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Lesson Plan Template

Background Information-Content

Student teacher name: ID#: Lesson Title/Reference: Musical
Shammah Khameis Saeed H00295791 instruments of the UAE
Grade: 10 No. of students: Date: Time: 1:30 School:
advanced 30 students 6-March -2017 Al- massah School
Learning Outcomes Target Language
Speaking: What is the name of the musical
The students will discuss together the name of instrument that does you have?
the musical instrument.
Listening -

Reading Now you will read a text about
The students will skim reading the text to answer the musical instrument of the
the worksheet. UAE.
Writing -

Bow, instrument, skin, strings, and instrument.
Phonological features:
The students might face difficulties to highlight the key words to answer the

Other (eg affective domain)
The students will increase student’s self-confidence and their critical thinking
skills through answering the questions from the text.

Rationale: (Why am I teaching this? Place in teaching sequence?)
I am teaching this lesson to teach the students how to highlight the keywords to find
the answers from the text in short time.
Task(s): (What will the learners do?)
The students will listen to the teacher’s instructions to know what to do.
Questioning: question types (closed, open ended, informational, analytical,
evaluative etc )?
Closed question: Which musical instrument do you have? – What are the key
words in this question?
Open ended question: Which musical instrument you are familiar with it?

Reflection/evaluation of learning outcomes:
The teacher will give the learners clear instructions to know what they supposed
to do.
Classroom management

The students need the guidance to do peer checking. The teacher will give the
students clear instructions to make it easy for them.
Resources and Materials:
Puzzle, course book, and the workbook.
Time/ Teacher’s Activity
Students’ Activity Interaction Pattern Why
Stage and language input
Pre-stage The teacher will Each group will To guess the title
give each group a collect the of the lesson.
5 minutes Group
pieces of the
puzzle about
pictures to
different musical identify the
instrument, then musical
the teacher will ask
them to name this
The teacher will The students To find the main
While- Individual
stage ask the students to will read the idea of the text.
5 minutes skim reading the text and find the
text and find out main idea of the
the main idea of text.
the text.
While-stage The teacher will The students To check the
5 minutes Individual
give the learners will do the students’
worksheet to do worksheet comprehending
related to the individually. for the text.
The teacher will The students To check the
While stage
2 minutes ask the students to will exchange Pair answers.
exchange the the worksheet
worksheet with a with a pair and
pair to check the correct the
answers. worksheet for
The teacher will The students To do more
Post stage Individual
ask the students to will do some exercises for
20 minutes
do some exercises exercises in the better
in the workbook workbook. comprehending.
page ( 54, 55, 56)