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Solution Overview

Understanding of Barclays’ Requirements

The following table shows our understanding of Barclays’s requirements.

Key Requirements Key Processes
Payroll  Processing of monthly payroll split
between permanent and temporary staff.
 Payroll Headcount reporting (based on
the following demographics/details;
employee name, surname, grade, gender,
date of joining, DOB, line manager details,
position title, org unit/department etc.).
 Payroll adjustments – irregular payments.
 Calculation of deductions and pro rata
payments (including negative
 Access to archived historical payroll files.
 Payroll reports.
 Easy to customise to local legislative
Time & Attendance Management  Attendance (Leave).

Leave Management  Leave management
Organisational Management  Organisational Structures online/tool
(option to view org structures and
download, option to make amendments
(appointments, deletions, promotions etc.
to the structures).

Talent Management  Talent Management
Employee file management  Maintenance of master data (Personal
information and educational details).
 Maintenance of employee historical data.

Reports  Payroll reports.
 Regulatory reports.
 System and Application level audits
reports should be available.

Emplyee & Manageer Self Service  Employee Self Service and Manager Self
Service functionality which has got the
following capabilities:
 Overtime management (application,
reports and authorisation).
 Leave management (application, reports
and authorisation).
 Claims (i.e. medical, reports, application
and authorisation etc.)

SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) is a comprehensive solution that enables your professionals. Companies that have robust tools to implement HCM strategies will be able to maximize the contribution of their workforce.  Effective control on shared folders Interfaces & Integrations  Create a file to the core banking system within the specifications of the Barclays requirements Proposed Solution To meet the demands of today's knowledge-based economy. executives. organizations such as Barclays must maximize the potential and productivity of their employees. Maximizing the investment in the organization’s human capital is crucial to business success. More specifically. maintenance of training records. . The solution map below iterates the SAP components that are entailed. and line managers to optimize your investment in your most important resource: your employees. Key Requirements Key Processes  Payslip viewing and archiving as a Self Service option for the employee. modern HR departments must:  Improve workforce efficiency and productivity  Deliver best-in-class HR processes at the lowest possible cost  Plan future workforce needs and measure strategies  Find the right talent for today and develop the right talent for tomorrow  Educate the workforce to ensure each employee has the right skills to excel in their jobs  Align corporate strategies with team and individual goals TTCS is proposing the SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll to manage the HR and Payroll requirements for Barclays. Employee and Manager comments and appraisal options and Rating Matrix] Learning  E-Learning/Training Solution [Option to provide training modules and materials on line. Perfomance Management  Performance Management System [Objective Setting . Those that will not find it difficult to compete in today's dynamic marketplace. HCM for business means integrating employee processes and information with business processes and strategies to drive business results. Continuous reviews option. This requires transforming the human resource (HR) function from an administration department into a strategic contributor of human capital management (HCM) strategies. costs and reporting] Roles & Authorisations  Segregation of roles.

The Integrated nature of SAP HCM will increase efficiency. reporting structures in their organization according to department or division.It is the power of such modules as Organizational Management. No one will be delayed to deliver what they are expected to within stipulated times. Barclays can evaluate headcount. All the organizational units are mapped in the manner required by the specific organization. evaluations of unoccupied positions. Furthermore. The fact that you get information real-time will enable efficiency in as far as other related business processes in other modules are concerned.Solution Map for Barclays The solution map above covers the human resources business processes. current division of tasks. The following is an overview of the Human capital management component in SAP ERP. It enables real-time deliverables in as far as Barclays’s HR business processes are concerned. Figure 2:. that is.Figure1:. which sets up the tone of integration within HCM. for example. Barclays can plan possible new functional structures in Business Process (Re-) Engineering as well as your personnel requirements.SAP Human Capital Management Overview The following is the summary of each of the components of SAP Human Capital Management Organizational Management: . you need an organizational plan. given that information is only entered once and used by all modules within the SAP HR system. a functional structure representing your enterprise based on tasks. In order to carry out numerous business and human resources processes. The Barclays organizational structure is also used as the basis of your .

Figure 3:. which is completely integrated in the Human Resource component of the SAP System.default values for personnel actions in Personnel Administration.Organizational Structures as depicted within SAP HCM Reporting Structure .

Employees file within SAP: . Data remains transparent in your time progression at all times. and creates the basis for sound personnel decisions due to its integrated nature. It automatically checks all data as it is entered to ensure that it is plausible.Personnel Administration:-Personnel Administration component within SAP is the central data repository centre for employee-related data within Barclays. which provides information with a structure to facilitate fast data entry. Time needed to enter bulk data into the system is greatly reduced. The information about employees is stored in Human Resources Infotypes. All employee-related data is logged with the exact date.

Actions overview.Basic personnel procedures such as hiring employees can be handled by the Recruitment component. . This has an entire range of powerful. It is particularly important for the development and success of expanding enterprises that they have quick access to adequate and the right personnel. The dynamic actions tool in Recruitment will enable Barclays to automate many of their recruitment processes. The ability to meet the ideal personnel requirements is key for every organization. Complete History is provided from inception to date at the employee level: Complete history of Organizational Assignment: Recruitment: . flexible functions that are used to implement an effective – and largely automated – recruitment strategy.

