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Name: Ella

Use this GMO SQWORL of websites, VIDEOS, (& article from yesterday) to
research the benefits and concerns of GMOs and include “quoted” citations with
hyperlinked resources at the end in (parentheses):
Citations for Citations for
Benefits: Concerns:

May be more nutritious “For example, engineers are May cause allergies “BT toxin, designed to kill pests
able to create rice that has that eat crops, caused allergies and
(better for your health) vitamin A and iron. The (have allergens) other responses” (Genetically
modified rice is more Modified Foods).
nutritious” (Should the U.S.

“Crops that are genetically May be unhealthy “Human studies show how
engineered to fight diseases genetically modified (GM)
Fight Diseases
are saving not only the food can leave material
foods we love, but the behind inside us, possibly
industries that grow them” causing long-term
(http://www.fooddialogues.c problems”
om/foodsource/gmo/what- (http://responsibletechnolog
both-today-and-in-the- gmos/).
“Some GMO foods have Hurting Animals “The spotlight on animal
been modified to make rights in CAFOs (Confined
them more resistant to Animal Feeding Operations)
insects and other pests. A is typically focused on
report from the University of cramped spaces and
Insect Resistance California in San Diego blatantly inhumane
states that toxic bacteria treatment. But some
(yet safe for human use) scientists, farmers and
can be added to crops to veterinarians are talking
make them repel insects. about another form of
This means the amount of animal abuse: stuffing
pesticide chemicals used on animals with feed grown
the plants are reduced, so from genetically engineered
their exposure to dangerous crops drenched in
pesticides are also reduced” glyphosate, the key
( ingredient in Monsanto’s
7-big-advantages-and- RoundUp”
disadvantages-of- (http://www.counterpunch.o
genetically-modified-foods) rg/2013/08/09/torturing-

“Due to higher yield and Not 100% Environmentally “Though it is claimed by
lower costs, food prices Friendly many experts that
Decrease in Food Prices
would go down. As people genetically modified foods
in poorer countries spend are safe for the
over half of their income on environment, they actually
food alone, this means still contain several kinds of
automatic reduction of substances that are not yet
poverty”(http://connectusfu proven to be such. And what’s worse? These
and-disadvantages-of- substances are remained
genetically-modified-foods). hidden to the

Name of Findings: Benefit or
GMO: Concern?
What did you find out? What makes it a
Corn The GMO corn has a protein in it that is poisonous to certain Benefit, because it takes
insects to help protect to growth of the corn. The corn has been less time to grow which
modified to express protein from the bacterium Bacillus can helping starving
thuringiensis people. Concern,
because nobody knows
what's in the GMO corn.

Papaya The GMO papayas have been altered to be resistant to viral Benefit, because it grows
diseases. The GMO helps the papayas grow even when the virus is faster because of GMO
widespread. and that will help feed
people that need food
and the GMO papayas
allow farmers to
cultivate the fruit when
there are virus
widespread. Concern,
because nobody knows
what's in the GMO

potatoes The GMO potatoes have been altered to have less black spots Benefit, because it grows
when you peel them and there is a less bad chemical when you faster because of GMO
fry them. The GMO potatoes also are pest resistant. Since it is and that will help feed
resistant they will grow better. people that need food
quickly and since there
is GMO potatoes it will
have less black spots
and won’t release as
much of a bad chemical
when you fry it.Concern ,
because nobody knows
what's in the GMO
potatoes and people
don’t think think that the
government is regulating
biotech crops carefully