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Troll in the Corner’s
Masks of Magic and more
By Benjamin Gerber with Benjamin Alberti

Welcome to a very special sale! Recently the staff here at Troll in the Corner’s Magical
Emporium was able to unearth a trove of magical items from deep within hidden ruins and far
inside forbidding jungles! We’ve conferred with the finest shaman and witch doctors as well as
the area’s top ranking magical scholars who won our bidding process and can guarantee the
authenticity and effects of these wondrous and strange artifacts!

We have for you today a selection of magical masks utilized in esoteric rituals by the most
barbaric of peoples! And we mean that in no sense to portray barbarians as anything other than
the fine, upstanding and occasionally psychotic individuals who are always welcome to spend
their hard earned coins at our Emporium!

In addition to our selection of magical masks, we’ve unearthed the rarest of intellectual
weapons! Strange shamanic talismans guaranteed to bring luck and vision! A cursed item that
is so vile we can only sell it to licensed collectors! Licenses are available via our scribe for 10
GP per person.

Inside you will find:

The Mask of the Hunter (Wondrous Item)
The Mask of the Prey (Wondrous Item)
The Powder Mask (Wondrous Item)
Quietus Mask (Wondrous Item)
Bag O Bones (Magical Item)
Sword of Minkin'Mar (Intelligent Magical Weapon)
The Ethereal Hook (Magical Item)
The Heart Plug (cursed item)
The Button of Charming (Magical Item)

And a bonus item: The Orcish Mask of Atavus (Wondrous Item) to go along with our soon to
be released The World of Aruneus – The Orcs!

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The wearer will receive a +2 bonus to strike and damage with any weapon they can normally wield. If the wearer sees anyone wearing the Mask of the Prey. The wearer adds 10’ to their movement. They may cast this once per target.000 GP the Mask of the Hunter. Cost bonuses and abilities at their disposal. as if they were a jaguar prowling the jungle. Jaguar pelt. Once that target is picked. The wearer must pick one visible target at any time. Weight: 10 lbs. stone mask. They will Requirements Craft Wondrous Item. Slight Necromancy Prey. 5. wild Description look. the casting requires no components and the scrying is completed in 5 minutes. it becomes the Mask of the Hunter’s chosen prey. once donned transforms to look like the wearer’s face but with a feral. the wearer immediately feels the thrill of the Construction hunt course through their veins. Unlike the spell however. They may cast the spell Scrying twice per day as a 7th level wizard (caster level 4). Scrying. Once their chosen prey has been killed. The wearer may cast Cause Fear on their current target. Additionally they will attempt to attack Caster Level: 4 and kill whoever is wearing the Mask of Slot: Head Prey as an uncontrollable urge for 1d6+2 rounds before they can choose to remove Price: 10. 2 Mask of the Hunter (Wondrous Item) targets to whoever is wearing the Mask of Aura: Divination. The mask. immediately have the following skills.000 GP Climb +12 to DC checks Acrobatics +8 to DC Checks Stealth +10 to DC Checks These skills may be used even if the wearer does not have any ranks in them. they will immediately change . they may pick another target. Cause Fear. On donning this large.

The wearer adds 10’ to their movement. The wearer will receive a +2 bonus to AC against the chosen enemy. the Requirements Craft Wondrous Item. 3 they can choose to remove the Mask of the Mask of the Prey(Wondrous Item) Prey. Druidic Magic Caster Level: 4 The mask. Cost freedom of a gazelle on the run. wearer immediately feels the swiftness and Druidic Spellcasting. bonuses and abilities at their disposal. Once that target is picked. they will immediately change targets to whoever is wearing the Mask of the Hunter. Gazelle pelt. Construction Description On donning this large. Once their chosen enemy has been killed. the spell Blur becomes continuously in effect on the wearer. Climb +8 to DC checks Acrobatics +12 to DC Checks Perception +10 to DC Checks These skills may be used even if the wearer does not have any ranks in them. The wearer must pick one visible target at any time. it becomes the Mask of the Prey’s chosen enemy. Additionally they will attempt to flee from and hide from their target as an uncontrollable urge for 1d6+2 rounds before . As soon as the wearer puts The Mask of Prey on. If the wearer sees anyone wearing the Mask of the Hunter. once donned transforms to look Slot: None like the wearer’s face but with a calm. The wearer may also cast Freedom of Movement as a 7th level Druid 3 times a day. Price: 9. Aura: Illusion. they may pick another target. stone mask. Weight: 10 lbs.000 GP serene look. They will 4. Blur.500 GP immediately have the following skills. giving them concealment (20% chance to miss when attempting to strike the wearer).

