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Directions: ​You and your group will be looking into the
success and eventual downfall of a civilization/empire that
existed between 5000 BCE and 1500 CE. You will be depicting
this through an anatomy/autopsy report.
➔ The “​Anatomy​” illustrates/describes the main aspects of
the civilization/empire. (GREASES)
➔ The “​Autopsy​” shows what led to the
demise/death/collapse of the empire/civilization.

Empires: ​You will need notes on each one of the cultures/empires listed below for this project:
❏ Achaemenid (Persian Empire, Cyrus, Xerxes, etc., ​Cheat-Sheet​ and ​Crash Course​)
❏ Han Empire (China) ​Cheat-Sheet​ and ​Overview Video
❏ Qing Empire (China) ​Cheat-Sheet​ and Overview Video)
❏ Gupta Empire (India) ​Cheat-Sheet​ and ​Crash Course​)
❏ Babylon (Mesopotamia)
❏ Ghana (Africa) ​Big History Article​, ​Cheat-Sheet​,
❏ Assyrian Empire (Mesopotamia)
❏ Rome (the Empire) ​Crash Course​, ​website​, ​Cheat-Sheet​; ​Freemanpedia’s “Classical Mediterranean
Civs” site​; ​Greco-Roman Philosophy
❏ Mayan (mesoamerica/central America) ​Crash Course
❏ Mali Empire (Mansa Musa, Gold, Islam, etc: ​Crash Course​ , ​TED talk​)
❏ Ethiopian Empire (aka “Abyssinia”; Africa) ​Cheat-Sheet​,
❏ Athens (Greek City States) ​Crash Course​, ​Cheat-Sheet​; ​Freemanpedia’s “Classical Mediterranean
Civs” site​; ​Greco-Roman Philosophy​,
❏ Sparta (Greek City States) ​Crash Course​, ​Article​, ​Cheat-Sheet​; ​Freemanpedia’s “Classical
Mediterranean Civs” site​; ​Greco-Roman Philosophy​,
❏ Mongolian Empire (​Cheat-Sheet​ and ​Crash Course​)
❏ Alexander the Great’s Empire (aka “Hellenistic” culture/civilization, etc.) ​Crash Course​; ​Cheat-Sheet​;
Freemanpedia’s “Classical Mediterranean Civs” site​; ​Greco-Roman Philosophy​,
❏ Aztec (Mesoamerica) ​Big History Article​ ​Cheat-Sheet​, ​Cheat-Sheet​ ​Crash Course​, and ​useful
❏ Inca (S. America) ​Big History Article​ ​Cheat-Sheet​ ​ Article
❏ Kamakura (Feudal Japan, Samurai, etc.) ​Big History Article​ ​Japan vs. Europe Infographic
❏ Vikings (Scandinavia/N.Europe) ​Hanseatic League Cheat-Sheet (Viking Trade)​ , ​Feudal Europe
❏ Indus River Civilization(Want a challenge? Choose Indus River Valley: ​Crash Course
(Harappa/Mohenjodaro, Aryan, Vedic, etc.)
❏ Other? Bring Bags, Tomlisson, or Holloway researched ideas, must fall between 5000 BCE-1500 CE
Rise and Fall of Civilizations/Empires Resources:
❏ The Decline and Fall of Empires
❏ Jared Diamond’s “Why Civilizations Collapse” TED Talk

Civilizations by Era Resources​:
❏ Ancient Civilizations Website
❏ Freemanpedia “Early Civilizations 10,000 BCE to 600 BCE”​ (Early River Valley Civs like Mesopotamia,
Indus River, Yellow River/China, and Egypt)
❏ Freemanpedia “Classical Civilizations 600 BCE - 600 CE”​ (Many of the major Religions, Rome,
Greece, Qin, Han, Maya, Gupta, etc.)

