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The Montreal Jazz Fest.

Is an annual jazz festival celebreated in Montreal. In fact is the laargest and
most important jazz festival in the world.

Was created by Alain Simard.

He started to work in the festival in 1970, but the first fest was in 1980 and
has continued to grow since then.

Every year shows 3000 artists from 30 diferent countries, more than 650
concerts and welcomes close to 2.5 million visitors and around 400
acredited jornalist.

The shows are held in a variety of places, from small jazz clubs to lage
cocert halls of Place des Arts.
the shows start from the morning and ending at midnight, most of the
concerts are free.

La caravan.

Is an annual ethnic festival that celebrates the variety of cultures that exist
in Toronto.

For nine days at the end of june and just $2.00 people can travell arround
the world, without ever having to leave the city.
with the $2.00 dollars you get a "passport" to " travel" across the different
pavilions ubicated arround Toronto.

You can transcend oceans, buy a drink, enjoy at ethnic dance and return
home in a few hours.

It start in 1969 when a couple, Zena and Leon Kossar met some inmigrants
and talk with them about their traditions and the festivals unique in each
The Kossars whant to see that part of europe but when they travelled to
europe they find the end of the war
when they come back they talk with their friends and searched to other
inmigrants in the city and finally did the Caravan.