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10 years ago I lived in the town of Tamara Casanare, its economy is the
cultivation of coffee, their crops were observed before reaching the village, as
well what their coffee plantations look like Christmas trees since their red and
green colors stand out in the field. Tamara coffee is excellent quality because
of this is exported to France and Italy where it is listed as one of the best in
Colombia. Tamareño coffee is a delicious taste and a smell soft and pleasant,
when I was in harvest of course all the people smells of coffee and more when
in the company of farmers roasted coffee as well as coffee also stands out the
livestock and the cultivation of fruits such as: papaya, guanabana, banana,


My friend is of low statue, of hair long and brown clear, its teas is white, his
eyes are of color coffee clear, you like it clothing of colors live, she has two
children a girl of 10 years and a child 6 years, she works in Samacá, as
teacher, she is highlights by do well his work, all them days arrives early to
your school, les devoted much time to his students, is a person very intelligent
and responsible with all them activities that has that perform both with his
work in the school, as with the activities of the master.

She is waiting for her children, works them with tasks, arranges them
uniforms, it prepares the lunch and dinner, she is a good mom.