Black: Arcane Sight (as caster level 3 or 3 minutes). disembodied eye that can send information back to the wearer. Red: True Strike. A handful of powder of a particular color is taken. as long as the wearer has sufficient colored powder. +20 on your next attack roll. Aura: Strong Divination Caster Level: 4 Construction Slot: None Price: 14. However if the wearer uses powders of different colors with the mask it produces different effects. Blue: Comprehend Languages (as caster level 2 or 20 minutes). By itself. colorful mask of divinatory powers. While the mask is worn. Speak and read all languages. Detect Secret Doors.000 GP Requirements Craft Wondrous Item. Green: Arcane Eye (as caster level 4 or 4 minutes). An invisible. There is no limit to the number of times a day these abilities can be used. See magical auras. . Invisible. The powers colored powder imparts on the wearer are as follows. It is made of wood and often painted in metallic colors. White: See Invisibility (as caster level 2 or 20 minutes). 4 The Powder Mask requires 2 ounces of Powder Mask (Wondrous Item) powder per use. The powders can be produced from anything (talc being common) and must only be a particular color.000 GP Description The Powder Mask is an odd. See invisible objects. Comprehend Languages. Arcane Sight. True Strike. depending on the desired effect. the powder is blown out of the wearer’s hand. Yellow: Detect Secret Doors (as caster level 2 or 2 minutes). the mask simply radiates divinatory magic. Cost 7. See Weight: 3 lbs. Arcane Eye.

Halt Undead Targets up to 3 undead for 3 minutes. Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous item. 5 Quietus Mask (Wondrous Item) Aura: Strong Necromancy Caster Level: 8 Slot: None Price: 20. Halt Undead. Save/resistance as per spell. Description The Quietus Mask is a creation designed for the sole purpose of enslaving and using the powers of death and the undead. The powers of this mask come at a potentially steep price. fresh death mask not more than 10 days old. Control Undead. there is a 5% chance the wearer will permanently lose 1 hit point whether they use the powers of the mask or not. Undeath To Death The wearer can destroy 8d4 hit dice of undead creatures within a 40’ radius. The Quietus mask is the white of old bone and must be made from the plaster death mask of someone deceased not more than 10 days.000 GP . Save/resistance as per spell. 3 times daily.000 GP Weight: 3 lbs. 3 times daily. Control Undead Up to 10 HD of undead within 30’ for 10 minutes. Undeath to Death. Cost 10. On donning the mask. Save/resistance as per spell. the wearer immediately gains the following spell like abilities. Each time the mask is put on. 3 times daily.

Construction Requirements Craft Magical Item. one bone may be taken from the bag and tossed over your right shoulder. Cost 400 GP . If you do not use this bonus in the round you’ve thrown the bone over your shoulder. silvered bones contained within. This bonus lasts for one round. and left loosely open. 6 Bag O Bones (Magical Item) Aura: Weak Enchantment Caster Level: 1 Slot: - Price: 800 GP Weight: 1 lb. As a free action. When this is done you will gain a +1 to any one of the following: • Any Skill Check • AC • Damage roll • Saving Throw roll • Attack roll. The Bones within will never simply fall out and any attempt at pick pocketing them receives a +10 to the normal DC. Must specialize in Enchantment. The bag is customarily tied to the belt within easy reach. Description The Bag O Bones appears to be just that. a worn cloth bag with 1d6 small. you lose it.

Elvish. it will bond with them. mage hand and prestidigitation to ask inappropriate questions or pick up items that do not belong to you or it and examine them. After its owner has had it in their possession for a full week. Alignment: Chaotic Good Int 6 Wis 6 Cha 12 Senses: Empathy.000 GP literature. Message. legendary. Prestidigitation. in the third person) is roughly as intelligent as a 10 year old child. Read and Speak Common. a crow. Intelligent Magical Longsword 1d8+2 The Bond between The Sword of Minkin’Mar and its owner can only be Description broken by mutual consent. Read Magic. One favorite method is to float things . It does not appear to have any special purposes or reasons for existing. This longsword’s appearance does nothing to advertise the intelligence hidden within. shiny objects and brightly colored items.5 lbs. The Sword of Minkin’Mar (which is how it will always refer to itself. Speech. Dwarven. Orcish. it is often attracted to Weight: 2. On the surface this sword’s magical properties seem limited to its +2 damage bonus. it will take any opportunity to use message. Mage Hand. It can cast the following 0 level spells at will: Daze. 7 Sword of Minkin'Mar (Intelligent Magical over to its owner to answer questions such Weapon) as “Isn't this just the prettiest coin purse you've seen today? What do you mean Aura: Strong Enchantment where did I get it?” Caster Level: 9 Slot: None Like a child or as it is referred to in scholarly Price: 50. If it can do so unnoticed. which the sword often gives on the promise of going to a new Today no one remembers exactly who owner with shinier or more colorful Minkin of Mar was but his sword is near possessions. Ego Score: 7 The Sword of Minkin’Mar dislikes talking where any other than its current owner can hear.

