are learning tools that help students understand the concepts as they learn through hands-on experience in the PACEs. Relate physics principles to practical applications.

specific PACEs in Levels 2-7 have been nationalized so that the students can appreciate the heritage and history of their own country. To present This positive approach to history encourages your students to love and respect government as their country. The student explores the concepts of conservatism. Creator. and the discovery of America. To reinforce Level 3 character concepts vital to the student’s This level covers communication. and governmental responsibility from God’s point of view. and institutions in relationship to other people. economics. n. This material stresses a citizen’s Biblical responsibility. Beginning in the portraits of this Garden of Eden.. importance of good Our social studies looks at world history and cultures from the perspective that citizenship God is the Designer. to study social To give the child studies is to study responses of people to the truth of the Word of God.Social Studies So cial Stud ies (so´cial stud´ies). personal heroines—examples responsibility. agriculture. customs. and Controller of the universe. the right impressions Level 1 To present the world as ruled and ordered Level 1 builds reading skills while introducing young students to the basic by God enabling the principles of life. Students are challenged and motivated to do what is right. Social studies To emphasize the includes history. free enterprise. to share. development geography. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 49 . The to be admired and to curriculum gives many illustrations of individuals who have practiced the precepts of help children form God through the ages. communities. The heroes and heroines to whom they are introduced provide role a God-ordained models representing ideals and aspirations for which students can strive. man’s failure to abide by the principles of God is traced throughout country’s heroes and history. Level 2 and cultures as part of the global At this level the material builds visual discrimination and vocabulary. people. This level requires as His-story reading character-building stories and answering questions. To focus on other countries. conservation. Where appropriate. geography. their Objectives activities. It tells historical narrative about our nation and some of the great political and Godly leaders of the past. Florida State History is available for Level 4. They also student to see history learn to be kind. Science of the study of people. along with colonization and slavery. They learn to use maps and globes for understanding world geography and cultures. and government. and to be obedient to rules and laws. As a result. institution To introduce the Level 4 student to America’s great heritage Students do required reading and write their answers to questions in cursive.

as well as the educational requirements expected. and to stay with the program? Reformation leaders. This course focuses on encouraging students techniques for to find God’s will for their lives. Level 5 An educator with 26 years’ This level focuses on American history in a decidedly Biblical experience in education (from approach and sets forth relationships of social and economic preschool through the Ph.D. A. for 3. presented and illustrated introduced in and fun Scripture.E. in business. Level 7 Any student who truly This Career course provides an excellent overview of major desires an education can career and ministry opportunities. early Church. 1. Why have I chosen The course includes an introduction to the Bible. The material includes systems of government. and be Godly instruction.aceministries. Students will learn the gifts and move at his own speed. course. (The 4. wars. great level) wrote: We have used the leaders. follow His leading.) New vocabulary Map activities simplified Activities that make Character building included in Basic Biblical concepts highlighted and for the younger student learning challenging goals and illustrated in poetry.C. system successfully for fifteen years. development. and current events affecting our world. Texas and Florida schools order from Accelerated Christian Education. sound chart to ensure correct Controlled scoring reading skills structured to test understanding pronunciation of new vocabulary and learning 50 www. Other states should visit www. in state and Christian Level 6 colleges. It is individual-oriented. It is a system geared to second half of this level allows for the appropriate state history total life . 2. and on Students study history from Adam through the Great /downloads for the State History Research Project. It uses multiple each lifework goal. and character strips contextual setting Scripture memorization Text that is informative and practical—vocabulary A dictionary symbol and controlled to increase Activities with dotted example. Our graduates are in the military. skills needed. mission fields. It is Scripture-oriented. testimonies in their chosen profession or God-called ministry.

A Godly perspective and guidance A variety of comprehensive activities including Pronunciation and definition to career choice and success map activities and deductive reasoning of names and terms Outstanding art to introduce Timelines for a visual overview Goals that include the PACE Full-color graphs and charts many PACEs and draw the of related historic events outline. and activity questions that require an understanding of the concepts and interpretation. Historical facts are presented in a way that personally involves the student in the exciting events in American history. Level 8 What was it like to be a sailor on one of Columbus’ ships. and student into the academic content character-building objectives 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 51 . Understanding of the subject matter is enhanced with time lines. memory work. to be a slave during the War Between the States. maps. or to be the first man to step onto the surface of the moon? History seems to come alive with the “You are there” vignettes in this course. as well as memorization of facts.

investments. Economics Accelerated Christian Education has created a 1/2-credit Economics course that introduces students to the Biblical foundations for the study of economic systems. An exciting MAP MANIA. World Geography Can you find Djibouti on a world map? What is the climate like in Afghanistan? What are the primary geographical features of Australia? How have the continents of Europe and Asia changed since the fall of communism? The answers to these questions. production. double-page world political map. Beginning with discovery of the New World. the United Nations. the war in Iraq. the study includes the War for Independence. 52 www. Included are: Reading. The scope includes price theory. the Renaissance. the Jacksonian Era. and single-page climate and topographical maps. America’s foreign relations after World War II. Civics Do your students realize they have a responsibility toward their government? Do they know enough about their government to take part in its processes? This course will help prepare them by providing a study of the historical foundations of our government. Civics consists of six PACEs.aceministries. The view includes ancient civilizations. U. free enterprise. the age of revolution. drawing. With clear presentations of Biblical influences. and the missionary outreach. international trade. spiritual awakenings. and much more. the Middle Ages. Desert Storm. American History An appreciation for Biblical influence develops as the student views American history from the colonial period to the present. and government and the economy. can be found in this World Geography course. the Cold War. stewardship. Watergate. These courses build on the foundation established at lower levels. High School Social Studies Of paramount importance is the need for the impressionable minds and hearts of high school students to study materials that will inspire and challenge them to become responsible citizens. the importance of Biblical ideals and values in the marketplace are emphasized.S. and interpreting various kinds of maps and a continent-by-continent study of geography. U. political and economic conservatism is discussed. free . Civil Rights. colonialism.S. and Presidential elections. the two World Wars. World History World history from Creation to the present is viewed from a Biblical perspective. the War Between the States. banking. Throughout the course. space exploration. Vietnam.

he learns the books of the New Testament in order. Each grade level of this series contains 12 PACEs that concentrate on reading the Bible and comprehending many of its principles. The student continues studying the books of the Old Testament in sections: Law. Various character traits dealing with relationships with God and others are emphasized also. and personalizing Scripture. He continues answering questions about the Bible while learning more of its great character traits. Bible Reading Bible Reading reinforces reading skills and whets the child’s appetite for God’s Word. and unusual Bible characters. hand-eye coordination. History. In Level 4 the Books of Mark and Luke are read. and visual discrimination. In Level 3 the child becomes familiar with the Book of Matthew while learning the books of the Old Testament in order. meditating on. In addition. Ne w In Level 5 the student reads and answers questions from the Books of Genesis. Full-page illustrations Biblical truths in Character strips that that add interest and fun activities illustrate Scripture and stir curiosity demonstrate character Pronunciation of difficult words Beautiful illustrations Reading practice right from God’s Word—the words of Christ highlighted in blue Activities solely from Scripture context Primary guidelines to encourage proper Fun activities that spur handwriting thinking and demonstrate character 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 53 . Major Prophets. A variety of activities gives attention to development of the fine motor muscles. There is constant review of the Old Testament books and practice in recognizing them. interesting facts about places. Exodus. and Acts and from the first thirty-four chapters of the Book of Psalms. Poetry. In Level 1 a specific feature of the ABCs with Ace and Christi program is the character-building Bible stories. he reviews the books of the Bible and he learns Bible names. Bible Reading Level 1 PACEs feature vividly colored pictures to be used in conjunction with these Bible stories. As he reads he is also expected to answer questions about God’s Word. cultures. In this 12-PACE course. In Level 2 the student reads the Book of John. The student gains tips for memorizing. and Minor Prophets.

first unit available for Level 5. CHOOSE ART explores the elements of art: line. Each unit is designed around a Scriptural theme. SERIES I. VIDEO: The Value of Arts Education in the Classroom Course Titles Course Components BEGINNER SERIES Manual and Student Booklet Make Me a Rainbow (1st level) Lesson Curriculum Guide Miniature Student Booklet Pages SERIES I Answer Keys for Quizzes Flowers and Bulrushes (2nd level) Full-Color Student Work Samples Peaceful Pastels (3rd level) Easy-to-Follow. The booklets are available on CD. you can print full-color copies (the CD uses the popular PDF format requiring the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader). SERIES . and pattern. includes 32 lessons.aceministries. available for Levels 2-4. Spiritual principles and character development are built right in! A student booklet is required for each child in the class. color. spiritual objectives as well as artistic and academic objectives have been included and directly applied to the subject of art. includes 32 one-hour lessons. includes 32 one-hour lessons. available for Level 1. which includes a limited license allowing for the reproduction of the materials within the purchasing school. The CD also includes a manual. form. Elementary Electives CHOOSE ART A Biblical Art Curriculum for Levels 1-5! CHOOSE ART was developed by a supervisor experienced in the Accelerated Christian Education program with the needs of both large and small classrooms in mind. 54 www. BEGINNER SERIES. texture. When you purchase the CD. space. shape. Step-by-Step Instructions Butterfly Wings (4th level) Scriptural Theme Miniposters Reinforces Concepts SERIES II Builds Vocabulary Where Eagles Soar (5th level) Unit Quizzes CHOOSE ART Certificate CHOOSE ART is just what you’ve been waiting for—an art education curriculum for Christian boys and girls! And since it has been developed specifically for Christian students.

