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Alex Mello

Mrs. Page

Service Learning, Period 3

10 March 2017

Union Pacific Notes

1851 is when they were founded. Pacific moved to this campus in 1924.

There's is an engineering department that has its own 3D printer.

There is a place where you can stand and there's an echo which is cool.

They have baseball basketball and stuff.

They don't have football.

Intramural sports such as dodgeball

You can't have any pets except for a fish in a five gallon tank.

The university center is where you can get food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The food is "pretty good" according to the tour guide.

They have a gym that is open from 6 am - midnight.

There are emergency beacon things throughout the campus, and if you press the button there is

a 90 second response time.

They have their own police force.

There is wifi throughout the campus.

The Mccaffrey center is where you can do studying and get tutoring and such.

There is free student parking.

You have you live on campus for two years before you can lie off campus.

320 students live inside of Grace Covell Hall

All of the rooms are single gender rooms.

The president lives on campus.
The president of the university is Pamela Ibec.

175 acre campus

They have an electronic bell system

They have a library that has multiple study rooms, they also have a cafe in the library and it is

open to the public. It opens at 7 am - 2 am on the weekdays.

Average classroom size is 20 students.

The student to teacher ratio is 17:1