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SKF Enlight QuickCollect

lows. Combining an easy-to-use Sensor and the SKF QuickCollect app. connect directly with SKF remote helping you to optimise your rotating diagnostic services. giving you access equipment performance. ire equipment checks. etc. This kind of inspection data can be With SKF Enlight QuickCollect. on-the-spot analysis capability. SKF QuickCollect empowers The SKF DataCollect app also provides expenditure. Handheld sensors and mobile apps Get access to SKF’s industry-leading Upgrading to the SKF DataCollect app make it easy to capture. and record information lubrication rounds. you have issues relating to vibration and industry-leading expertise and temperature. share and diagnostic personnel and resources. you can interpret this valuable machine data. customised forms for health data. Using the SKF QuickCollect range of useful data from around used to automate support for activities expertise. With SKF sensor monitors for a wide range of Enlight QuickCollect. sensor with mobile apps. SKF Enlight QuickCollect is automated diagnostics. Simple and to world-leading machine and bearing robust. it enables you can easily start checking the ‘on the monitoring. data and diagnose machine problems providing built-in expertise through effectively. your facility. process and machine health app provides more detailed. cost-effective guided measurement support. In addition to machine such as: plant safety and EHS audits. providing instant machine 2 3 . and can also be machine health without the need for your workforce to monitor your plant customised forms to collect a wide extensive training or diagnostic machinery. ery. Instructions can be provided machine health data collection and directly into SKF’s remote diagnostic and process data quickly and simply feedback based on ISO standards. process and machine Few organizations today possess a capabilities. Connect directly with collection The SKF QuickCollect app offers entry- SKF expertise level. inspection. advice. with entry-level setup costs. equipment performance optimisation equipment and relied on high levels of and root cause analysis. company wide. colour-coded machine condition levels. such as pressures. tion. provides extended diagnostic store inspection. and the equipment. And when you designed to make it easy to collect and need more advanced support. operations staff can environmental/quality/air leak inspec- you to quickly and easily identify your spot’ condition of your rotating machin. for operators to clean and inspect analysis is now within everyone’s centres for expert analysis and with this easy-to-use. collecting machine and process data. perform visual inspections guided by tions. maintenance program. and the ability to connect preventative maintenance. and share inspec. and to tell them when reach. lubrication Simplified data diagnostics and the ability to store and share data for further analysis. the SKF QuickCollect handheld performance analysts.Machine monitoring Start capturing valuable machine made easy health data straight away Simpliied inspection. Upgrading to the SKF DataCollect instructions. there’s diagnostic support when needed. process and data. You can also tap Collect valuable machine. SKF Enlight in-house expertise to understand the QuickCollect can solve this problem. It’s easy to get started and addition to your maintenance program. large body of in-house expertise on collecting all types of inspection and In the past. wirelessly to an app on your mobile device. option to connect to SKF expert and how to seek help when needed. The sensor transmits data benchmark data at your ingertips. it is Requiring limited training and no spe- no need to make the case for capital invaluable to complement your now possible for anyone to monitor cialist skills. rotating process data required expensive with SKF expert remote services. and machine condition.

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