) Required: The School of Obedience by Andrew Murray The Hour That Changes the World by Dick Eastman Nervous Christians by L. Rice This Way to Happiness by Clyde M. and the plan of each book. he gains insights that will enhance his personal walk with the Saviour. realistic information that is motivational as well as inspirational. and resurrection. The video Wings of the Morning is recommended to be used in conjunction with PACE 6. the place. Intended for the upper-level high school student. the subject matter explains God’s plan for the formation and spread of the church and the extension of the Gospel. ministry.High School Electives Bible/Christian Growth Electives Christian Growth (1/2 credit) These PACEs introduce the student to books by leading Christian authors on aspects of living a triumphant Christian life. the student gains an appreciation of what has helped shape the course of mission work. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.) Required reading: Peril by Choice by James Hefley Peace Child by Don Richardson 4 5 3 6 Beyond the Next Mountain by Mawii Pudaite 2 Score Score Test Test Score Test e Test Scor 1 C. Books used with the PACEs provide examples and practical. and aspects of Christ’s life. the world as it was in Christ’s day. New Testament Survey (1 credit) This course is designed to introduce the student to the penman. In this course. the Jews and their characteristics and habits. Narramore Introduction to Missions (1/2 credit) Missionary biography and autobiography accounts have long been recognized as important keys to touch the heart and introduce people to worldwide missions. New Testament Church History (1 credit) A fascinating study tracing the roots of church history develops an appreciation of the role of the church from its earliest days. the purpose. As he studies the 6 background of the Gospels. this course will greatly 4 TOM dba SCHOO W® OF RO dba SCHOOL OOL OR TOM SCH L OF dba OO 5 SCH dba increase the student’s understanding of the Gospels. death. This course contains a special project the student must do before he can complete the Test. Epp Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye When a Christian Sins by John R. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 55 . the peculiarities. Studd by Norman Grubb Issued Score Issued Date Test Date Issued Date d Date Issue d Te ore Issue st Date Sc The Triumph of John and Betty Stam by Geraldine Taylor ed e Issu Dat Fourth Edition Fourth Edition Edition Edition Give Up Your Small Ambitions by Michael Griffiths Fourth ition Fourth th Ed Four n ditio E Name Name Flagellant on Horseback by Richard Ellsworth Day urth Name Name Fo Name e Nam Missions Missions 1 s Missions Mission s Life of Christ (1 credit) 2 n issio Elective Elective s Elective on Elective 3 tive 1 1 issi M Elec dba SCHOOL OF TOMORROW® TOMORROW® ROW® e ctiv OW® L OF TOMOR ® OW M OF TOMORR Ele ORR dba SCHOOL OF Written on the senior high school level. the problem. the period. T. Little and T. G. H.

Remem move the ______ _ course uses these skills in the following business applications: calculating payroll.0 ___ 19 00 = (22) ______ $6. = ___ int 1. this to the ry whole l point right of number two pla the las has an ces to t digit. liabilities and capital. ledger analysis. history. scope. Soulwinning Challenge your students to be soulwinners! Give them the necessary information and tools to be effective in reaching the lost for Christ! This training PACE instructs students in the Biblical mandate for winning souls. ___ (13) (5) ______ 0. journalizing. checking and savings accounts. quotien ______ t menta __ (3) lly. Wr 63. Visit www. mo 4 = 47 left. and how to make soulwinning part of their daily lives. participants will receive a certificate that states they have successfully qualified for this half credit. ber: Som decima Nita Fait placeh etimes l point hful olders it is nec three pla when essary ces to the dec to insert the left (2) imal po zer .3 ce to the 100. Stu dy the to the To div examp left as 4 the ide by les students utilize their practical knowledge of basic arithmetic to solve various 10. setting. All concepts are clearly presented in a self-instructional format. appropriate questions to ask to create a desire to hear the Gospel. 576 ÷ tood dec To div 100 = imal po ide by 57 6. and content of the Old Testament are examined in such a way that the student’s comprehension is increased. At the end of the Service Adventure.37 int is mo os as ÷ 1. and partnership and corporate accounting. how to approach the lost in a caring.000 (12) = ___ (20) ______ ______ $8. the course includes introduction to assets.000 = (8) ______ (16 ) ______ 795 ÷ ______ 576 ÷ ______ ___ 10 = ___ 100 = (9) ______ (17) ______ 35.61 ÷ 8. tax preparation. Fill in decima dba SCHOOL 472.3 ÷ ______ ___ allowing the student to achieve mastery of one concept before moving on to a 10 = 1.indd 1 Soulwin1working Business Electives Accounting (1 credit) 4 This course acquaints students with the nature.E. PM 3/19/2007 12:00:31 copy. Of special interest are Old Testament covenants and time periods.
 Name th Business Ma Divisio transa n by powers Business Math (1 credit) New ctions. (10) ______ ______ 45 ÷ ______ $87. discounts. inventory control. tactful way. the left (1) unders . balance sheet and income n Fourth Editio statement completion.56 ite the ÷ 10 answe = ___ r on the (4) ______ blank. Beginning with a review of arithmetic fundamentals.675 ______ ÷ 100 = ___ 1. insurance.C.000. Intended to provide a firm foundation upon which Issued Date to for more information about the ACEM Service Adventure. of ten When so it is occurs the div import ant tha freque The new Business Math is a 12-PACE high school elective designed to help Elective the dec isor is t you ntly in a powe number imal po int in r of ten do it as quickl busine ss of zer the .0 ___ 1. accounting for sales and purchases.57 ______ 1 ÷ 10 ___ 0= ______ ______ ___ 56 www. 00 = Find the .35 ÷ ______ $16 ÷ ______ ___ 10 = ___ 1. what Scripture passages to use when presenting the Gospel. Practical Missions (½ credit) High school students can take part in the Practical Missions elective course by participating in the A. 56 ÷ ______ 100 = and selling. taxes. Remem ve the .76 ______ $758 ______ ÷ 10 ___ ÷ 1. 46.3 l point To div 4 ÷ 10 one pla ide by = 472. The chronology. mo below ve the .6 ______ ÷ 10 0 ÷ 10 = = ___ (21) ______ ______ $15. Old Testament Survey (1 credit) A comprehensive course provides the high school student a book-by-book understanding of the Old Testament. purchasing.0 ved.25 ______ ______ ÷ 1.3 7 = 0.aceministries.0 ___ = ___ 00 = (18) ______ new one. many places moving ® you rea OF TOMORROW d. how to clearly present the plan of salvation.000 0 ÷ 10 = ___ 0= (11) ______ (19) ______ 2. nks as divisor. account management.79 ÷ ______ 100 = 100 = (6) ______ (14) ______ 7.000 = ___ (15) ______ (7) ______ $28 ÷ ______ 57. find y as po the bla os in the dividend as the quo tient by ssible.05 ÷ ______ 1.234 ber: Eve decima business activities.75 ___ ______ $35. pricing.aceministries. Ministries Service Adventure and completing the Organization training PACE (primarily used for staff training) in conjunction with the Soulwinning PACE. and Score Test techniques of accounting. vocabulary.

