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Tense Signal words Use Form Affirmative Negative Questions

I work. I don’t Do I work?
every day something Infinitive work.
sometimes happens (except v He works. Where does
always repeatedly to be) He doesn’t he work?
Simple often work.
Present usually habits/routines He/she/it: They go. Do they go?
seldom They don’t
never facts/truths Infinitive + She goes. go. Where does
first… then s she go?
timetables/progra She doesn’t
ms go.

something is I am I’m not Am I
happening at the am/are/is working. working. working?
now same time of +
Present at the speaking or V-ing He isn’t
Continuous moment around He is working. Where is he
tomorrow working. working?
next week future meaning: They aren’t
plans/arrangemen They are working. Are they
ts working. working?

infinitive+ She worked She didn’t Did she work
last ____ action began and ed in 2010. work in in 2010?
Simple Past _____ ago finished in the 2010.
yesterday past, often used irregular: They went Where did
in 1990 with an 2nd to the beach They didn’t they go

worked. Continuous how long immediate + been + . working. worked? since action happened *ed ending for at an not or 3rd They have They Where have specified point in column of gone. expression of column in yesterday. go to the yesterday? time table of beach irregular yesterday verbs action happened in the middle of She was She wasn’t Was she Past while another action was/were working. worked? never continues in the participle Present ever present * She has She hasn’t Has she Perfect already worked. worked. working? working. haven’t they the past table of worked. weren’t walking? by another action walking. working? Continuous when + V-ing action in progress They were They Were they was interrupted walking. just action started in have/has You have You haven’t Have you yet the past and + worked. worked? irregular action finished verbs very close to the present action started in You have Have you You haven’t Present all day the past and been been been Perfect all afternoon continues in the have/has working.

. been working. been going? haven’t been going.since present V-ing She has How long She hasn’t for been has she been emphasis on working. duration of action working? They have Have they They been going.