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Section 16065-I
Lightning Protection

Division 16 – Electrical – International

16065 – Lightning Protection

Part 1 - General

1.01 Description Of System

A. The work covered by this section of the Specifications consists of furnishing all
labor, materials and items of service required for the completion of a functional
and unobtrusive lightning protection system as approved by the Owner, and in
strict accordance with this section of the Specifications and the applicable Contract

B. If any departure from the contract drawings or submittal drawings covered below are
deemed necessary by the Contractor, details of such departures and reasons therefore
shall be submitted as soon as practicable to the Owner for approval. No such
departures shall be made without the prior approval of the Owner.

C. The following specifications and standards of the latest issue form a part of this
Specification; (A) Lightning Protection Institution Code LPI-175; (B) Underwriter’s
Laboratories Master Label 96A; and (C) NFPA Standard 780.

D. The lightning protection system shall be designed in accordance with the design

1.02 Work Included

A. The system to be furnished under this Specification shall be the standard product of a
manufacturer regularly engaged in the production of lightning protection systems
and shall be the manufacturer’s latest approved design. The equipment manufacturer
shall also be a U.L. listed and approved manufacturer and a fully certified member in
good standing of the Lightning Protection Institute.

1.03 Documentation

A. Complete shop drawings showing the type, size, and locations of all equipment,
grounds, and cable routings, etc., shall be submitted to the Owner for approval prior
to the start of work.

Samples and pertinent catalog data shall be submitted to the Owner for approval
upon request.
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I.L. cable splicers and miscellaneous connectors shall be cast bronze with bolt pressure connections to the cable.. NFPA and U. or stainless steel. Page 2 of 4 Section 16065-I Lightning Protection Part 2 . J. Connections to structural steel shall be made with bonding plates of cast bronze with bolt tension cable clamps. All equipment shall be new.P.P.L.. Incorporated. C. Air terminal bases shall be constructed of bronze or aluminum with bolt pressure cable connections and shall be securely mounted with stainless steel screws or bolts F. Cable fasteners shall be substantial in construction. minimum. the product of a single manufacturer as outlined above. B. procedures. All miscellaneous bolts.I. H. and U.I. with air terminal bearing and “A” label and all main conductors bearing a “B” label at 10-foot intervals. and NFPA standards requirements.L.01 General A. or 5/8- inch minimum diameter aluminum. conductors shall be copper.P. and shall project 10-inches minimum above the object to be protected. E.Products 2. 28 standards AWG number 14 gauge. All Rights Reserved. Air terminals shall be solid. round copper bar of ½-inch minimum diameter. electrolytically compatible with the conductor and mounting surface and shall be spaced in according to L. D. Locate and space according to L. Cast or stamped crimp fittings are not acceptable. I. All equipment used in this installation shall be U.L. and of a design and construction to suit the application where it is used in accordance with accepted industry standards and L. Ground rods shall be minimum of 5/8-inch diameter and 10-feet long. bronze. © 2014 Cargill. Standard requirements for Class II structures and as per manufacturer recommendations. . requirements. Bonding devices. G. They shall be connected to the system with two-bolt cast bronze clamp having a minimum length of 1 ½-inch and employing stainless steel cap screws. nuts and screws shall be brass.L. Regardless of building height. approved and labeled in accordance with U. U.

D. Where structural steel is used as an element of a lightning protection system. connectors. LPI-175 and NFPA-780.Execution 3. C. H. shall be used on roofs. welded securely to cleaned areas of the structural steel. all conductors necessary for the system shall be Class II. Page 3 of 4 Section 16065-I Lightning Protection Part 3 . type. Ground connections shall be made at approximately every other steel column. © 2014 Cargill. splices. and 25-feet for air terminals 24-inches or taller. Down lead cables to steel frame from the roof system shall not be brought through the roof. Ground terminals shall be attached to such steel column at the lowest available point. around the perimeter and in no case shall average over 60-feet apart. including both telephone and electrical. the air terminals shall be bonded directly to the steel framework at intervals of not exceeding 20-feet for air terminals less than 24-inches high. bonds. It shall be the responsibility of the lightning protection installer to assure a sound bond to the main water service. with bonding plates having a surface area of not less than 8 square inches. and air terminals shall also be of Class II construction. G. F. Ground rods. size. B. . and to assure that proper arrestors have been installed on the electrical power service. A complete cable system with related air terminal. if any. The number. All Rights Reserved. and to assure interconnections with other building system grounds. Incorporated. If the grounds are installed at dry locations. gravel or rock. On installations of this type. workmanlike manner in the most inconspicuous manner possible. such as in sand. All equipment shall be installed in a neat.01 Installation A. etc. E. welded securely to the steel or by brazing.. a counterpoise connected with each of the individual ground terminal shall be installed. The structural steel framework may be utilized as the main conductor of a lightning protection system. The electrically continuous steel framework of the building or structure shall serve as the down conductors for the lightning protection system. and location of grounds and connections to steel at roof and grade level shall be as required in the latest editions of UL96A. Bonded connections shall be made on cleaned areas of the steel framework and shall be accomplished by the use of bonding plates with bolt pressure cable connectors having a surface contact area of not less than 8 square inches.

All Rights Reserved. Other pertinent metal elevations shall be bonded to the main lightning conductor. this may be considered the bond and an additional interconnection with cable on top is not required. Page 4 of 4 Section 16065-I Lightning Protection I. or if they are inherently connected to the steel framework and are electrically continuous with the lightning protection system through the steel. Incorporated. . END OF SECTION © 2014 Cargill.