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Writer:____Nour Qasem____Peer Evaluator:_________Moiz Buch__________

Peer Evaluation for Position/Response Essay
Instructions: Read through your peer's essay once to get a general overview of his/her position/response
essay; then, read through it again more carefully, answering the following questions on a separate sheet
of paper. Be critical, yet constructive in your commentary. Your purpose is to give the writer as many
ideas and suggestions for improving the piece as possible.

1. Is the essay integrated and documented? In other words, does the writer have some summary, direct
quotes, and a references page?

Yes the essay is well documented with a a great introduction paragraph which includes the summary
and quotes are used from the references as well.

2. What is your peer's central purpose (thesis) in the essay? Write down what you take to be the
writer's thesis statement. Does he or she take a clear position in his/her response to the essay?

The writers main purpose is to conclude the there is insufficient evidence as to why grading system
needs to be removed and he doesn't agree with the argument that the author has made.

3. Does the writer give enough background information early in the essay so that the reader will have a
solid understanding of the subject? If not, point out places where you see "gaps" of information that
need to be filled. What aspect of the topic do you feel readers will want to know more about?

_Yes the writer does give background information in the introduction paragraph of the essay. However
it is just a brief response and not a well detailed one.

4. Is the thesis well supported? Does the writer provide good reasons for his/her position? Write down
at least three reasons the writer uses as support for the thesis.

The writer has used conclusive evidence in order to support his thesis statement, the writer has
embedded quotes into the essay that were claimed in the argument and he has also used his own
opinion to further enhance his argument.

5. Has the writer stayed focused on the essay that he/she is responding to, continually referring to it and
its points and arguments? If not, point out any places where the writer gets off track.

In my opinion the writer has not gone off track at all the only place i would say the
writer lacks is grammatical mistakes however they were very few of them nothing to
worry about if the writer would have skimmed through once again he would've
rectified them himself.
6. Has the writer analyzed/evaluated the essay thoroughly, pointing out things such as logical fallacies,
unsupported claims, vague language, etc?

Yes the writer has analyzed and evaluated the essay using his critical understanding of the topic by
using the support of logical fallacies unsupported claims and vague language.

7. Make one major suggestion for revision. If you could change one thing about the essay, what would
it be?

Just re read the whole thing once again incase you edit your essay just for any
grammatical or spelling mistakes.and also try to make your conclusion a bit better by
concluding with your final stand and summarize all the evidences that you have used.