Camp GLIDE Hiring Expenses

Clearance/Test Expense Time Frame (approx.)
FBI fingerprint clearance $28.75 2 weeks
Child abuse clearance $10.00 6-8 weeks
Police clearance $10.00 Immediate (online)
Tuberculosis test $100.00 1 week

Applicant Time Commitments

Commitment Personnel Time
Training preparation Administration 20 hours
Training seminar Admin, Counselors 16 hours
Legal seminar Counselors 4 hours
Ongoing commitment Counselors 4 hours per month

Counselor Training Costs

Training Aspects Annual Cost Breakdown of Expenses
Training seminars $380 (2x year) Each training class must attend one
informational session, which takes up one
full Saturday. Expenses include
informational binders and a small thank-
you gift for each counselor, room rental,
and various office expenses such as
copier paper and other items.

Legal seminar $400 (2x year) Each new training class must undergo a
seminar disclosing legal information
relevant to working with children. Camp
GLIDE covers the cost of an overnight
trip for a lawyer to provide the seminar
pro bono.

Background checks $148.75 (per counselor) *See Background Check Expenses