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North Carolina

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There were 260,077 solar workers in America in 2016, a 25 percent increase over a single year, based
on data collected for The Solar Foundation’s annual Solar Jobs Census. Visit to view an
interactive map of solar jobs in 2016 by state, county, metro area, and congressional district—and more.

State State Ranking for 1,161 New Solar Jobs, 2016
Solar Jobs Number of Solar 20% Solar Jobs Growth, 2016
7,112 Jobs Nationwide 7% Projected Solar Jobs

Solar Jobs State Ranking Growth, 2017
for Solar Jobs 8% Veterans in State Solar
Per Capita Workforce, 2016

Sales/ Project
Solar Jobs Installation Manufacturing Distribution Development Other
by Sector
(Change from 2015) 3,326 1,311 966 572 936
(40% increase) (15% increase) (3% decrease) (0% decrease) (9% increase)

Solar How Solar Workers
Spend Their Time
Enough Solar

State Ranking to Power
Context for Installed
Solar Capacity 321,995 Solar 6%
Homes Residential Commercial Utility-Scale
Solar Solar Solar

Solar Policy 12.5% by 2021
State Ranking for
Context C Net Metering
Policy Grade
Renewable Portfolio
Standard Target
Average Electricity Price
(Highest to Lowest)

A Interconnection
Policy Grade
0.2% by 2021
Renewable Portfolio
Solar jobs grew 8 times faster
than the overall state economy
in 2016.
Standard Solar Carveout

Figures are from The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census along
with the following sources: Solar Energy Industries Association; Freeing the
Grid 2015; Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Electricity;
and the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
Top Five Counties by
Solar Jobs in 2016

Mecklenburg County 1,150

Wake County 998

Orange County 413

Cleveland County 369

Sampson County 294