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Art 133

Unit paper 1

Unit Paper 1

Ever wonder where meaningful art making originates from? Most people would say from

anywhere, but Sydney Walker says, “meaningful art comes from Big Ideas. Big Ideas are what

expand artmaking concerns beyond technical skills, formal choices and media manipulation to

human issues and conceptual concerns (Walker, 2001). Big ideas also explain who a person is.

For example, Identity can be considered a big idea because it has such a wide range to it. Identity

tells us who a person is. Michael Parsons also brings up that when we have a big idea, we use

essential questions to help us as well. For instance, essential questions turn big ideas into

questions that can be pursued by students (Parsons, 2004). So, when we use Identity as a big

idea, we use essential questions to simplify it. Parson used an example with heroes as a case of


For a student, I feel like big ideas are an excessive way of finding one’s true self. We

would be able to discover out who we are. For example, Identity as a big idea, would help me

find out who I am as a person. This would help many students with numerous issues. By

introducing students to big ideas, it helps students in concept knowledge, learning, and creates

connections. Walker also states that it would help students to think in deeper levels. To think in

deeper levels, Students would have a better understanding of finding themselves and help them

adapt to the real world and finding big ideas.