Applicant Master Data in Recruitment Personnel Development: . Furthermore. It is tools like Personnel appraisals. Barclays can easily plan and implement specific personnel and training measures to promote the continuous professional development of their employees. Personnel Development ensures that staff qualification requirements are met and planned.The HCM Personnel Development component can give Barclays the edge by maximizing utility of their Human Capital. A detailed profile for an employee/applicant: . by taking into account employees’ preferences and suitability. Career and Succession planning that are geared towards finding someone to fill a specific post and SAP enables an automated process of these functions through Personnel Development component. you can increase job satisfaction and motivation.

An employee’s career planning: Training and Event Management:-They can also contain more general measures to impart qualifications so that employees retain or further their professional skills and abilities through HCM Training and Event Management. A Business Event/Training Data Screen: . The Training and Event Management component has a wide range of powerful functions to enable Barclays to plan and manage all kinds of business events from training events to conventions simply and efficiently.

and make smarter decisions based on financial and logistics information – all without having to turn to the HR. The application supports efficient and proactive management of employees. recruit the right people. budgets. It allows you to represent all company agreements. The intuitive. purchasing. By enabling employees to access their own data. and inventory. and valuation of internal and external employees’ work performed and absence times is concerned. and reward top performers. collective agreement stipulations and legal requirements. HR processes are standardized and simplified. Manager Self Service: .Employee Self-Service (ESS) enables BARCLAYS employees to create. Time Management has user-oriented interfaces that support centralized and decentralized entry and administration of time and labor data. and finance departments for help. The support Time Management offers to all Human Capital Management processes is invaluable in as far as planning. display. Employee Self Service: .SAP® Manager Self-Service enables BARCLAYS managers to identify. recording.The scheduling system within Time Management will then offer support to run events without clashing and give availabilities of attendees and instructors. As a result. easy-to-use self-service functions can pull data from disparate sources so your business teams can get the most out of their staff. retain. employees in the Human Resources Department can concentrate on other tasks of greater strategic importance. and change their own data in the intranet used at their enterprise. Employee time data: .Time Management: .

compliance and workforce insight. The following is the overview of the SAP Payroll solution: .SAP Payroll consolidates operating entities within a single payroll platform with real-time HR and financials integration delivering best-in-class accuracy. Payroll: .Employee Quota Overview: Displays an employee’s leave data including accumulations per month. absence quota for all quota types.

and so on. such as the approval process or e-mail dispatch. countries. The diversity of functions. sections. recruiters. SAP E-Recruiting ensures that you drive up-to-date human resources management. . by proactively maintaining contact with applicants. By setting up a talent pool. The application provides innovative access to Talent Relationship Management and promotes companywide collaboration. but also that you are in a position to staff critical key positions in the long term and thus safeguard your company’s success in the future. ranking and so on. and succession planners to the information and services they require to perform their tasks or roles. through attracting. As well as enabling Barclays to handle your company’s applicant tracking activities. SAP E-Recruiting accelerates and drives your control of HR management processes. optimizes the work of your succession planners and recruiters. The application handles almost the entire process chain. line managers. sorting. which can be configured to suit specific roles. Moreover. promote their professional development.SAP Payroll Process Steps Transfer to Financials E-Recruitment: E-Recruiting has recruitment and succession planning instruments that will help Barclays in finding new employees. and retaining employees. employ them in positions that suit their capabilities. potential candidates.The SAP HCM module comes with standard reports and allows for the development of customized reports according to specified requirements. Currently this is only possible for recruitment processes. with your employees. Sophisticated technical mechanisms ensure that you can control costs and profitability throughout the entire process. and consequently. hiring. operations and Workforce reporting. the application links recruitment and succession planning with your internal HR infrastructure. such as electronic screening. branches. you ensure that you not only identify the best possible candidate for a position from all potential candidates. Barclays can integrate workflows to automate information flow and multiple processes. The following are some of the reports that can be extracted. Web-based user interfaces. Thus. The Reports component will be used by the relevant departments. and retain them in the long term. filtering. from planning and budgeting. and executives for. enable easy access for candidates.

Organizational Management Reports: Personnel Administration Reports: .

Recruitment Reports: .

Personnel Development Reports: Time Management Reports: .

allowing Barclays to reduce IT complexity and obtain more business value from its IT investments. and is the technological foundation of all SAP solutions. It unifies technology components into a single platform. provides open integration technologies that support process-centric collaboration among SAP and non-SAP applications. . approvals) to the right people and gives people the means to complete their tasks on time and with the best results. SAP Netweaver: . The following diagram depicts the SAP Netweaver platform.In addition to the components stated. Workflow helps get the right tasks (e. a component of SAP NetWeaver. and adapt automated process flows across and within business components. cost efficiency.The SAP NetWeaver platform provides increased adaptability. Organizations can co-ordinate. This will allow Barclays to integrate to systems such as the core banking system. Business Workflow is being proposed.g. both within and beyond enterprise boundaries. It provides the best way to integrate all systems running SAP or non-SAP softwares. openness. Mobile Analytics Workflow Adobe Microsoft Office SAP NetWeaver SAP Business Non-SAP software Processes software SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. monitor.