Bharatfin =high beta.
Reliance Industries= 1min Bollinger follows very nicely especially short (take 2-point profit...)
Grasim=Good liquidity hence good for scalping.
Believe Amit on Pharma stock.
Look for a trend on 5 min or 3min chart and enter when confirmation from 1 min chart.
Asian Paint=3 MIN
JD=Amit only shorts JD.
HZL is low beta. Good for positional.
HZL follows supertrend 8,1.5 ;30 min really great (Amit)

You get only 1 IPO fro one PAN CARD.

1.Check Icici intraday call.
2. Check Angel Broking Call (Amit uses this for intraday)
3.Check Slack Calls.
4.Check on stock edge app for news/events.
5.Check the Sensex on moneycontrol to gauge the trends.
Sandeep Chauhan: Guys don’t get into a trade until 10:25 if you are intraday.

Leading indicators=more suitable for trending market=Moving averages
Lagging Indicators=Suitable for ranging market=Stoch
One guy suggested (Use MACD with EMA and Bollinger)
Pavan Yadav uses MA and supertrend for Intraday 10m and 15 min.
Ichimoku works like a charm(Samurai).
Heishe Ashik Is an illusion on weekly. May work on lower TF(5,3,1 min TF according to basty).
Samurai(Alpha Sumit): Stoch is better for entry ,thinks supertrend doesn’t work)
Kirupha karan: Stoch with Bollinger works best for intraday.
Rigi bull: Use different combinations of Supertrend at once (8,1.5;7,3 etc)

Bollinger Strategy
Use it when bands swell up.
When the Candlestick are close to the band then they are in trend.
When they start moving away then they are losing strength.
BB is mainly for shorting.
Don't apply when the fundamental say buy.
If there is a squeeze of Bollinger band then there will be a big change up either up or down.
Don't use Bollinger reversal if the stock is making days high.

1. Trade in respective derivatives based on his trades. Enter the direction the supertrend is showing in the last 30 min. Put limit order with a slight margin Not all the orders will be executed so wait for the next signal.1 min chart 10.Supertrend settings. Leo: Follow for positional Tauras is safer “I like Leo the best. Sell below the Pivot. Get a better price than hydra. Supertrend works for VEDL/BANKNIFTY in 5 min. Never go short on Top Losers in Nifty is high. Sell at closing of Red bar. BHEL HDFC SUNPHARMA Never Go long on top gainers in nifty is low. Trade VEDL instead of HZL. Opentrade Hydra: Intraday strategies by far the best he has seen. Hydra always loose on India cement. Use 2 lagging indicators with it. Super trend works badly in volatile market. Gap up then red bar.3 for positional trading 15 min chart. 8. shows bullish. HZL is low beta. Should give you 20-30 easy . Supertrend gives good exit point. shows bearish . then Ursa major(very fast. then Hydra. does minute scalping) then Taurus. Put whatever direction supertrend is showing in last 30 min. HZL=follow 30 min supertrend. (Amit). If you want to catch a trend then enter a trending stock. GAP UP Hourly/30 min chart. For supertrend entry at not end of the candle but somewhere in middle.5 for scalping on 3min. Buy Above the pivot. Take his short trades.

Flags make bull money. Pharma’s generally reverse trend on expiry day.Strategy Virtual trading: Dalal Street investments NSE patshala on NSE website for FO for Mobile: money control and raging bull. then gained 1%up Don't go by Amit’s recoss blindly. Easy to make 10k. then just kept tumbling. Short Top Loser when market Going Down. Enter the top Gainer if Market moving up. Use upstock strategy builder for options. Volume invitation. Wait for breakouts. Check top gainer vs top losers at 9:25(bse2 nse chart).com For options strategy. Bharatifin opened to a loss of 5%. Bollinger make bear money. Go with the one with best avg RSI. Unusual instances 7/3/2017 Pre-market opened high. Tanked in Axis Bank. Take only four stocks and follow them closely. Check if overall market going up/down.. Learn Optionwin. Websites/App Screener. (Sandeep Chauhan Does this by 10) Strategy 2 After the initial trend. look for bounce back. .

5. So go with his recos in day trade. Sukhani is conservative.15 and order when all sync (Safest . To-do Search Entry Indicators on google.Recos:- Go opposite Ashwini Gujral recos. Timeframe Amit sees 15 min chart for Flag strategy. Auropharma =Akshay Seth. Check 3.05 10 absolute=200 tick Stocks SATIN: Buy at 300 sell at 500(Fundamental) DHFL: Stallion Asset is betting big on DHFL BIOCON for long term VEDL =very good stock fundamentally. Not for day trading. 10 min for Just dial. Icici recos are good. Mahesh Kaushik has high reach. Tick 1 tick=0.