Religion/Philosophy Resources:
❏ General website giving an overview of religions
❏ Zorastrianism
❏ Judaism
❏ Hinduism
❏ Buddhism
❏ Confucianism
❏ Doaism
❏ Christianity
❏ Greco-Roman Philosophy

Part One: Empire Anatomy: ​ If this was an obituary of your culture, what would the “good times”, “key
aspects”, and “important legacies” of your culture be? HOW DID IT HELP YOUR CIVILIZATION BE
SUCCESSFUL? Give a clear picture of what your culture/empire was like during healthier times, broken down
into the following categories:
❏ Head (outside; crown, hair, etc.)​: Significant Leaders & Accomplishments (GOVERNMENT)
❏ Brains (inside of head)​: use of technology/science as driver of innovation and successes (SCIENCE)
❏ Spine/Back​: Political/power structures: who makes decisions?/ how is power distributed?
❏ Heart​: Religious Beliefs and Cultural Rituals, traditions, etc. (RELIGION)
❏ Hands​: Art, Architecture & Tech. Advances (ART)
❏ Legs​: Labor Systems; who did the work in this civilization, (SOCIETY)
❏ Ribs​: Societal Infrastructure (role of social classes, women, children,)
❏ Feet​: Trade routes and goods traded. Trade Partners. (ECONOMY)
❏ Background​: the background should include Monumental Architecture and supporting information such as
crops, places, events, etc., to your picture: How did this Civilization adapt/use the Environment.

First Steps​: Anatomy of your Empire/Civilization...
1. Working in groups of 2-3, ​choose a civilization/empire​ from the list above.
2. You will then begin to ​research​ your civilization, using the categories listed above.
3. You will have 11x17 paper with a body outline to make notes and plan out your finished product.
4. You use this annotate your body to show the key features of your civilization,(at its height).

Next Steps​: The Autopsy of your Empire/Civilization...
Using the same 11x17 paper, you will plan a second image to represent the death of your Empire. It should be
annotated and broken down into the questions below:

1. What led to the decline of this empire? (long terms effects)
2. Who was fighting against this decline , Why were they unsuccessful?
3. What was the immediate cause of the death of your Empire?
4. What is the legacy of the Empire? (are there parts leftover?)
5. Are there any conflicting accounts/ theories about why your Empire declined?

Final Step​: creating your fancy, detailed, and effective Anatomy and Autopsy infographics...
1. Start by taking a sheet of butcher paper, lay it on the floor, you or your partner lie down and trace an
outline. This is the body of your Civilization.

2. You will then divide this body up and on one side annotate using your anatomy notes (why your
civilization was successful) and on the other side it should show the autopsy (why your civilization
declined). ​OR​ You will do the anatomy notes on one side and the autopsy on the back side.

3. The presentation should be neat and creative. For example: if the Civilization declined because of inferior
technology then you will have to show how the brain was affected/ damaged. If the legacy of your
civilization was religion then you will need to show how the heart is healthy in your autopsy poster. You
will present your civilization to the rest of the class in a gallery walk.

Presentations/Gallery Walk​: TBA...just know you’ll have to present your project in the end!
Part 3: Gallery Walk​: ???.

a. ?
Part 4: Socratic Semic Walk​: ???.

b. ?
Other Information:
❏You need at least three sources of information.
❏ One can be your textbook.
❏ Cite in APA Format
❏Write your empire information in one color.
❏Write your autopsy info in a different color.
❏Here’s a general idea of what I’m looking for:


Exemplary Proficient Partially Proficient Unsatisfactory
(100%​90%) (89%​80%) (79%​70%) (69%​0%)
Content ❏Content is accurate ❏Content is accurate ❏Content is accurate ❏Content is inaccurate
(50pts.) ❏Content is detailed ❏Content is adequate ❏Content is too basic ❏Content lacks
❏Content is exemplary ❏Content is ❏Content is is necessary detail
❏Content is presented comprehensive missing a few ❏Content is missing
__/50 pts. according to directions ❏Content is presented details ❏Content isn’t
according to ❏Content is mostly presented as asked
directions presented according
to directions
Organization ❏Info is where it’s ❏Info is where ❏Info is on the poster ❏Info is missing
(​20pts.) supposed to be it’s supposed to ❏Poster is mostly ❏Poster isn’t legible
❏Poster is neat and easy to be legible ❏Name and/or
read ❏Poster is adequately ❏Name/class period class period
❏Name/class period are legible are included missing
included ❏Name/class period ❏Sources are cited, ❏Sources not cited
❏Sources are cited are included incorrectly
_ ❏Sources are cited
Creativity/Ae ● High level of effort ● Effort is apparent ● Effort is so​so ● Effort is embarrassing
sthetics apparent ● Poster is colorful ● Poster lacks color or ● Poster has no color or
(0​15pts.) ● Poster is colorful and and gets the point creativity creativity
creative across ● Poster isn’t organized ● Poster has no
● Organized in a pleasing ● Poster is organized very well obvious
manner ● Content is easy ● Content is illegible or organization
● Content is easy to read to read rushed ● Content is terrible
_ and flows