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ISO 45001:2016
A shor
shortt and simple
simple guide

By Chris Caldwell

2 ISO 45001:2016 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR OccUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETy MANAGEMENT SySTEMS A short and simple guide INTRODUCTION There has never been a more interesting To emphasize this point: time for organisations to be in business.2 million workers lose their lives globally every year to develop commerce with other businesses due to work-related accidents and diseases¹ around the world have been removed by • 4% of the world’s GNP is lost due to work related technological. transportation and political accidents and diseases2 advances.4 million UK working days were lost due to work related illnesses and workplace injuries4 • Injuries and new cases of ill health in the UK from First class businesses seek to work with high calibre current working conditions cost society an estimated associates who demonstrate exceptional performance in £14. There are negative impacts on consequences which impact the very societies in a business for working with organisations that do not take which we live. OHS seriously.2 billion in 2012/134 . 1 US Department of Labor Report 2013 2 Global and Asian trends for Safety and Health at Work 2006 3 Intl Labour Organization 4 UK HSE 01254 265163 hello@newground. Historically. environmental stewardship and occupational health and safety (OHS).uk www. Poor OHS performance leads to devastating protect their own brands.300 workers die every day as a result of globalisation and becoming increasingly occupational accidents or work-related diseases3 connected with international business partners. This is all about to change. • 26. it has been a challenge to find an international benchmark of OHS best practice as there were no globally harmonised management systems. These criteria are incredibly Organisations increasingly want to understand their important for business resilience and effective business suppliers’ OHS practices and performance in order to Geographical barriers that once made it difficult • We truly are in a period of extensive • 6.newground.

Support standards into one formalised. THE STRUCTURE OF “The primary function THE NEW STANDARD of OHSAS 18001 is to keep people safe and to maintain A High Level Structure compliance. It was a minefield to determine which 2 .Leadership Group to collate the beneficial elements of the various 6 . will be phased out in harmonised occupational health and safety management the near future (see Timeline.000 organisations in 125 countries third party certification to the standard will have certified to the 01254 265163 hello@newground. the decision was taken by the ISO Project committee thought possible and recent figures indicate committee to develop ISO 45001.Normative references standards effectively managed health and safety and to 3 . The Annex SL structure will be a large proportion of any ISO management system and it is estimated that somewhere between 30% – 40% of any given management system will comprise of this basic structure. clearly written standard 8 . ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 objectives in a slightly more have all been developed using this structure called Annex pragmatic way. OHSAS Source: ISO.newground. 3 ISO 45001:2016 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR OccUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETy MANAGEMENT SySTEMS A short and simple guide BS EN OHSAS 18001 ISO 45001:2016 The first British Standard for occupational health and Due to an unprecedented international need for a globally safety management.Operation that would prove to be an excellent benchmark of 9 .co. page 7). Prior to 1999 when OHSAS first came on the scene there were numerous OHS standards and certifications which led to ambiguous and fragmented evaluations of OHS Annex SL 1 .Scope performance. goes about addressing these two ISO 9001:2015. international www. ISO 45001 is no There’s a new high level structure which will apply different in this regard. cultures and continents. it just to all ISO management systems going . 10 . Its anticipated that there are over 60.context of the organisation on the wall. clearly demonstrating OHS best practice across countries. OHSAS 18001 has system (OHSMS) that’s suitable for all business sectors been more successful than the original international and sizes.” SL which defines the framework for a management system.Terms and definitions identify the certifications that were more than a “badge” 4 .Performance evaluation OHS performance. This paved the way for the OHSAS Project 5 .Planning 7 .

4 ISO 45001:2016 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR OccUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETy MANAGEMENT SySTEMS A short and simple guide WHAT ARE THE CHANGES? Terms and Definitions Worker / workplace Terms and definitions are being amended to bring the Definitions of ‘workers’ and ‘workplaces’ vary in different standard more in line with all sectors and to make countries. The terms likely proactively fulfilling its obligations to be used will be ‘risk identification’ under the law. The major change here is the need to understand ‘risk’ in the wider Documents and records context of the management system. ‘Preventive action’ will be excluded from the standard as it’s perceived as www. Risk The OHSMS itself is intended to prevent accidents and The fundamental concept of ‘risk’ will remain the same incidents from occurring so ‘preventive action’ has and organisations must continue to assess the likelihood become redundant. terminology more relevant for organisations of any size. and consequences of a particular hazard. clarification of the definition of employees. and ‘risk control’ to encompass a broader concept than hazard Preventive action identification. 01254 265163 hello@newground. really apply to some sectors such as ensuring an organisation is the service Hazard identification Legal and other requirements The new standard will move away from ‘compliance obligations’ will replace the definition of ‘hazard identification’ ‘legal and other requirements’ to as this is a concept that relates emphasise one of the most mostly to manufacturing and doesn’t important elements of an those ‘Documents and records’ will be referred to as tasks that are outsourced. ‘documented information’ to better reflect the modern way in which organisations operate across the digital environment and with processed data. non-employees and workplaces will be included in the The key changes to the terminology listed in bold have new standard to ensure. without a shadow of a doubt. been explained below: which comes under the scope of the OHSMS. for .newground.

