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ESOL Bridge II to Healthcare Careers

Spring Session 2017

Instructor: ​Jordan Van Horn
Class Website: ​
Instructor’s Website​:
Phone:​ (929) 269-4375

The ESOL Bridge to Healthcare Careers course is designed to improve the English language skills of
immigrant healthcare professionals who were trained outside of the United States. This program will
help immigrant healthcare professionals develop their reading, writing, computer and oral
communication skills in the context of healthcare topics and vocabulary. This course is designed to
help students progress toward meeting English language entrance requirements needed for further
healthcare training, such as entry into an NCLEX–RN ELL training program or other similar classes.

The Bridge to Healthcare Careers class will also include:
● Support with completing CGFNS application to verify international education and receive
permission to take NCLEX examination from NY State Education Department for
internationally trained RN’s/ LPN’s, as needed
● Resume and interview preparation
● Computer instruction

1. Practice academic English language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary,
pronunciation and grammar) using health-related content.
2. Prepare for effective workplace communication in English.
3. Develop or update a resume and a cover letter and practice interviewing skills.
4. Develop or update computer skills.

First day of classes​: Monday 3/27/17
Last day of classes​: Thursday 6/1/17
Holiday: ​Memorial Day, 5/29 (no class scheduled)
Classes are scheduled on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6-10:00pm

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6-10pm 6-10pm 6-10pm 6-10pm

| JVH 2017
● Students must maintain excellent attendance (minimum 80%) in order to continue in the
● There are no excused absences. If you cannot attend a class, notify the instructor or call the
main office at (718) 482-5460.

Students are expected to:
● Maintain a minimum 80% attendance.
● Participate in class, cooperate with classmates and contribute to group activities.
● Come to class on time and speak English in class.
● Be prepared for class (bring notebook, paper, pen, book, binder, flash drive).
● Complete all homework assignments in a timely manner.
● Take a post-test at the end of the class. Students who do not take a post-test will not be
permitted to study in any CIET programs in the future. CIET cannot continue to offer free
classes if students do not complete a post-test.
● Respect their classmates and the rules of LaGuardia Community College. Sexual harassment
is not tolerated.

40% Attendance and Class Participation
20% Homework
20% Deadly Disease Project
10% Quizzes
10% Google Voicemails

This course will cover a wide variety of topics and materials related to medical English and
healthcare. During the semester, we will be reading a text called, ​Scary Medical Stories​, a short novel
which spans nine stories about deadly epidemics and other communicable, infectious diseases. We
will use this text as the basis for building and strengthening your reading skills and knowledge of
English used in the healthcare world. In this course, you will work individually and in groups to read,
analyze, and discuss a diverse range of healthcare topics and issues. Additionally, you will learn
essential computer skills that will expand your familiarity with applications such as Powerpoint and
GoogleDocs as well as build important internet research skills. Throughout the course of the
semester, you will work to expand your English vocabulary and reading skills, gain individual
feedback on aspects of your pronunciation, engage in a formal academic research project and
presentation, and improve your fluency and accuracy in healthcare English.

| JVH 2017