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The Potter Family

February 2017
It's crazy to think that only five months have passed since our last newsletter and life carries on
with what seems to be an ever-increasing momentum.
We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. It looks like 2017 is going to be a year filled
with many opportunities to live out the fruit of the Spirit and the values of the kingdom of God.

In January Linsey and I completed our 1st year at Springwater and moved into our last year in this
current position. The community at Springwater is grappling well with the leading that God is
presenting and the grace and supernatural mix that the Kingdom is having. God is strengthening
faith and revealing Himself and His kingdom to people in a manner that is encouraging us all and
those connected with us to step out of the box of our limited understanding and embrace the larger
reality of God’s desires.

Over the latter part of last year, the church has developed a method that will support people who
are actively expressing the call of God in and through Springwater that will hopefully create a
framework of support for those whose heart is calling them to explore new ventures.
This year we will look to strengthen the current method of prayer, support and encouragement as
well as create a space for people to “taste and see that God is good”. We are also looking to
sharpen our understanding as to what God is asking of the church. Everyone connected with
Springwater would appreciate your prayers.
We have been encouraged by the stories that people have shared and the blessings we have
seen. In the simplicity of our gatherings, many people have expressed that they have sensed and
experienced the presence and shalom of God as they sit in the space provided by Springwater
Church. God is also graciously giving opportunities for people to share this shalom with the wider
world in which they live. Our hope is that the Lord would deepen His presence in the physical
space at Springwater and in those places that He has us all connected.


The big news of our last newsletter was the wedding of Ben
and Mackenzie; well these two gorgeous young people are
now living out what it means to be a young married couple in
southern California. Ben was eventually successful with his
application to the American Government and is now a green
card holder. Many thanks to all those who prayed over the years
for this to occur; at some point in the future we will need to pray
that Mackenzie can access the similar provision from the UK
government, if and when they come to live in Britain. Mackenzie
will be finishing her studies this coming year and would appreciate wisdom for the next stage in life.
She would like to take some time and assess what options are available and experience some of the
employment realities before commencing any further studies.
Ben continues with his two jobs. One provides a small but regular income and a good degree of
flexibility so that he can continue to explore his other passion and job which is music. At the end of
March, he is playing at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. We are very excited as Ben &
Mackenzie will be coming to the UK in May, and we will hold an open day at our house in Peppard
Common on the 27th for all those who were not able to make the wedding and for all those who can
come and meet up with them as are able.

Josh is completing one of his jobs, working at a wine store in Henley, and will start another at a first
edition bookstore also in Henley. He is also working as a general reporter for an African
TV station that has an office in London. One of his desires is to link journalism and
anthropology together. To try and facilitate this he has applied to
Oxford to do an MA in Anthropology. He will hear at the end of
March if he has been accepted. His first book, Crownless Kings, can
still be purchased on Amazon and his second book is being
serialised in a US blog site called culture honey.

Charys has begun her sojourn in Worcester University and embraced
all that studying and University life brings with it. It's a beautiful city.
She has made some great friends from the creative stream who are
with her as she studies creative writing and performance. Please pray
that Charys find enjoyment and purpose as she follows this chosen path. One of the perks is that it
has led her back into dance, which is a personal passion, and she has been given the role of
choreographer in both of next year’s musicals. Sadly, she recently hurt her back and is in quite a bit of
pain. Your prayers would be appreciated, as it is a bit
debilitating. She wants to be fully fit for her course needs and
also for her role as a young leader on a summer camp that
supports third culture kids. On March 3rd she also leaves the
teens and moves into being a 20-year-old.


As Linsey and I journey through these next several months, we would
appreciate your prayers for spiritual fruit and wisdom. This specifically relates
to the development and strengthening of Springwater Church and regarding
our next step.

We do believe we are to be in the UK and have been praying, chatting with
various people, exploring ideas and listening to the quiet voice of the Spirit
concerning this current year and beyond.

In this process, we have been asked by several people within the UK and globally to engage with
them in a supporting, consulting type of level and are exploring how this could fit into the wider
scheme of things.
Our desire is still to support and journey with people, working alongside and engaging local
communities; developing places that are impacted by the reality of God’s kingdom presence, that can
be sustainable, self-sufficient and centres of justice and integrity. Our desire is to see the reality of
Christ, His message, and His Kingdom become alive or deepen in areas that are facing significant
physical and spiritual challenges.

Your prayers for any of the above and
as we journey through the next several
months will also be
LOVE . appreciated.
Kevin, Linsey, Charys, Josh, Ben &
Macken zie. XX XX

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