to shine international business. shapes. this six- PACE course can also be a tremendous tool for music instructors and church or school choir directors. Advanced Art (1 credit) This course of 12 PACEs provides advanced studies in art to increase high school students’ appreciation for art. Music (½ credit) If you don’t know the difference between a sharp and a flat. production. consumer studies. and the drawing of people and clothing.) 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 57 . observation and perspective. focal points. federal control. corporations to be overcomers instead and industries. advertising. variety and mood. color.aceministries. a tenor and a bass. and learn to recognize notes. an oboe and a clarinet. emphasizing symbols. Students gain a good understanding of the concepts of art in these 12 PACEs. flannel boards. of being overcome. landscapes. texture.” (An Australian educator) Beginning Art (1 credit) Beginning Art is to introduce junior high school students to the world of art and its techniques: the tools of art. Fine Arts Electives and to stand for right against wrong. and finance. The final PACE. perspective. key signatures.
 as lights instead of being dulled by the darkness. find notes on a keyboard. light and for the Computer Science Project.Computer Science Visit www. line variation and shading. shapes. head shapes. layouts. presents biographies of well-known composers and requires two CDs that include one or more selections by each composer. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.E. this course is for you! Designed for serious music students. and time signatures. “The A. or a symphony and an opera. program provides my children General Business (1 credit) with the opportunity for A study introducing upper-level high school students to the world of success instead of failure. the color wheel. Students are introduced to various kinds of instruments and learn how to read music. careers in business. Students are tested on their ability to recognize theme music from some of the selections. landscapes. lettering. labor. banking. and lettering. business includes markets. Developing an Appreciation for Music.

and inflection.C. A.aceministries.” The study is who presented a wide variety of designed to give students an awareness of the humanistic aspects of academic. starting with the environment. and techniques for marking a script. Speech Illustrated offers sample presentations of hands-on experience in platform performance. articulation.) 58 www. Speech (1/2 credit) The basics of effective speaking are covered in this course with such fundamentals as stage presence. The achievement of vocal purity. and the best choice of vocabulary—all this is a part of this PACE course. over thirteen thousand students applied for Government Electives the sixteen hundred places in the freshman class. variety in pitch. correct posture. they learn memorization skills.” of the Constitution. how to convert nervous tension into positive energy.) A.E. If a picture is worth a thousand words. pronunciation. then this DVD will save you a lot of words. Students are instructed in how to deal with stage fright. To create Collectivism (1/2 credit) the best possible educational This course traces the history of collectivism. West Point.) letters of acceptance from three nationally known colleges. that you can make an important the organization and administration of the legislative. executive. Famous Speeches and Annapolis A collection of famous speeches by great preachers and statesmen. A valuable resource for tests and demonstrated such your speech course. rehearsal tips. Students learn how to apply what they have learned in the PACEs through the presentation of speeches. The Harvard Dean of Admissions wrote: “This year. Graduate Accepted at Harvard. and “ism” ideologies from a Biblical point of view. self-evaluation skills. The Federalist Papers is required for this course. Alaska) of the Constitution. the Admissions revolt of Satan and the subsequent Fall of Man. personal strengths. effective . scored so well on also given are selected portions from the Bible. Viewing this DVD will convince you and your students that THEY can do it too. extracurricular.C. It concludes with Committee chose individuals a detailed look at the major twentieth-century “isms. Included is training in facial expressions. recommends the Speech Illustrated DVD as a supplemental resource for this course. Scott M.M. and eye contact. diaphragmatic breathing. and the meaning and application of the remainder (S.— Secretary. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page high aptitude that he received 72. and how to relax and express emotion and enthusiasm. Your success in the competition demonstrates The Constitution (1/2 credit if completed with Collectivism) the clear belief of the Committee A detailed study on the origins and foundations of the Constitution.E. and contribution to the Harvard and judicial branches of government as outlined in the first three articles Radcliffe community. So that individuals can approach an audience with confidence. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.

2 Score Keys.Health Elective Health (1/2 credit) “The A.) 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 59 . CPR (cardiopulmonary to study. its functions and limitations.C. in this course. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.” High school students are introduced to the French language with (A school principal in Texas) special emphasis on developing good reading skills.E. nutrition and the well. You will appreciate the special features included in this unique instructional design that provides academic excellence with Biblical emphasis and wisdom principles. Videos may be available at lifestyle.C. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. DVDs are required. rewarded by their learning. and they have been resuscitation). heart disease. students should have an understanding of the accidence (inflection of words) of the French language and will have had several opportunities to utilize the lessons learned through practice reading and recorded lectures. The course consists of 12 Self-Pacs. This program meets a great need in our day—the need Language Electives of training for leadership and giving students an opportunity for the kind of education that helps them honor God and be French (1 credit) productive citizens. Upon completion. health hazards. malnutrition. exercise and physical fitness. Material includes basic information about the human We have observed the change body. We have observed them your local library or bookstore. 12 Activity Pacs. cancer. and the Activity Pacs provide the drill and learning activities. and AIDS. first aid and safety. The course consists of 24 instructional DVDs. 1 Test DVD. and an audio DVD.) Spanish I (1 credit) The exciting Spanish I course is a hallmark of the DVD-Activity Pac format. Your high school students will enjoy learning conversational Spanish and Spanish grammar with this Spanish I course. program has Health issues of vital concern to the well-being of the body are covered been a good experience for us. and 4 Score Keys. in students who learn how balanced diet. The DVDs present the instructional content. They have developed character A. recommends obtaining an up-to-date CPR video showing the and are disciplined in their proper procedures for administering CPR. becoming caring and attentive to others.E.

60 .aceministries.

(Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. Ironside by E. and the pastor as counselor are some of the subjects covered in this course of study.E. Pierson The Life of D.C. L. Jr. and data gathering are informative subjects for the new counselor. From the Forest I Came by David Lazell He Gave Us a Valley by Helen Roseveare Ordained of the Lord: H. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 61 . envy. Hefley David Livingstone by Mrs. Not recommended for use by high school students.) Resource books: Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams The Christian Counselor’s Manual by Jay Adams A. and have a successful school with customs of the Old Testament from these studies. H. Moody by William Moody R. standards.) Students study these books: Profiles in Evangelism by Fred Barlow How Great Christians Met Christ by James C. A.) (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.E. Getting started in counseling. J. sexual problems. and fear. schizophrenia.A. the love of counseling. and the charge of counseling are detailed. There are insights for dealing with anger. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Dr. depression. Torrey: Apostle of Certainty by Roger Martin Gipsy Smith. Helpful background high academic and spiritual information greatly aids in the student’s ability to interpret the Scriptures. The language of counseling. and Mrs. Introduction to Christian Counseling (3 credits) The place of counseling. and their significance for us today is examined. (College students only. Worcester. basic approaches. The principles guiding their lives are outlined.” (A pastor from Oregon) Christian Education Division Biographies of Christians (3 credits) This course presents the biographies of Christians whose exemplary lives have earned them the privilege to be studied.C. Schuyler English ◆ Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot ◆ Not available from A. the Holy Spirit in counseling. Howard Taylor George Washington the Christian by William Johnson George Müller of Bristol by Arthur T. The role of Christian school staff as counselors is discussed. history. does not offer a college credit program for these courses.College Curriculum Bible Division “You have been the trailblazers and have paved the Old Testament Survey (3 credits) way for churches like ours to The student derives a good understanding of the content.

) (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. narrative. Vocabulary. ending with an application of all grammar learned by translating I John.) Resource books: Greek New Testament (Textus Receptus) Greek Handbook Greek II (5 credits) An intermediate course of New Testament Greek specializing in translation drills. English Composition II (3 credits) This course is designed to aid the student in developing his writing skills.aceministries. spelling. (May be waived by a student who has previous college credit or who has shown proficiency in Basic Greek. descriptive. punctuation. parts of speech. paragraph development. and . and many other features that are essential to good writing are discussed and practiced. and accidence are the major studies. Language Division Greek I (5 credits) An introductory course in the Greek of the New Testament designed to enable the student to read from the Greek New Testament. 62 www. and expository writing. The techniques of effective writing such as introductions. and the actual construction of sentences.) Resource books: Greek New Testament (Textus Receptus) Greek Handbook English Division English Composition I (3 credits) A study of the fundamentals of English composition: grammar. Prerequisite: Greek I. grammar. mechanics. grammar. comparison and contrast. and syntax reviews. paragraphs. (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72.

C. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 63 . without admixture from any other curriculum. functions. system for Biblical viewpoint. We have never had a student turned down for entrance to any college. are traced.E.) College Mathematics II (Precalculus) (3 credits) This course readies the student for college-level calculus.E. combination functions. and mathematical systems.” Social Science Division (A pastor from Georgia) History of Civilization I (3 credits) The origin and development of Western man and his institutions. coordinates. inverse functions. We have had students accepted in eight colleges. We have used A. Natural Science Division Introduction to Physical Science (3 credits) “I have been with A course introducing the student to various areas of science using a the A. eleven years. from the ancient Fertile Crescent to the Reformation.C. History of Civilization II (3 credits) This course traces the development of Western man and his institutions from the Reformation. Resource book: Man’s Mathematical Models by Bill Williams and Gwen Crotts (Refer to Resource Materials beginning on page 72. logic. and the function laws.Mathematics Division College Mathematics I (3 credits) This introduction to various mathematical concepts covers such topics as sets. The material covers the scope of trigonometry— the functions.

