As the Chair of the School Counseling Department, I organize and

facilitate monthly meetings with the School Counseling Department.
Each month, I gather information on upcoming events, recap previous
events, and obtain information from the other department members to
be discussed. Although I facilitate the meeting, each department
member adds agenda items. This is a time for the department to
share information and make decisions and share as a group.

January 18, 2017
In Attendance: Nicole, Angela, Kait

1. Midterms
a. Discussed the process for midterms and our responsibilities
2. Second Semester ISP’s were sent to student’s semester teachers.
3. Schedule Changes
a. Angela and Nicole will work on schedule changes in the
order they come in.
b. Form created for students to make a request and Chrissie
will collect the requests and distribute.
c. Schedule meetings with the administration to review
problems and questions with schedules.
4. Governors School Applications
a. All students have been in communication with their
teachers and counselors.
b. The deadline was extended.
i. Counselors working on letters of recommendation
and gathering materials as they come in.
5. Westinghouse Engineering Day
a. Spoke with Steve about nominating students.
6. Apple Training
a. We will attend Apple Training on the first day of
professional development during midterms week.
7. Junior Presentations
a. Kait to do a Junior Naviance CCW.
8. Transfer Student Breakfast
a. On January 25th Angela and Nicole, with the MAPS students,
will hold a transfer student breakfast.
9. Progress Reports
a. Angela and Nicole will attend parent meetings with the
administration for students on academic probation.
b. The counselors will also meet individually with students.
10. Scheduling
a. Angela and Nicole discussed presenting next years
scheduling process in classrooms