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Character Project

In order to deepen understanding of characters and themes from ​Death of a
Salesman ​you will be building an ​extended metaphor​ relating to one of the
characters. You will need a deep understanding of the character, their motivations,
relationships, and traits in order to connect the character with an object.

Follow these steps:

1. Use your character cluster chart and 5-word memoir to review the character you
chose. Remember, the 5-word memoir should represent the character, what they
value, and how they live their life- think of it as a life motto that that character lives
2. Using the list of 26 items, choose one category
3. Specify an item from that category (if the category is fruit, you might say apple)
4. In a ​well-written, detailed​ paragraph describe that item and all the specifics about
it that remind you of that character. Be sure to include descriptive language.
Discuss why that item and the specific things about it remind you of the character
and consider the multiple dimensions of characterization. Chose 5 pieces of
evidence that support your claims about the character and metaphor. Include
specific examples and instances from the text to justify your answer.
5. Creatively represent that item and character. Ideas include: a three-dimensional
collage, sculpture, poster, prezi, magazine cover, recipe, print ad, how-to diagram.
Poster board and writing materials will be provided, any other materials you will
need to bring from home.
6. Incorporate your 5-word memoir onto your representation. Include a paragraph
detailing why it is representative of the character, what values or ideas does it
7. Both paragraphs (one explaining your extended metaphor and one explaining your
5-word memoir) will be submitted along side your project.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances.”
(Shakespeare’s ​As You Like It​)
In this example Shakespeare is comparing people to actors and life to a stage because people act
out the lives they want to live based on the what society tells them, rather than behave according
to their own ideas. Furthermore, Shakespeare mentions that “players” or people have their
entrances and exits, referring to birth and death.
If your character was a … why?

1.​ ​A color
2.​ ​A shape
3.​ ​An animal
4.​ ​A plant
5.​ ​An article of clothing
6.​ ​A musical instrument, or musical event
7.​ ​A piece of furniture
8.​ ​A utensil
9.​ ​A kitchen appliance
10.​ ​A vegetable
11.​ ​A fruit
12.​ ​A piece of sporting equipment, or sporting event
13.​ ​A beverage
14.​ ​A tool (construction, gardening, etc.)
15.​ ​An object in this room or any other room in this school
16.​ ​An item kept in a garage
17.​ ​A mode of transportation or type of vehicle
18.​ ​A topographical feature on a map (river, mountain, ocean)
19.​ ​An office supply item
20.​ ​A children’s toy
21.​ ​A fast food item or food
22.​ ​A household “fixture” (item firmly fixed in a house; part of the house design)
23.​ ​A piece of candy
24. A holiday
25. An event
26. A job, occupation, or industry