: Le Programme des ABC avec Sage et Christa The two-volume ABCs Manual offers a day-by-day instruction program designed to assist the supervisor in every step of the heavy task of instructing children how to read in French. In less than five months. they will be able to see improvement in the students’ reading skills.aceministries.C. The social studies courses are designed for children who have already completed the ABCs program in French.E. call 1-800-925-7777. The Word Building PACEs assist the supervisor in being sure the children are learning and building their skills in both reading and writing. The manuals are accompanied by companion items in the ABCs package. These PACEs are ideal for Learning Center use in the daytime and for parents to review and practice with their children in the evening. 64 www. The program has been tested with success in different countries and is producing tremendous results. children will have the tools to begin to read and write. Twelve PACEs each in Bible Reading and Animal Science present all the Bible stories and the animal stories used in the ABCs Manual with activities to reinforce understanding and memorization . With minimal but conscientious supervision. French Curriculum Pouvez-vous croire ceci? Maintenant fourni par A. Les ABC avec Sage et Christa Leçons Avancées Zoologie 1001 and upu Sciences 1001 and upu Construction de Vocabulaire 1001 and upu Lecture Biblique 1001-1012 Français 1001 and upu Études Sociales 1001 and upu Mathématiques 1001 and upu uFor a complete listing of all French material and information on implementing an English/French bilingual program.

C.Spanish Curriculum Programa de Estudios en Español Programa de las ABCes de A.E. call 1-800-925-7777. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 65 . Español 1001-1012 Español y Ortografía 1013-1072 Construcción de Palabras 1001-1024 Letra Cursiva 1025-1036 Matemáticas 1001-1072 Ciencias Naturales 1001-1072 Estudios Sociales 1001-1072 Exámenes Diagnósticos Materiales de Capacitación For a complete listing of all Spanish material and more information on implementing an English/Spanish bilingual program. Ahora tú puedes tener un programa de educación completo en español.

This “electronic flashcard” features addition.aceministries. The touch-typing program comprises six sections. division. and functionality of each program within the suite Computerized Reading Program for All Levels With Readmaster. Readmaster Plus includes four powerful educational programs. students in all levels can improve their reading rate and comprehension.E. fractions. appearance. and money. decimals. Vocabulary Software Levels 2–8 Word Builder is designed to improve a student's vocabulary skills. Computerized Mathematic Flashcard Program Math Builder is designed to provide drill and practice in basic math concepts. each containing twelve complete tutorial lessons. Computer Products ® Readmaster Plus Includes Readmaster. time. subtraction. Typemaster. multipli­cation. Minimum instruction time is necessary. Math Builder and Word Builder Readmaster Plus is an educational software suite that will enhance your students’ educational experiences while challenging and encouraging their learning. .’s computerized reading program. The student evaluates proper spellings and meanings and learns to avoid common misspellings. 66 56 www. Suite includes: Four Distinct Software Programs! Reward students with special activities Print a merit certificate to be used with your school merit system ® Print student history reports for all programs to track student use and progress Personalize all of the programs to optimize learning for individual students Enjoy user-friendly environment created by similar style. Students will be encouraged because they will be able to see and experience tangible results. Computerized Typing Program for Levels 1–6 Typemaster instructs in computer keyboard skills.

vocabulary drill. Use A. The drills cover elementary through advanced math concepts. Help your students develop good keyboarding skills by introducing them to Typemaster.E. pronunciation. and spelling. Typemaster is a touch-typing program comprised of six sections. and division have never been so much fun! To give your students additional help and drill in word usage. Students in Levels 1 through 12 can improve their reading rates and comprehension skills with A. and a timed test. The program features a variety of drill and practice along with emphasis on spelling. erated when Excitement is gen participate students actively through n in their educatio arning. Readmaster features computerized diagnostic testing and scoring. Designed for Levels 1 through 6. each containing twelve complete tutorial lessons with new concept drills. and educational math games is fun and exciting for the student.C. and with confidence. this program will provide a tremendous head start in keyboarding and computer familiarity. Taking A Closer Look At ® Readmaster Plus One low price for a one-year license with unlimited usage for each computer license purchase. faster.E.C. recommends one license per 10 students using the programs.E.'s computerized reading program. Students are challenged to read better. drill and practice. and word usage. and 36 quality reading selections from the recognized Christian Character Series at each level. This program of electronic flashcards. word meaning.C.’s Word Builder. review of previous material. The student’s reading rate is controlled. and vocabulary drill and comprehension testing are part of each lesson.C. Word Builder can help a student improve his vocabulary skills as he evaluates proper spellings and meanings.’s Math Builder to enhance your students’ abilities to use math facts and master all the basic math skills commonly learned in Levels 1 through 6. multiplication. Common misspellings are also covered.* *A. use A. For the student who already knows how to read. Addition. le computer-based System Requirements • Qualified Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems: Windows® 7 Windows® Vista Windows® XP (with Service Pack 3) • Processor Speed: Minimum 512 MHz • Memory: Minimum 512 MB (RAM) • Hard Drive: Minimum 200 MB free hard drive space 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 67 .E. it provides drill and practice activities along with reinforcement of many character principles. subtraction.

com . and lab experiments. 68 56 www. Consider these important features: • Menu-driven format—allows fast.aceministries. The supervisor is freed of having to explain concepts found in these advanced courses. students visualize the concepts found in their PACEs with personalized instruction. Note: PACEs are required for use with DVD courses. • Compact size—means more DVDs in less storage space. ® High School DVD Courses Academically Challenging! Character Building! With these course DVDs. including use on portable players. sold separately. character illustrations. • Durability—provides long-lasting audio and video clarity. accurate navigations directly to the desired lesson or lab. • Convenient portability—allows compatibility in today’s technology. visual and auditory stimulation.

FR EE Online

Diagnostic Testing
roper academic diagnosis and prescription is vital to a student’s success and cannot be
emphasized too much. If weak areas are evident from the testing session, appropriate “gap”
PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific skills.

he online diagnostic tests students, scores immediately, and correlates skills with the scope
and sequence for accurate placement in the curriculum. The labor saved by immediate scoring
and the peace of mind that results from accurate placement are priceless. This free placement
tool is available for the complete battery of tests—math, English, reading (science, social studies,
Bible Reading, and Literature and Creative Writing), and Word Building (spelling).

877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 69

System Requirements
Qualified Microsoft® Windows® Operating
Windows® 8
Windows® 7
Windows® Vista
Windows® XP (with Service Pack 3)
Processor Speed: Minimum 1 GHz
Memory: Minimum 2 GB
Hard Drive: Minimum 100 GB free hard
drive space

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Yearly in-service training sessions are an opportunity for you and your staff to:
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• Rejuvenate and refine your education style. • Relate to other Christian educators.
• Refresh and relax as a ministry team. • Reflect on God’s goodness!

These conventions take place in over 75 locations worldwide, drawing nearly
12,000 educators! New educational insights provide attendees the annual
opportunity to update professional skills and exchange ideas with
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Come join your co-laborers in Biblical
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272 pages. must make a new home by exploring. By Searching – Isobel Kuhn. 189 pages. Tiner uses scientific accounts to demonstrate the fallibility of the scientific method. God proved Himself. Little One. Abraham Lincoln’s spiritual side is explored through Mr. What will happen when she overhears a plot to kill the king? When Science Fails – John Hudson Tiner. paperback.aceministries. Lincoln’s own words and the observations of his family. Mueller was miraculously transformed by God’s power. Preaching the Gospel to a Stone Age tribe in the jungle of Ecuador proved to be costly to five young men and their families. Through Gates of Splendor – Elisabeth Elliot. paperback. Maid of Israel – Bill Harvey. 160 pages. See course descriptions for further information. 112 pages. friends. Mr. hardcover. 136 pages. paperback. “What would Jesus do?” Many years ago. hardcover. hardcover. D. 145 pages. Mr. He took that challenge by building Moody Bible Institute. 158 pages. Abraham Lincoln – David Collins. his church members changed their entire town. He trusted God to bring his dream to pass. and learning to be content where they are. L.Resource Materials Required Resources “One of the most These items are used as curriculum resources in conjunction with A. Join in the true spirit of investigation and read this book for yourself. deserted on an uncharted island. Moody wanted to see what God could do with a totally committed life. discovering. He confronts many ideas. . Little One was captured by foreign soldiers and given away as a slave. stretching your mind is through the process Basic Literature–Level 7 of reading. 55 62 72 www. Several situations made her question that decision. 159 pages. By applying this theory. He followed His leading to inland China. and she dedicated her life to Him.” (Howard Hendricks) George Mueller – Faith Coxe Bailey. paperback. paperback. Pastor Henry Maxwell challenged his church. Isobel gave up God for worldly pursuits. L. hardcover. and historians. The Robinson family.C. Moody: Greatest Evangelist of the 19th Century – Faith Coxe Bailey.E. Sheldon. Ann married Adoniram Judson and traveled to Burma. Basic Literature–Level 8 God’s Adventurer – Phyllis Thompson. hardcover. crucial means of PACEs and Self-Pacs. Hudson Taylor dared to risk it all for God. 328 pages. Ann of Ava – Ethel Hubbard. 185 pages. 253 pages. D. Would her tremendous spirit of faith and courage see her through? In His Steps – Charles M. The Swiss Family Robinson – Johann Wyss.

