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Teacher Interview

1. Do your students keep a journal, if so how often do they use
o “The students keep a writers notebook that they use for
all of our writing lessons.”

2. Do your students enjoy the time they get writing? What tactics
do you use to keep them engaged?
o “The students typically like to write, but only if they like
the topic. If the students don’t agree with the topic I
have chosen it becomes more difficult to keep them
entertained. I will allow them to work with a partner to
talk about the writing assignment. I also get them
excited to share their final piece by offering to let them
use the microphone to talk to the class.”

3. How do you scaffold instruction to help all writers?
o “I first talk to the class as a whole group, deliver the
prompt/mini lesson, then they may work with a
partner/group to talk through the topic together, and
then the class will talk as a whole group later.”

4. What do your language art lessons typically look like?
o “I will have the students gather as a group, and I
present a prompt to write about or a mini lesson. Based
off of the prompt or mini lesson the students will then
respond in their writing notebook. Depending on the
task students may work with a partner.”

5. Do students ever share what they write, either whole class or in
small groups?
o “The students will work with a partner to talk about
their thoughts and ideas while writing. Depending on
the subject the students will share pieces of their

6. What do the students typically struggle with most in regards to
o “The students often struggle with actually processing
what they should be writing about, but we work on
staying on task. Students have gotten much better
about punctuation and writing formatting this year.”
Teacher Interview