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Take a Learner to Lunch was an assignment was an opportunity to build a
relationship with a student. This assignment involved developing an
interview based on different theorists. The student I interviewed and worked
with was a 7th grade girl, who struggles in social settings. She is often very
mean to peers and is physically aggressive. She is an intelligent young lady
who struggles to maintain friendships. I chose this young lady in hopes to
see a different side and help build social skills.
During my interview I focused some of my questions on Bandura’s theory
Social Learning theory, children imitate what they see and hear. I asked this
young lady some questions about her family to see if she exhibited this
behavior through her family. Bandura also proposed the Self-efficacy theory,
and I was curious to see how she would respond to related questions. I also
addressed Erikson’s theories on stages of development. I was curious to see
if she adequately experienced every stage, based on her personality. I also
addressed Piaget’s theory of cognitive learning by discoing her experience
and why she reacts in certain ways. The questions I asked were in direct
relation to her childhood experiences and how things have changed for her
over the years. The interview was set up in a very informal manner. I did not
want her to feel to feel uncomfortable, I wanted her answers to be genuine.
From the actual interview I didn’t learn that much from her, about her, and it
was hard for me to get any real answers like I was hoping for. This interview
was done in the beginning of the year and even though I did not learn much
from the interview it opened the door for us to build a relationship. Over the
year our relationship grew to where she would write me notes expressing
feelings, and I would then write her back with advice. I became the only
person who could calm her down when she was having a meltdown. I
became her favorite teacher, and that means a lot from a trouble student. I
do believe if it wasn’t for this interview she would never have opened up to
me the way she did.
I chose to work with this young lady because of her personality. I have
known her since the previous school year, and she was not a big fan of me or
white people. I wanted to reach out and try to develop a relationship to
apply what I was leaning in school. I was curious what her childhood was like
to determine if it had any correlation to her personality now. I chose her
because she was identified as needing special education services. She was
labeled as EBD, since EBD is the focus of my education I thought it would be
helpful for me to pick her brain. Maybe she could teach me somethings
about her that I could apply in my future career to help other students.

Teacher Standards
Standard #10: The teacher fosters relationships with school colleagues,
parents, and agencies in the larger community to support students' learning
and well-being. In this project I displayed this standard by building a
relationship with a young girl where I became her go to person when she
needed to talk or calm down. In this project I reached out to this young lady
and spoke with her mom to bridge the gap between school and home. I
wanted this young lady to realize how amazing she was so she didn’t feel the
need to react so aggressively. I spoke with mom and we worked together to
help this young lady to control herself before her actions were to extreme. I
tried to develop a relationship with mom as well to help get her in some
programs to help build her self-esteem and deal with any unresolved issues.
CEC Standards
Standard 5: Learning Environments and Social Interactions. In this project I
became a close ally to this young lady. Every day she would help me serve
lunches to the students and help me set up or clean up my classroom. We
spoke daily on personal events in her life and I tried to model for her what
appropriate communication was like between peers. When other students
would speak to me she would get reserved and not talk. I opened the door
between her and the other students helping them bond on common
interests. I spoke with this young lady many times about ways she can
change her reactions to other people. Because of the development with our
relationship she was more comfortable to ask for help, and engage in
classroom activities.

Standard 6: Language. In this lesson I displayed appropriate language while
interacting with another person. In this project I spoke with her on being
nice, not having to say mean things even if it’s true, polite, and ignore
others. This young lady is uncomfortable with her-self and lashes out in
anger, or laughs when something should be hurtful. I would talk with her
about the consequences our words have and how they can hurt. I spoke to
her in a positive respectful way and in return she spoke to me in that way.
When she was upset and needed a moment to calm down I would talk to her
about her actions and how we can change our reactions. The language I
used was professional and kind, hoping she would start to use the same
Alverno Abilities
Communication- in this project the main idea was communication. I spent
time with this young lady to build a relationship through communication
showing her it is ok to speak and let feelings out. I spoke with her daily and
opened the doors for communication to her family. I was able to bridge some

of the other staff members and her, showing them her caring side. In this
project I worked on effectively communicating with this young lady to build
her confidence and calm her anger. I showed her correct ways to interact
and communicate with others. In this project we worked on building a
relationship and I looked for teachable moments where I could sneak in a
lesson on social skills without her realizing it. Not only was I working with
this young lady about positive communication she also helped me learn how
to communicate with my students on a more natural level and find common
ground between students and me.