◆ Not available from A. and true to his God. 90 pages. paperback. Making full use of her husband’s rich and revealing diaries. 188 pages. Mr. 252 pages. paperback. 269 pages. David Livingstone – Mrs. father. 159 pages. From the Forest I Came – David Lazell. 127 pages. Gipsy Smith. paperback. 256 pages. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 73 56 . The Hour That Changes the World – Dick Eastman. Mrs. hardcover. hardcover. Christians can conquer care. As Christ was obedient unto death. Worcester. Temperament is something you are born with: strengths.E. J. Was all of it worthwhile? Ordained of the Lord: H. Hudson Taylor founded the China Inland Mission and reached millions of pagan Chinese. Ironside – E. J. He Gave Us a Valley – Helen Roseveare.Resource Materials. Christian Growth The School of Obedience – Andrew Murray. paperback.. A. God never failed her though. continued Biographies of Christians–College Profiles in Evangelism – Dr. 125 pages. The Life of D. true to his country. Being a missionary doctor in the Congo was continuously dangerous. This series of messages was originally presented at a student conference in Africa. Moody. God wants to make you an effective Christian who lives above those natural weaknesses. Fred Barlow. A. 462 pages.C. L. Nervous Christians – L. 590 pages. paperback. The first white man to cross Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. this unique book describes a plan by which the Christian who wants to improve his prayer life can reach his goal. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret – Dr. 161 pages. Johnson. and an internationally renowned evangelist. George Müller of Bristol – Arthur T. 249 pages. and grandfather and his personal relationships with his peers. Elliot exposes what makes a person commit his very being to a God who might call him to an unexpected death at any time. 293 pages. Howard Taylor. Part of the history of George Washington is the consistent record of a man true to himself. George Müller’s story enforces spiritual principles and precepts. Hefley. David Livingstone’s life is one of the most inspiring and fascinating Christian stories ever told. His life gives glorious testimony to God. paperback. but also weaknesses that can hold you back. Torrey was a pastor. Jr. This biography is a personal look at Mr. Each story is a short account of the conversion of forty Christian lives changed by the power of God. Moody – William R. Learn and grow from these short biographical sketches of evangelists from all walks of life who spread the Gospel to all areas of the world. Filled with practical suggestions for revitalized prayer. and find peace of heart and mind. and Mrs. Required Resources. so every believer should seek to obey God at any cost. Moody as husband. paperback. hardcover. hardcover. Written for the sake of the lessons in living. 251 pages. paperback. Spirit-Controlled Temperament – Tim LaHaye. worry. R. Gilbert Little. George Washington the Christian – William J. How Great Christians Met Christ – James C. Torrey: Apostle of Certainty – Dr. hardcover. Christ and His Word offer a solution for the unsettling world conditions. educator. His meetings resulted in tens of thousands of people being converted. Roger Martin. hardcover. Pierson. H. Gipsy Smith became an outstanding evangelist all over the world. paperback. 215 pages. A simple-hearted Godly man with a ministry drenched in the love of God. Schuyler English ◆ Shadow of the Almighty – Elisabeth Elliot.

241 pages.aceministries. Topics such as what sin is. College Mathematics–College Man’s Mathematical Models – Bill Williams and Gwen Crotts. Onesimus. discovering. The Hiding Place – Corrie ten Boom. Dr. John Jay (Edited by Clinton Rossiter). English II God’s Tribesman – James and Marti Hefley. 328 pages. The The Federalist Papers – Alexander Hamilton. Constitution. must make a new home by exploring. Clyde M. James Madison. John. St. what is yours? 74 www. Narramore. Pastor Henry Maxwell challenged his church. 128 pages. continued Christian Growth (continued) When a Christian Sins – John R. hardcover. God gave his son the vision. and the way to victory over sin are discussed thoroughly in this straightforward book. 190 pages. Twice Freed – Patricia M. This Way to Happiness – Dr. See how Rochunga put his fears aside and followed God. Rice. paperback. This text provides another dimension of mathematical opportunity that can serve a nonscience student well. He thinks freedom is his answer. The Hmar pastor prayed for a Bible in the Hmar dialect. English III In His Steps – Charles M. There are many interpretations. fleeing from his master. deserted on an uncharted island. his church members changed their entire town. 144 pages. The old mariner interests his audience with vivid descriptions of his tale of supernatural as the natural. “What would Jesus do?” Many years ago. and learning to be content where they are. hardcover. 71 pages.Resource Materials. paperback. Based on the New Testament book of Philemon. English IV The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The Robinson family. Narramore examines resources available and explains how you can change your life to one of contentment and pride. By applying this theory. paperback. 367 pages. hardcover. 176 pages. This version of the book adds the Constitution with all amendments and a cross-reference between The Federalist Papers and the Constitution. paperback. hardcover. The concentration camp was cruel and inhumane. but only Jesus can give him true freedom. English I The Swiss Family Robinson – Johann Wyss. but God brought Corrie ten Boom through it stronger than she thought possible. Required Resources. 632 pages. hardcover. paperback. we see a . the way to forgiveness and cleansing. Three gentlemen defend a revolutionary charter of their day. 253 pages. Sheldon. regardless of a specialized interest.

The townspeople are almost in fear of Silas. Introduction to Christian Counseling–College Competent to Counsel – Jay E. paperback. Adams. Demonstrating what it meant to follow Christ without counting the cost and without looking back. Griffiths. This book gives specific details concerning the basics on starting a missionary career.Resource Materials. It contains a full set of indexes and a full complement of diagrams and forms. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 75 . God gave Rochunga a vision to translate the Bible for a tribe of headhunters in India. The DVD is simple to understand and is a must-have companion to the French PACEs. Greek Handbook – This handbook provides basic grammar and inflections. One day it is stolen. God calls all types of people to become missionaries. Greek I and II–College Greek New Testament – The Textus Receptus printed in this volume is the Greek text followed by the translators of the English Authorized Version of the Bible first published in 1611. and hoards his gold. Studd – Norman Grubb. With Red Forces attacking the city. Studd lived to glorify his Saviour. French French Language DVD (audio) – A native Parisian speaker will help you learn to speak the language properly. hardcover. weaves continuously. C. T. 152 pages. paperback. 160 pages. John Beekman’s story shows the reader how a translator works interpreting and spreading the Gospel message. T. Beyond the Next Mountain – Mawii Pudaite. Peace Child – Don Richardson. hardcover. 288 pages. The Christian Counselor’s Manual – Jay E. this resource book answers hundreds of questions. Jay Adam’s book helps develop both a general approach to Christian counseling and a specific response to particular problems. hardcover. 241 pages. As he grew. the Stams brought together the servants to pray. They risked their lives to tell of the true Peace Child. 140 pages. and he finds out money is not what makes you rich. 274 pages. Hefley. This is necessary for the Greek learning student. hardcover. hardcover. Required Resources. 463 pages. Would they be tortured for being Christians? Give Up Your Small Ambitions – Michael C. 209 pages. Ultimately. He keeps to himself. hardcover. the Sawi people. he chose God’s vision for his life. he tried to pursue his own dreams. A sequel to Competent to Counsel. Introduction to Missions Peril by Choice – by John Beekman as told to James C. C. continued English IV (continued) Silas Marner – George Eliot. hardcover. The Triumph of John and Betty Stam – Geraldine Taylor. Adams. Don and Carol Richardson wanted to share the Gospel with headhunting cannibals. 289 pages.