Only the person who hung the hook can remove it. even in the air seemingly attached to nothing. unless enough force is applied to pry it loose. A 4th level Ethereal Hook is recommended for tethering a single horse. More than 100 lbs. Floating Disk. Construction Requirements Craft Magical Item. For each additional caster level. the Ethereal Hook can be hung anywhere.250 GP. . A 9th level Ethereal Hook can hold up to 900 lbs. of force applied to the Ethereal Hook will rip it from its Ethereal mooring and it will tumble to the ground.500 GP Weight: 1 lb. 8 Ethereal Hook (Magical Item) Aura: Evocation Caster Level: Variable Slot: None Price: 500 GP to 4. A level 1 spellcaster can create an Ethereal Hook which can hold up to 100 lbs. In effect. the hook affixes itself firmly to an anchor point in the Ethereal realm. Cost 250 GP to 2. of items. the Ethereal Hook can hold an additional 100 lbs. A 1st level Ethereal Hook is fine for holding a pack or coat. Description The Ethereal Hook is an ordinary looking if larger than average coat hook. normally cast out of iron. against a stone wall. against a tree. When it’s held at arm’s length and the invocation is spoken.

Creation Magic Items Pink Rhomboid Ioun Stone. Once replaced the cursed person will cease losing 3 hit points a round but will continue to lose a point of Con every seven days. Additionally. Additional items Brass Plug. if the plug is forcibly removed (by pulling or unscrewing) the cursed person will lose 3 HP a round due to bleeding until the plug is replaced. Remove Curse (DC 18) or other magical means are an effective way to remove the heart plug. the plug painfully embeds itself into the skin over the heart. 9 The Heart Plug (Cursed Item) Aura: Strong Necromancy Caster Level: 6 Slot: None Price: - Weight: - This small. If a successful Will save (DC 18) is made. Over the course of time they will begin to lose stamina. losing a point of Con every seven days until they reach 0 and die. one drop at a time through the heart plug. Along with it was rolled piece of vellum with one word “sanguinolentus” written on it. The cursed person slowly bleeds. the Heart Plug will immediately fly from wherever it is and will attempt to embed itself into the chest of whoever said “sanguinolentus”. Once embedded the Heart Plug cannot safely be removed by normal means. . If this word is uttered. the plug falls harmlessly to the ground. If the save is not made. threaded brass plug was found in a felt lined wooden box which was intricately carved with images of bloody battles and executions.

To activate it the button must be unfastened. Cost 500 GP . If activated. ivory button. it confers the following to the wearer: +2 to any Perform skill checks +2 to Charisma These effects last 2d6 rounds.000 GP Weight: - This button looks like an aged. The Button of Charming must be sewed on to a shirt so that it fastens at the neck or upper chest. ivory button with two holes in the center for sewing on to a shirt. thus revealing the wearer’s throat. 10 Button of Charming(Magic Item) Aura: Enchantment Caster Level: 2 Slot: None Price: 1.Charm Person. Construction Requirements Craft Magic Item. The Button of Charming and the wearer’s neck or upper chest must be visible for the effects to work.

Description The Orcish Mask of Atavus allows the wearer to see and partially exist in the Ethereal plane. Cost 5. The chance of being immediately attacked is reduced to 10% for Orcs and 15% for other races. whoever is wearing the mask receives a +1 to attack and may strike the Penumbral Atavus with non- magical weapons for full damage.000 GP . the ethereal realm becomes more easily visible and the Penumbral Atavus can be seen as more than shadowy figures. When the mask is worn. It is fairly limited in it’s application however. The mask increases the chance of summoning an Orc Penumbral Atavus and decreases the chance that once summoned the Penumbral Atavus will attack. Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item. If the Orcish Mask of Atavus is worn when a summoning is attempted the chance of success increases to 20% for Orcs and 10% for other races. 11 Orcish Mask of Atavus Aura: Transmutation Caster Level: 7 Slot: None Price: 10.000 GP Weight: 3 lbs. If an attack does occur. This wooden mask decorated with feathers and ancestral sigils acts as a gateway between the Orcs and the ethereal embodiment of their ancestors. Ethereal Jaunt.

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