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Estefani Trevino

Lowering the cost of college with market
● “Pay it forward” meaning students will pay after the year that they
graduate as a percentage of their annual income
● Having free community college for high school graduates
Why is college expensive
● Consequence of the Great Recession
● Public Funding for higher education has been cut
● Colleges and universities know that they can raise their prices
and that students will still attend – in part because the
government is handing them money.
What is demand & supply of college
● It really just depends on how many students get admitted
● So the number of students attending/will attend would be the
● If more students attend the demand will go up since everyone
would want to attend
What role does subsidized loans play in the prices of
● They are student loans
● The U.S. Department of Education pays
the interest on a Direct Subsidized Loan
● Direct Unsubsidized Loans are available
to undergraduate and graduate students;
there is no requirement to demonstrate
financial need.
5 reasons why the government should not subsidize
college education more:
● There is no link between higher education
subsidies and economic growth, and none
between college and job creations.
● More subsidies equal more waste
● When comparing earning power between college
graduates and non-graduates, correlation is not
causation, and the actual cost of college matters.
● Ensuring that everyone has college schooling
would not enhance the labor market- it would
dilute a university degree.
● Higher education may be the next bubble to
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By Jarrett Skorup | Feb. 13, 2013 | Follow Jarrett Skorup on Twitter.
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