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To Whom It May Concern


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on the behalf of Jennifer Soriano. I have
known Jennifer for the past four years. Jennifer is currently a junior enrolled at El Capitan High
School. Jennifer has performed extremely well in high school. Currently, her G.P.A. is a 3.98.
In and of itself, her grades look really amazing. However, that just barely illuminates the type of
student Jennifer is; she has a passion and innate ability for leading others, whether it be in the
classroom, on the court, or in her community.

Jennifer has been an effective leader throughout her high school career. However, I have
gotten to know Jennifer well before high school. I had the pleasure of coaching Jennifer in
middle school when she played on the girls basketball team. What impressed me the most as
her coach, was not her skills as an athlete, but the way in which she led her teammates. As an
eighth grader, Jennifer exhibited the ability to lead by example; she never asked her teammates
to do something that she herself wasn’t willing to do. She was always attentive during practices,
showed up early and stayed late to work on her skills, cheered from the bench and stood up to
high-five teammates as they came off the floor, asked publically what she could practice to
become a better player, demonstrated perseverance even under adversity, and on and on.
Jennifer never exhibited poor sportsmanship, even when opponents didn’t conduct themselves
in a similar manner. She wanted to win, and always strived to do her best, but never at the cost
of infringing upon her traits that made up her character. Her teammates all wanted what
Jennifer had, and she showed them how to obtain it. That was in Eighth grade.

Four years later, Jennifer has evolved into a phenomenal leader. I have personally witnessed
how her skills as a leader, have positively impacted the culture of our campus. Jennifer not only
plays four sports (volleyball, water polo, basketball and swimming), but she finds time be be
actively involved on campus and in her community. She is currently the Vice President of the
junior class, and will likely hold the same position for her senior year. She is involved in CSF
and AVID. She finds time to teach swim lessons to children for the Swim for Jaylen Foundation,
and she also helps out at an annual volleyball camp during her summer breaks. She also
volunteers to help out the different athletic teams by helping time swimmers, working the gate,
keeping statistics, etc. When she isn’t playing or volunteering her time, she is cheering her
school athletic teams on from the sideline. She exudes school spirit and is definitely a student
who represents our school well. It would also be important to mention that three of the four
sports teams she participates on, have won WAC conference championships. Something I
personally do not believe is a coincidence.
Jennifer has done an outstanding job balancing her numerous extracurricular activities and her
college preparatory course load as evidenced by her cumulative grade point average and
excellent grades. She is a driven young woman. She is steadfast in her goal to be successful
in high school in order to secure college entrance. Jennifer plans to pursue a career in
psychology or forensics. Her high school credentials will definitely secure her entrance into

When staff and coaches talk about Jennifer, they do so with great admiration and respect. Our
motto, “Learn, Love, Lead, and Leave a Legacy” have certainly been put into practice. We
seldom get the opportunity to work with students like Jennifer. However, her skills as a leader
on our campus have made it very transparent for other students to emulate. I have no doubt
she will be successful in her future. I believe that the Triple-Impact Competitor foundation would
benefit from partnering with Jennifer and investing in her future; you’d be investing not just in
one student, but in a community.


Ron Hoffart
School Psychologist
El Capitan High School