Lesson Plan Template

Background Information-Content

Student teacher name: ID#: Lesson Title/Reference: Driverless car
Shamah Khameis Saeed H00295791
Grade: 10 No. of students: Date: Time: School:
advanced 30 students 22-2-2017 1:30 Al- Massah School

Learning Outcomes Target Language
Speaking  What do you think will happen
The students will discuss together in groups in the future to the shopping?
what will happen in the future to food, school,  How do use technology
shopping, and different aspects. nowadays in shopping?

Listening  Listen to the other groups
The students will listen to others to discuss while they are talking.
the development in different fields. Also, the  Listen to their answers, and
students will listen to others to correct their if they answer incorrectly,
mistakes in xo game. you will correct it for them.
Reading -

Writing  Write a paragraph how can
The students will write paragraph how can use use the technology to develop
the technology to develop shopping, food, shopping, food, school, different
school, different filed in the future. filed in the future. Don’t forget
to use the future continues rule.
Phonological features
Some students thought that the future continues using the verb will only. The
teacher will explain for the students the rule.
Other (eg affective domain)
The students will increase student’s self-confidence through discussing and
sharing their answers in group and pairs. Also, it will enhance their critical
thinking skills and creativity.

Rationale: (Why am I teaching this? Place in teaching sequence?)
I am teaching this lesson because it teaches the students the future continues
rule. Besides that, the students will know what rule they should use to describe
the actions that will happen in the future.
Task(s): (What will the learners do?)
The students will listen to the teacher’s instruction to do the activities.
Questioning: question types (closed, open ended, informational, analytical,
evaluative etc )?

Open ended question: How can we use technology to develop food filed in the
future?- How can you use technology in food nowadays? – Can you give one
sentence that contains future continues rule?
Closed question: What is the structure of future continues sentence?

Reflection/evaluation of learning outcomes:
The teacher will give the learners clear instructions to know what they supposed
to do. Also, she will ask them questions to check their understanding to the rule.

Classroom management:
The students need the guidance of working in groups. The teacher will give the
students enough instructions to clarify the way of working in group and how are
they going to discuss their fields with different groups.
Resources and Materials:

XO game.
Time/ Teacher’s Activity
Students’ Activity Interaction Pattern Why
Stage and language input
The teacher will Each group will
Two groups. To revise the
Pre-stage introduce the XO answer the
7 minutes. previous lesson.
games to revise questions
the previous together to have
lesson. one line.

The teacher will The students To build
6 minutes play a video about will take notes Individual. knowledge about
the technology in from the video. the technology in
the future. the future.

The teacher will The students Group. To make the
stage give each group will write points students ready to
5 minutes specific filed to about the fields write.
think about how that they have.
this filed will
develop in the
The teacher will The students To share their
While- will discuss with Groups.
stage number the ideas about the
the field with
3 minutes students to mix their new fields.
them to discuss
different fields.
Post-stage The teacher will The students To use the future
7 minutes ask the students to will write about continues rule in
write about these these fields with writing about
fields and using using the future technology in the
future continues continues. future.
Post-stage The teacher will Each pair will To improve their
ask the students to read other writings.
5 minutes
exchange the papers for
papers with adding and
partners. checking.