hardcover. hardcover. 125 pages. 144 pages. Why. North to Amaroqvik – Cheryl M. Would they ever make it back to the lighthouse? Ace and Christi Series—The Red Rag Riddle – Grace Whitehart. 144 pages. 164 pages.aceministries. and who is it? Charlotte’s Web – E. hardcover. hardcover. This book demonstrates them beautifully. Discover their courage as they minister to unfriendly natives.B. Love. Literature and Creative Writing–Level 3 Summer Fun with Ace and Christi – Grace Whitehart. Friendship is a wonderful experience. hardcover. Read along to join in their adventures. Witness the realities of God’s provision and protection in the trek through the snow. and Alick were in the lighthouse. paperback. Sojourner Truth. Joseph Brant Thayendanegea. Read the stories of seven different missionaries who obeyed God’s call.Resource Materials. Literature and Creative Writing–Level 4 The Little Green Frog – Beth Coombe Harris. 248 pages. hardcover. warning of Ainslie Crag. Grandfather. 184 pages. Christi. Biddy wanted to be a missionary even while in England. One adventure leads to another. 76 www. Heidi – Johanna Spyri. and God uses all this to bring about a miracle. hardcover. The kids at Highland and Harmony Schools start taking odd jobs to help raise money for school computers.F. 151 pages. hardcover. and loyalty are qualities Christians want to share with the world. Choice Stories for Children – Ernest Lloyd. Ufkin. Christians Courageous – Anne E. 90 pages. A well-documented account of the lives of David Brainerd and his colleagues will challenge you to consider what is important in this world. hardcover. These stories written during the late 1800s have important lessons designed to build good character. paperback. 172 . Required Resources. and Clara Barton are five heroic Christians. continued Introduction to Missions (continued) Flagellant on Horseback – Richard Ellsworth Day. Schraff. Ace and Christi Series—Miracle at Camp Friendship – Sarah Hopewell. 156 pages. 124 pages. they quickly jumped in the rowboat. This book tells each exciting life story and what they did for God. Elijah Lovejoy. Literature and Creative Writing–Level 5 Choice Stories for Children – Ernest Lloyd. Walton. The camp turns out to be a few things more and less than the children imagined. White. 70 pages. Jem. paperback. There is much to be done in a summer. and their friends have big plans. These stories written during the late 1800s have important lessons designed to build good character. hardcover. Jedediah Smith. 294 pages. and God gave her a plan. Someone is spying on them though. Ace. What does the little green frog do to help her? Saved at Sea – O. Wilbur the pig finds out what true friendship and love are. The storm was increasing. Take a journey to Canada’s Northwest Territories. truthfulness. Seeing a flare. Children’s Missionary Library – Vernon Howard and Alice Bostrom.

paperback. He provides not only companionship but also a livelihood for the grandfather and great-grandson. paperback. The Music Appreciation CD has 33 selections by well-known composers. paperback. paperback. Hamid’s stepfather was back. God wants to mold our lives through our experiences as well. she makes some startling and revealing discoveries about herself and others. In the course of events. Spanish I Spanish I DVD Set – With DVDs and Activity Pacs (purchased separately). Christians with Courage – Ruth Johnson Jay. The challenges in Siberia provide the setting for Alexi’s thrilling and dangerous mission. Literature and Creative Writing–Level 6 The Fugitive King – Elizabeth Rice Handford. Grandpa’s Christmas Gift – Sarah Hopewell. Annette sets her heart on hatred and revenge.Resource Materials. Star of Light – Patricia St. Through some unexpected circumstances. hardcover. but God uses such courage to further His Gospel and work. 126 pages. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 77 . and there is captioning of words and phrases in both Spanish and English. For a second. 256 pages. John. Treasures of the Snow – Patricia St. and it was not a dream. 255 pages. 122 pages. hardcover. the lives of Ace’s family and another family become entwined and lead to a wonderful Christmas surprise. John. Instructions are easy to follow. God used the many chilling experiences of the boy David to mold him into the man who would become king. 110 pages. 146 pages. Required Resources. Taylor. Because of a sad accident. 254 pages. Bunyan’s story of Christian’s pilgrimage is retold with simplified vocabulary and concepts for younger readers. Hamid thought he was going to take Kinza away. The dog of Flanders is received as God’s special blessing and provision. hardcover. 192 pages. Based on the original classic. Music Music Appreciation CDs – The final PACE in Music requires two audio CDs. hardcover. Alexi’s family was exiled to Siberia because they were Christians. continued Literature and Creative Writing–Level 5 (continued) A Dog of Flanders – Marie Louise De La Ramée. you will learn Spanish from bilingual experts. The world does not understand Christian courage as seen in the lives of fourteen heroes of the faith. Alexi’s Secret Mission – Anita Deyneka. Little Pilgrim’s Progress – Helen L. Students are tested on their ability to recognize theme music from selections listened to while completing the course.

Beyond the Next Mountain – Mawii Pudaite (DVD) – God gave Rochunga a vision to translate the Bible for a tribe of headhunters in India. Child’s Garden of Verses.E.C. A. and a list of favorite passages and helpful readings. No Turning Back – Marcus and Narcissa Whitman (DVD. with definition and Scripture reference. My Prison. 78 www. Animal Hide and Seek – This A. written in 1885 by a Scottish author who portrays the joys of childhood.aceministries. She became a missionary and dedicated her life to the Chinese people. inner turmoil. General A Biblical Christmas Carol with apologies to Charles Dickens (DVD) – Compelling drama of Scrooge’s confrontations and conversion from a Biblical perspective. As he grew. Intermediate – This dictionary is designed specifically for use in the homeschool and schools of lower elementary grades to the more complex studies of high school.Resource Materials Recommended Resources These items added to your school library can provide often needed research and enrichment materials for both students and staff.C. red letter edition. hardcover. and determination. hardcover. Also features a concordance. which are incorporated into the A. Inner Fire.E. A – Robert Louis Stevenson. Special Edition hardback book will give children hours of fun searching for different wild animals. 69 pages. uneducated cobbler into the “Father of Modern Missions. he chose God's vision for his life.” Judgment Seat. The colorful illustrations show a variety of animals in different habitats around the world. A Palace – John Bunyan (video) – His personal . a full-color map section. Ultimately. Martyr of God – William Tyndale (video) – He paid the ultimate price in order that he might give the Bible to the English-speaking world in their language. The – You Are There! (video) – You. the audience. and unmistakable victories require viewers to evaluate their own level of dedication. curriculum. – King James Version. Bible. Dictionary. he tried to pursue his own dreams. The Whitmans were warned of impending danger in the untamed American West – but there was No Turning Back. Halley’s Bible Handbook – This handbook is an 864-page almanac of Biblical information. passion. Crossroads – Lottie Moon (professional production) (video) – Lottie Moon lived her life in the late 19th century. A classic collection of poetry for children. are taken before the fates of Heaven to witness the reality of the Judgment. large print.C. It is a brief manual for the average Bible reader. The – William Carey (video) – Experience the wonder of how faith in God transformed a poor. Contains the 60 Biblical character traits. My Own Dictionary – To be used with English as Your Second Language. Large print for easy readability.E. sound track on cassette or CD) – Their story is one of commitment.

Slessor. Recommended Resources. “the man who trapped Indians with love." Missions Wings of the Morning (DVD) – A young man’s passions drive him to pay the ultimate price. A touching epilogue ends this classic story that will become part of 7th level Literature and Creative Writing. Queen of Sacred Song – Fanny Crosby (video) – She overcame blindness. Follow the story of Gordon. Mary. hardcover. Missionary to Calabar – Ruth Johnson Jay. Based on the journal and diary of David Brainerd. Every worker should have this collection for boys and girls. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 79 . "the man who trapped Indians with love.” Speech Speech Illustrated (DVD) – Four presentations of speeches used in the beginning speech course. a teenage boy. 172 pages. who is falsely accused of wrongdoing. and other hardships to become the most prolific songwriter in the history of the church. What to Do in an Emergency – This valuable handbook deals with common medical emergencies in the home. He also has included his poetic survey of the Bible. the death of her only child. The – John Bunyan. Proverbs of Solomon – Mr. Bill Harvey wrote each verse to one line of poetry. hardcover. It is a practical guide for first aid and home treatments. continued General----Continued American History Pilgrim’s Progress. This video is based on the journal and diary of David Brainerd. Pilgrim’s Progress combines the spiritual principles of the Bible with the practical living of common people. Wings of the Morning Sound Track (cassette) – A young man’s passions drive him to pay the ultimate price. also given are selected portions from the Word of God. 143 pages.” but rather to provide students a guide. These are not to be “the model. Famous Speeches (booklet) – A collection of famous speeches by great preachers and statesmen. This book recounts many of the courageous events of Mary Slessor’s life and how she bravely took the Gospel to cannibalistic tribes in Africa. 381 pages.Resource Materials. paperback. Salvation Songs for Children—Select Edition – These songs are childhood favorites used in the Kindergarten with Ace and Christi program. This is the spiritual journey of every man and woman’s quest for God. Twig the Collie – Craig Massey. Watch as God uses circumstances and a special puppy to change his life.

