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Your Educational Pathway College Bound or Career/Employment

Circle one

KHS Core Schedule – 4 yr Planning

9th 10th 11th 12th Total Grad Credits

1) Spanish English 10 or English 11 or English 12 or 4 English
Honors 10 AP Lit or Lang AP Lit or Lang

2) English Biology Integ. Science or Physics 3 Science

3) Art Geometry AlgebraII Pre Calculus 3 Math

4) Physical Science World His/Civ or US History or CWP 3 Social Studies
AP World His AP US His

5) Comps and careers PE Art Art 2 PE/Health

6) Algebra I Spanish II ? TA 1 CTE
6 cr 12 cr 18 cr 24 cr
1 Spanish
1 Fine Arts
4 Electives
Complete HS & Beyond Plan, Pass all sections of State Assessments, Complete WA State History

4 Year College Bound Students Need:
Each year must include minimum 3 core (CADR) classes, including Senior Year
2 years of Foreign Language (same Language)
Math sequence s/b Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II (include 4th yr)
Must have quantitative math course senior year unless Pre-Calculus was completed Jr year
Science classes must be lab based and include Chemistry or Physics