MorphoKit Software Development Kit

Customer features

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No known incompatibility with previous MorphoKit 4.0.x versions.

New Integrated Package

 Updated MorphoSmart™ drivers (
 Updated MorphoSmart™ firmware (09.02.c)

New features

 Compatibility with Windows 7 (32 & 64 bits platforms)
 Live quality threshold
 AcquisitionComponent displays final quality score before closing window
 New parameter for finger positioning

Compatibility with Windows 7
MorphoKit 4.0.4 has been validated under Windows 7 Operating System (32 & 64 bits).
Note that this compatibility has been also confirmed for previous 4.0.3 release.

Live quality threshold
Unlike MorphoKit 3.x and since MorphoKit 4.0.0, live quality threshold setting was not available.
MorphoKit now provides a live quality threshold that can be adjusted (using a “slider” in the case

New parameter for finger positioning By default.  Live image display can be disabled. Known problems  None.0.reg files for COM interop registration.  Corrected samples for compiling out-of-the-box after installation.3 ----------.  Italian translation added. case of a CBM module integrated in a turnstile used to enter and get out).  ActiveX interface has been completed to offer more of the native MorphoKit functionalities. This feature is dedicated to skilled operators who master the enrollment process. a new parameter is introduced: it is now possible to keep this standard behavior or be less strict in terms of placement.  Provides Windows Vista . Previous versions : MorphoKit 4.00c is now accepted.dll (ActiveX interface).0.  Add conversion between standard formats.of the AcquisitionComponent) in order to allow the acquisition of difficult fingers.  Bug fixes in acquisition and mfcacq samples. MorphoKit asks the end-user to place his finger tip on top of the acquisition window.  Bug fix in the MSO firmware version detection.4.Release Version  Add consolidated acquisition support for standard formats.  Add CBEFF format support. firmware 09. Notable Improvements  German translation added (AcquisitionComponent)  Documentation improvements (especially Coders and native C++ interface documentation)  Sagem Sécurité becomes Morpho. .  Improved documentation. This is particularly useful when MorphoSmart™ device is integrated to perform capture in two directions (e. AcquisitionComponent displays final quality score before closing window AcquisitionComponent now allows the developer to display the final quality score in the quality bar-graph before closing the acquisition window. particularly the first steps for MorphoKit use. With MorphoKit 4.  New documentation for ActiveMKit_Enroll.g.

0.  Classification no more supported.Release Version  Fix IDENT* licenses checking (identification against biometric database larger than 5000 persons).1 ----------.0.0.NET interfaces.Release Version  Modified matching score after consolidated acquisition.  Finger detection in MSO.MorphoKit 4.0 ----------. .  Licence simplification and new license management with Sagem Sécurité License Manager.  New C/C++ and native . MorphoTouch and Matrox scanners support. MorphoKit 4.  Thread safe.  Fix composite quality calculation.2 ----------.Release Version  Dropped MSO100. MorphoKit 4.1 interface support.  BioAPI 1.