(Available in English.Resource Materials Promotional Resources As Go the Schools—Martin Luther (tract) – This tract offers Scriptural reasons to send your child to a Biblical school. globalization.aceministries. 80 www.E. in which God says to train your children daily through the Word of God.E. values. students do not just get by—they get ahead! Sun Never Sets on A. A well-argued case for individualized Biblical education. further enhanced by computer technology.C. (Audio CD and booklet available in Spanish. by school administrators where students from their schools have attended. Korean.. Who Will Save the Children? (video) – A.C. Japanese. True Education (booklet) – Emphasizes both spiritual and academic excellence. Colleges and Universities That Have Accepted A.E. The (DVD) – Promotional DVD of the vast- reaching global ministry of Accelerated Christian Education. Graduates (booklet) – This booklet contains a list of colleges and universities submitted to A.C.E.’s concept of individualized learning. One Choice. One Curriculum (brochure) – With A.E. The (DVD) – This DVD covers the Biblical mandate of Deuteronomy 6:5–9. Global Facts Brochure – The four major trends changing education: technology. shares with you the answer for educational reform.) Great Commandment.C.C. and the demand for English as a second language.) One Lifetime. and .

methods. and Spanish 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 81 . Chinese. and Forms Accelerated Christian Education Procedures Manual —now in a full-color. Portuguese. and Spanish) and Leadership Training DVDs Forms for the Learning Center (package of 50 unless otherwise stated) Application for Privilege Goal Check Report Book Report Homework Assignment Congratulations Slip Honor Roll Projection Corrective Action Notice Oral Report Evaluation Goal Card Primary Level Student Progress Chart (Star Chart) Goal Card Upper Level (250) Supervisor’s Progress Card Forms for the Office (package of 50 unless otherwise stated) Academic Projections Toward Parent Conference Schedule Graduation Progress Report (Report Card) Academic Record (Permanent ABCs with Ace and Christi (10)u Record) Kindergarten with Ace and Accident Report Christi (10) Application for Re-enrollment Student (Levels 2-12) Cumulative Record Folder (Sample) Standard of Conduct Diploma.E. Korean. and the benefits to the student. Procedures Ma nual I Manuals ABCs with Ace and Christi: I-II Athletic Manual Kindergarten with Ace and Christi: I-IV ter Essentials Learning Cen Procedures Manual (Available in ning Five Laws of Lear 1 English. French. Procedures Manual I—Learning Center Essentials explains in detail the philosophy. principles. properly diagnosing reading levels. and Spanish) Training Materials Training PACEs and Score Keys (Available in English. Portuguese. Training. French.Administrative Materials Manuals. Procedures Manual II—Reading Programs emphasizes the importance of determining a child’s readiness to read. program. ABCs with Ace and Student Christi (10)u Application Honor Roll Certificate Interview 94-100 percent (10) Inventory Sheet 88-93 percent (10) Record Release Literature Achievement Award (10) uAvailable in English. French.C. and procedures of the A. two-volume format— provides a host of tried and proven procedures for operating a campus-based Accelerated Christian Education individualized learning program. Japanese.

C. School policies review (30 minutes) The Great Commandment DVD Parent Orientation PACE 82 www.E.aceministries. suggests a Saturday morning schedule for parents.m. Follow this suggested schedule: I. It will give parents a taste of what happens in the Learning Center from day to day. not optional. to 12 noon. You can get parents “on your team” by utilizing this powerful training kit. from 8:15 . Presenting Accelerated Christian Education (30 minutes) V.E.Administrative Materials Parent Orientation The A. Presenting Accelerated Christian Education demonstrates and explains to parents the A. This DVD will cement in the minds of your parents that God says to train your children daily through the Word of God. Promote orientation enthusiastically as a clear demonstration of your parents’ commitment to their children’s education— a commitment that is integral. The kit comes with two powerful DVDs and ten Parent Orientation PACEs. Fellowship Break (10 minutes) IV.E. The DVD entitled The Great Commandment is a sermon that covers the Biblical mandate of Deuteronomy 6:5-9. The Great Commandment (75 minutes) Presenting Accelerated Christian Education DVD III. PACE work. Introduction (10 minutes) II. A. including video discussion (60 minutes) VI.C. Parent Orientation Program is designed to instill into each parent an understanding of both the philosophy and procedures of your school program. individualized philosophy.

Production. staging. professional sound effects and music (royalty paid). the minimum number of scripts needed for the production.Dramatic Presentations Drama Kits Look no further! Full-length school programs are now available in complete kit form. and costuming instructions are clearly defined—a priceless service to the drama instructor. and a demonstration quality video of the presentation. directing. A Palace (John Bunyan) No Turning Back (Marcus and Narcissa Whitman) Queen of Sacred Song (Fanny Crosby) 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 83 . A Biblical Christmas Carol (with apologies to Charles Dickens) Crossroads (Lottie Moon) The Inner Fire (William Carey) The Judgment Seat (You Are There!) Martyr of God (William Tyndale) My Prison. All kits include production license.

com Diagnostic Testing The Accelerated Christian Education curriculum meets students at the academic level where they are performing at enrollment time and takes them from there to graduation.aceministries. reading. English. and the ABCs with Ace and Christi: 4th Edition Coordination Development Test (diagnoses children’s motor Levels 1-6 u coordination) ABCs Reading Readiness Test (10 including Keys—diagnoses which reading program the child needs) ABCs with Ace and Christi Post Test Readmaster Diagnostic Test (software component of Readmaster Plus®. Word . Diagnostic tests are provided for math.Testing Materials Diagnostic Testing ® F R EE Online Diagnostic Testing diagnostics. a computerized reading program designed to increase a student’s u 4th Edition reading speed and develop vocabulary and comprehension Levels 7-9 for Levels 1-12) Fourth Edition Math Diagnostic Test (Levels 1-6) 1001–1072 Fourth Edition Math Diagnostic Test Key (Levels 1-6) Fourth Edition Math Diagnostic Test (Levels 7-9) NEW! 3rd Edition Fourth Edition Math Diagnostic Test Key (Levels 7-9) NEW! Basic Math u Basic Math (Original) Third Edition Basic Math Diagnostic Test (Levels 1-6) Levels 1-6 Third Edition Basic Math Diagnostic Test Key (Levels 1-6) Diagnostic Test Basic Math English Diagnostic Test (Levels 1-8) English and Word Building Diagnostic Test and Test Key (Levels 1-8) Reading Diagnostic Test and Test Key (Levels 1-8) 84 www.aceministries.

Tenth Edition Complete Battery (Stanford 10). Eighth Edition (OLSAT 8). and providing a wealth of information that parents and school staff can use. Stanford 10 is a technically advanced assessment tool that can provide valid and reliable data to evaluate and guide students' progress toward meeting academic standards. relating a student's actual achievement with his or her school ability. The OLSAT 8 measures those abilities that relate to a student's ability to learn in school. Inc. *Only available together on paper. When the two tests are taken together*. Available for U. Email sat10info@aceministries. the scores are a valuable for more information. Nonrefundable product. campus-based schools with a Service Agreement and International Model and Quality Status schools.S. ©2009 Pearson Education.Accelerated Christian Education offers one of the finest achievement and aptitude test combinations available. and the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test. 85 . the Stanford Achievement Test Series.

