Action Plan

Indicators & Measures of
 Learn all the students’ names right away (Mar 6
– Mar 10).
 Identify different categories of students (ie. who  Students are engaged and motivated
is independent, who works best in pairs/groups, to learn by focussing on the task at
who needs the most attention, etc.) (Mar 6 – Mar hand whether it is a video, worksheet,
17). or game.
 Revisit classroom management strategies talked  Students show they are paying
about in previous education courses (ie. attention to the speaker by not being
Curriculum & Instruction and Educational on their phones, not having
Psychology) (Mar 6 – Apr 12). earphones in their ears, the
 Differentiate between students needing a break assignment/activity is in front of
in order to focus or a redirection to their work them, and their faces are directed
(Ongoing). towards the speaker.
 Always be scanning the classroom looking for  Students redirect their behaviour
students who are off-task or are needing help when they see or hear one of the
with a problem (Ongoing). management strategies mentioned in
 Use voice, wait-time, lights, and sounds as the action plan.
management strategies to redirect students’  Students respond to the teacher or
focus (Ongoing). the speaker when they are asked to
 Incorporate more fun or less strenuous activities do or not to do something.
on Day 1’s as the students are in core classes all  Students show they are interested in
day (Mar 6 – Apr 12). the material by participating in
 Reflect on each lesson, day, and week with TA discussions, showing their written
about appropriate management techniques and work, and/or asking questions they
areas to improve. are curious about or need clarification
Goal #1:
As a PS2 student teacher, I
 Engaging in Career-Long
Timeline: March 6 – April 12 hope to use a variety of age-
Learning (actively seeking
appropriate classroom
Action Plan:
 Learn student’s names (Mar 6 management strategies in out feedback to enhance
– 10).about the available technologies practice&&Measures
Indicators collaborating of
 Learn order the
to redirect behaviour
with other
Achievement: teachers to build
 school
Research tips
offers and onifage-
I have access and create a positive learning
to them. professional capacities).
 Find appropriate classroom
out if students are allowed to have environment. Students, TA, and/or UC agree with or
 Establishing Inclusive
management strategies (Mar
access to such technologies too or if they are impressed by my use of
6 – Apr 12).elsewhere. Learning Environments
have access technology in the class
(employing classroom via verbal
  Research
Ask TA and tipsUC and about what for
strategies  management
communication in Career-Long
or written strategies
incorporating classroom
technology into teaching and observation.
Learning (maintaining
Timeline: March 6 – April 12 that optimize learning,
lesson planning.strategies they Colleagues/Mentor  Studentsreflect
seem engaged with
awareness and the
of emerging
a positive safe
use (Mar
Find-out 6 – Apr
about 12).
 Ask TA and UC if they have any tips, tricks, s and Resources: lesson content technologies).
as a result of
environment, and involve
 orArticulate
ideas withbehavioural
and availability
regards at the use in
to technology  students
technology Demonstrating
use. in routines a &
school (Mar in 6the
– classroom
10).  Colleagues/Mentor
the classroom.  Studentsimplementing
seem motivated
Professional Body toof
learn as
 Clearly phone use,
articulate on technology
expectations in when it s Consultant –Ken
and Resources: a result of Knowledge
technology (considering
use. and/ora
MackGoal #2: universal, targeted
or out,
use goofy
and howbehaviour)
to teach
comes to technology use such as student(Mar
it  Studentsspecific
learn useinstructional
their cellphones
 University
Teacher Mentor – strategies for
6 and
phone Ongoing).
use during class(Mar 6 or–instructional
Apr strategies and incorporating
As a Consultant
PS2 student appropriately
teacher, during class (ie. time of
I students).
 periods.
12).appropriate Michael –Ken
hope to use lesson,
technology in digital
duration, technology
use, etc.). as a
behavioural  Mack
Other staff
 Try to include techniques
Articulate technology-use
at least one form of  Students resource).
are not on their devices
expectations in the classroom  my lessons
members and –teach
technology into every lesson (phones, students how while I or one
to effectively Establishing Inclusive
of their peers is
 computers,
6 and questions
Ongoing).and  Michael
Internet Madsen
microscopes, SmartBoard, use etc.).technology inspeaking. Learning Environments
 Other staffCourse the
 Regularly that
Modelreinforce redirect
appropriate their
expectations about Education  When students (incorporating
are on their students’
technology (Ongoing).
use (Ongoing). Workclassroom.
technology use to students. their use ispersonal and cultural
not distracting others or
 Include technology in lesson  Internet
 Model appropriate technology use in the themselves strengths into teaching
and is being used for &
classroom. (Ongoing). educational learning).
purposes, or because
they were directed to do so.