suppliers and business. 5 ISO 45001:2016 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR OccUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETy MANAGEMENT SySTEMS A short and simple guide Context of the Organisation organisation to address these perspectives and chapter four of Annex SL is entitled the ‘context of the understand where the boundaries lie in terms of the OHS organisation’ which essentially means that organisations impacts of products and services. on a much bigger picture in relation to performance. • Non-standard patterns of employment and availability of suitable employees • Information. Organisations must take into consideration not only the The standard will not require a comprehensive life cycle internal context of OHS risks but the external and/or value chain analysis but it’ll be crucial that these circumstances as well. To emphasise this point. An important element pertaining to the context of the organisation is expected to be the life cycle and value SETUP OUTSOURCING chain perspectives. “How will these risks be controlled?”. the potential for reputational and financial • Globalisation damage to the organisation could be very significant. In the event of a serious OHS accident or other third parties incident caused by the negligence of an outsourced • Consider neighbours in the surrounding area subcontractor. Organisations will be expected to spend a sufficient amount of time thinking about the context of the organisation and OHS performance asking questions such www. • Rapid growth of small businesses This risk must be identified. It’s the responsibility of an Life cycle & value chain perspective 01254 265163 hello@newground. understood and mitigated. communication and technology • Demographic issues PLANNING • Adverse weather events CLOSURE TENDER This list is only a sample of factors to consider. the procurement must look beyond the immediate OHS issues and focus processes and the supply chain. “What risks might these factors introduce?.uk . several two perspectives are” DELIVERY PROCUREMENT or. internal and external factors that might be considered are: This’ll require organisations to consider and address OHS • Take into account the expectations of wider society risks associated with outsourcing services utilised by the • Think about contractors.

responsibility assigned. organisation. responsibilities. requirements ensuring there’s unambiguous criteria which leadership can be audited against. ISO 45001 isn’t different OHS performance is expected to be SPEcIFIc in this regard. ISO 45001 seeks to clarify these and regularly reviewed. Key performance arising from unclear definitions of roles and indicators must be specific. 01254 265163 hello@newground. Organisations must not only think about this new acceptable under the new ISO 45001 criteria. Improvement will continue to be an important requiring them to set The Performance integration of OHS aspects must be entirely The primary function of OHSAS 18001 is to included in the organisation’s operations keep people safe and to maintain and core organisational processes. Improvement should be inextricably linked with opportunity which will demonstrate and enhance the OHS will need to be embodied in the overall value of OHS interventions. administration of an organisation with stronger buy-in from its management and leadership. objectives and ensure requirement of the standard and it’ll be emphasised that effective communication takes place. REvIEW performance indicators that clearly identify trends in OHS parameters Previously leadership requirements which can be used to implement practical were’nt suitably addressed due to difficulties safety measures. There’s going to be improvement should be closely aligned with business a step change in the requirements on leadership under opportunities. especially for those who’ve previously the OHS risks but the opportunities available that provide delegated OHS responsibility to others in the maximum benefit. time bound. measurable. taking into consideration safety. it just goes about considered in the strategic planning MEASURABLE addressing these two objectives in a process and organisations will need AcHIEvABLE slightly more pragmatic way. compliance. Key performance indicators should be normalised against other data whenever possible to ensure the trends give an Leadership will be responsible for understanding the accurate description of the OHS performance of an needs of all stakeholders and how the organisation can organisation. Risk Evaluation and Opportunities current standards make reference to ‘top management’. best engage them to ensure that OHS performance is’nt www. providing an effective barrier to auditing . evaluated leadership practices. 6 ISO 45001:2016 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR OccUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETy MANAGEMENT SySTEMS A short and simple guide Leadership Improvement. RESPONSIBILITy ASSIGNED to build links between the OHS An excellent example of this is the TIME BOUND strategy / risks and the overall requirement to set OHS key EvALUATE business strategy / risks. This type of arrangement will no longer be financial rewards and any other applicable advantages.

If people are safe and welfare is and ill health and avoid the potential for costly properly managed they’re typically more content. THE ISO 45001 TIMELINE 1999 JUL 2007 MAY 2014 FEB 2015 MAR 2016 OCT 2016 OCT 2016 The OHSAS Project OHSAS 18001 was ISO/cD 45001 ISO/DIS 45001 ISO/FDIS 45001 ISO 45001:2016 UKAS will no longer Group published adopted as a (first committee (first draft (final draft to be published accredit certification the OHSAS 18000 British Standard draft) was international international bodies to certify series published standard) to be standard) to be OHSAS 18001 published published 01254 265163 hello@newground. engaged prosecutions. ISO 45001 a significant proportion of all ISO standards will encourages organisations to quantify the benefits in eventually be built on the same framework. the Annex SL will ensure that ISO only be augmented when driven by a more .newground. This should be relatively straightforward as a The ultimate beneficial outcome of an organisation that robust OHSMS will reduce the risk of causing harm to demonstrates excellent OHS performance is the creation people at work. A key benefit of ISO 45001 is that certification will be meaningful around the world as the standard has been developed to address the globalisation of organisations. helping organisations reduce accidents of a culture of positivity. financial terms looking at the comprehensive added managements systems can be integrated much easier as clearly outlined management system. The standard will link like-minded organisations that have prioritised excellent OHS performance as an essential part of doing www. 7 ISO 45001:2016 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR OccUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETy MANAGEMENT SySTEMS A short and simple guide BENEFITS The benefits to an effective OHSMS are proven and will Furthermore. and productive.

making some significant changes for the better international OHSMS on the way to address the starting with more clearly defined terms. contemporary business practices we’ve become familiar definitions. 01254 265163 hello@newground. phase where leaders will be required to take charge and embed OHS factors into their day to day management . addressing the triple bottom line which which will require careful consideration and includes not only economic success but OHS excellence planning before moving into the implementation and operating in a way which benefits society. with as part of a global economy. roles and the scope to be Organisations are The context of the organisation is a major increasingly under pressure to look beyond the financial overhaul compared with previous standards bottom line. 8 ISO 45001:2016 THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR OccUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETy MANAGEMENT SySTEMS A short and simple guide CONCLUSION It appears the new international standard is It can only be a good thing to have a www.newground.