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O f co u a po w all d e and earn his nue his l’s de re in se g people vice Mic ad u . w il.” 1 . an wash that ity. This electronic version of Principal Secretary the Accelerator contains the same articles you have Supervisor Pres. it rta n ri g nt! re m is e an exam ive abo ut s enesi . Find up-to-date information that will keep your ministry on the cutting edge of Christian education. He w e the h d into g e in Enco od w ants gin e etab u as an rage yo erAt perm e m fertil rist ou gard rs or veg en. God w .  Find out about new items. ove e to se t we ca n –Nov re alizi I need fo rm is a ste b o ve ch h. bu for could b for too ften you d e si fa rk ings the me allest r for th oro th e Te a sh m om my ver and and ta fo is ea to m a g e sm easie eo n W fr ly o ughly the m nce p r the e t G e even od that doing little wh g n e law llest chan the st.. Kno ve im ur il s y ific goes nt th aily g assignm ouse. parents. Wee and su ve grow nd rem d th a O ct ober He ter o e d f 6 so rvisor. Conferences and Conventions. Mic od o fort aym h Educa re inform We m ent ael tion ation he www al A re . October – November 2012  Share in a personal message from Mrs.  Is Each Member of Your Staff Getting Cha r ac ter Emp has is the Most Out of the Accelerator? Wo rld ts! Wat oun ch  r acte rC Is Each Staff Member Signed Up Cha Thoro ugh ith for the eAccelerator? Edu c gula it re as need rly w d e Fro ationa mC ana l Assis ilize d a n d fert e groun ater k up th e “All thro da t ta ia n th. doe . One important event that takes place every year is the on-site visit by your A. . Ministry continued on page 2 to make sure everyone has a chance to read the Accelerator.” ide Assistan serve w so e abou udents rn saw his t in Ac their the ate the d of th 12 ©20 ri t th ’ liv G For m com a iv cult ust get e p es.E.C. Your Guide to Issues and Events at A. Dav ver He sho tor r’s on p ri they le settle st. He ritten W rily I sa tittle com given a rough rip. This weeds celer ated talks in his st in retu rough is ne. n who stimon to be ’d like yo what I n l. a b e e . H in p n goo ated gh the w . T to iled . a s.ace ssistan garding /stu m in ce dentp istries. and staff.C. he nsw ho wort God nt.  Get up-to-date information and dates on A. fa a s sm ine yo si yo in n o 8). fo d o m . The new school year has begun.C. For t or on lfilled Whe to be th charact to be a tting his ho too did. and we all are Something for Everyone on Your Staff grateful to God for the opportunity to minister The Blessing of Use the Staff Distribution checklist at the end of the Accelerator to our students. effe at shou oever th is no w rave. In g th e th an ce in w ing pact deta ll thing eate an ad sign an orta d h uate the enough a child’s you mad s a hm imp leting and nd the p afterw PACE in N e d fro sure id not created cr h d wit Bible.E. co rds. the pa ervisor in G d n si ry with e. Wha deta si o Assis lied anoth als.  Inform and build parental support by sending your parents the Parent Accelegram. S . ing Cen al Assis e po e outr volved inistry! retty go g d cre u Word jo fu learn er PACE ed ou y not p r k new ge to b t u w e G od te ta tugg r. in th more foeir live l God h in a g beca n and ant mark a go to gro uti a m letely cl tinual cl and ho ve rip is are left the bea have r Him s to d as 3 was ren learn hool was nsibility ic p n n at d Hea insignif er st t com k His co be clea r 2012 T one that ection ir . so u se . nor ither th bein recently from a ying? Th ur rece ed to be is grace doe o y thin Ev ct ld b h g in S an Ed came youn is s. ig h t.E. the erful less tail of p u and to con . and b rfect g th o n fi d ou y sa eed yH s pe rough in g tha ery Bein iveness e do y hand ork. . curricu ol d e fi h y . 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Accel it stud or. do it cr you n stat em so d I cou A w ld b as faith fric n ce e ci is k is a g people ent yo a e is co n. . “So o interest r e fo tt ea t in th anin il the ugh— e st. He e was th saw ever d . Supervisor School Board Supervisor Members Watch for each new issue! 86 86 . . w grow .E. state nse me orough s ro Educar plan. And G o ry g d to a ll W h r th th e gh you nin volun n W h a E V E RY :3 w a s ve t to Go ht way. Ho ame on p Canad lum n ” Th a Every . of th the sma would even to ys it is smalle 51:2 oro lp u and oney an gram. w g m iv of a ed. P. . th ard. one all be . we or r Ch hinder with e e 2 my e rd larly. Psa ity.  Read exciting World Watch testimonies. zone FAR ou take big en sa e clea th is th God he ain h d G tion thin e re p e d o d o d th lm d h im h e g help e went supplie od rais al s. t—o th f th em ou s g w if dro p rd o fG gh. ren b Es ar this! le to ta -old yo exciting nt p is se r.C. It is a busy and exciting time having the students back an A. May over a od in a to S d his ed to re When that the Wo thorou ass awa Word to tion r of iniqu God to times so is iniqu and that G Mich m issio o u ne a place ze th li th ey d e ir com t— il l is p is ra g f h o ve r ael’s n sc th Afric eds.” that G ke to b is g e bein n will o les w ust be th ize as n ian live r can issio n.aceministries. and b d rea w th . G y th an fail. Senior Pastor Monitor Senior Administrator Monitor Pastor Monitor Sign up at www. Mich e bit m e re youn is some e ch urch su ve th rs ti ae o Je ea ss ke Till h wise pa ain in Lu to pass “tittle”? abet . it on h tten ded gram in g a you as till turn o d A ally a p ncern d earth e law. and eacnce in h r ste e he a ach pro in startin ichael w d M o ft e r Go nd thro ing His to receive the eAccelerator by email.

emphasized throughout the A. tassels. One each American and c a n b e purchased Christian.C. 2 pencils. Christi. Two wall brackets for display. Character Posters – Set of 18 A. l Stars – ½" for Student Progress Chart l Staff Pens – 4-color medium point Gold. E a c h o n e flags on 48" staffs. blue. red.C. green. 2015 12" x 18" poster.E. or as a set.) Bible – (150/pkg.C. cord. curriculum. Also features a concordance. character children and pets.Accessories and Supplies Learning Center Supplies Stickers l Pencils – Quality No. each one on a Character Stickers available June 1. a full-color map section. Flags l Flags – Student Office Set American and Christian 4" x 6" Ameri-gloss rayon on plastic staff. American children. with definition and Scripture reference.C.E. or Christian. and a list of favorite passages and helpful readings. Contains the list Featured are the A. yellow (280/pkg. two-hole base. Sold by gross. 8' oak banner pole. character children and of 60 Biblical character pets as well as the 60 character traits. purple silver.) Bible Assorted colors (245/pkg. Accessories New l A. Character/ Character Trait Stickers – l especially for the Learning Each sheet contains 20 colorful 1½" stickers. golden plastic creative play for your ornament. May be purchased separately l Christian Character Puppets – Ace.) for Student l Beautiful red KJV Bible Progress Chart in large print designed A. separately and will l Flags – Platform – 3' x 5' fringed duralite provide hours of nylon flag. Center. and Miriam come to life for your students as adorable hand l Flags – Wall Set – 24" x 36" Ameri-gloss rayon puppets.E. 877-ACE-ORDER (877-223-6733) 87 . Plastic.C.E. and stand.E. traits.

www. International Student Convention. writing. Show video and provide applications. sometimes our eyes and hearts need to be opened to them! Service Adventure provides opportunities of service outside the normal everyday events in a person’s life. Graduation . Graduates assistance BLESS. Encourage creativity with fundraising options: • Use the BLESS sticker on Learning Center banks. www. Service Adventure. where are your students headed next? They have Educational Assistance learned the importance of service and reaching out to others. Ages 16 Service Adventure and Up! The mark of a Servant . now. •  Encourage students too young to attend to sign up as “prayer warriors. 88 www. •  Create a Service Adventure bulletin board. show video. what mark will you leave on YOUR world? ACEM Give high school students the adventure they seek through service! Opportunities for service are everywhere. and arithmetic. Request BLESS materials from www. give them deepens the vision another dimension of service—to volunteer in a Learning Center in a culture and broadens the different from theirs. begins in the heart. .C. • Take up missions offerings in Educational A. •  Schedule a Service Adventure chapel: have students lead.aceministries. Encourage your students to go on an adventure that will change their lives. .aceministries. share to educate students and parents about impact of service. . .com .aceministries.” •  Invite parents and teens to a Service Adventure night.E. ACCELERATED CHRISTIAN EDUCATION MINISTRIES SM Student Programs Training The Leaders Of Tomorrow Ages 5 and Up! Enable impoverished children to learn the Gospel through reading. Regional Student Convention. True servanthood • Hold contests between Learning Centers.

• Register for your local Regional Student Convention. A. • Check your students’ progress and practice schedule weekly. every student can find an area that interests him. and encourage them to begin preparation early. website. • Attend convention with your students and watch God work! Ages 13 and Up! www.C. Are Your Students Becoming His Servants? ISC International Student Convention Where Else Can One Week Ages 13 and Up! Last A Lifetime? With over 140 events from which to choose. • Meet with your students and plan what areas of competition interest them most.aceministries. • Print copies of the Student Convention Handbook for all participating students. will help you train your young people to become world changers! The conventions include competitions in these five major areas: • Academics • Art • Athletics • Music • Platform How do you get involved? • Download the Student Convention Guidelines from the Regional Student Convention RSC 89 . Open Events are also available to all students during the day just for fun! The evening rallies are highlighted with inspirational messages that will challenge your students to yield themselves fully to a lifetime of serving God.E.C. • Use the music and platform entries to minister in your church and community. 1-800-925-7777 .www.