 Learn Options Trading
 10-30% profir per day.
 Low capital,small trade size,leverage
 forex

options expire thursday of the last week of the month.

Not buy call option.Close all call options.IF necessary then buy next months call

Buy active options contracts.(use NSEsite>Live markets>Most active

Never Buy options dur to time decay.

Sell Call options instead pof Buy Put options.

Sell Put options instead of Buy Call options.

Short Strandle when lomited volatility expected.(Unlimited loss making
Potential,Limited Profits)

Long strandle when volatility expected.(Unlimited profit potential and limited loss)


FED interest rate hike: USD goes up and US stocks go lower.

RBI Interest rate: Lower rates>Banks benefits due to home loan(SBI ,HDFC,LIC
housing finance (gives loans to govt. salaried employees.) but Indian Banks(Axis
and others go low as no home loans.)

BUY:company with debt(DLF),Car,Truck,Real Estate,Pharma.

ET Markets Recommendations

Move volumes to a considerable extent.

When get sms recommendations:They see a good surge.Buy them but sell on first
red bar.

Trading starts at 3:15 and zerodha clears the trades at 3:20(your orders will get cancelled and sod at market price) Market fluctuates at last 30 min.at least Stop the Trades after 2.If bearish then expect bear market next trading session. Make sure to read SL or not properly before putting the order. Use 5min chart only not 1 min.80 and sell at 13. . buy GMR INFRA at 12.80 Intra day Experience:- Never SHIFT STOP LOSS Never buy immediately after stop loss. Always put limit order.conforms with high probability) STOCKS Ashok leyland :multibagger GST:All Cargo Basant Agro buy at 5-6 Biocon. Max 2:30 Start with a small amount. Watch SGXNIFTY (Singapore 2.They Always Buy or Sell at bad rates. Never buy at market price.5 hrs ahead .Mahurat Trading Mostly bulling. Always put stop loss.Wait for 15 min.then add up Stocks to use.

If you can buy 10. Start small.State Bank. Buy when last swing High is broken BUY when higher than last high. Stop loss is last low. Stocks to trade on Axis Bank. Short when lower than last low Trailing stop loss is best.best management.Nifty.Sound technicals. WEBINAR Price is god Target at least 1:2 risk reward ratio Swing High/Swing low: Color of bar not important.Trade on ORB strictly.begin with 2 then book profits or average it. When buying for position buy between 3:15-3:30 Focus on nifty 50. As they trend really well. Focus on candle stick charts to keep it simple To5 liquid stock for options Axis Bank Hindalco SBI Reliance Tata Motors .

IQ options a great place to gamble. Amit G uses Arcstone 1cr min .nseindia. Amit Ghosh Follows LEO Forex Amit Uses GKFX and FX pro Silverstock uses hotforex demo Tip:Use Skrill Load money to skrill and then load to forex company. GKFX worked fine for forex using commission based account.htm IDEAS COPY WHAT SUCCESSFUL GUYS ON OPENTRADE PLACE.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/derivative_stock_wat ch.Thin chance you will get caught.Bharatfin SBI PNB Yes bank VEDL TCS Icici bank https://www.