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Issue Liberal NDP Conservative Green Bloc
Education -”We will -“Ensuring that -“We support -“We also
increase the each province removing post- recognize the
maximum and territory secondary critical
Canada has a fully education importance of
Student Grant portable funding from defending
for low-income designation for the Canada languages and
students to persons with Social Transfer cultures, and
$3,000 per disabilities.” and creating will provide
year for full- an new federal
time students, -”Measures to independent funding for
and to $1,800 halt further Canada culturally
per year for privatization of Education appropriate
part-time education” Transfer. The education in
students” Transfer traditional
should be languages.”
-”We will also funded at a (First Nations)
make our base level and
student loan increased “Ban unpaid
system more annually internships”
flexible. We will according to
ensure that no inflation and
graduate with demographic
student loans growth.
will be required
to make any -”The
repayment Conservative
until they are Party
earning an proposes,
income of at where
least $25,000 available and
per year.” agreed to by all
authorities, to
offer choice in
schooling for
First Nations.”
Health Care -“As an -”Providing -”A -“Pharmacare
immediate incentives to Conservative strongly
commitment, recruit and Government benefits
we will invest train more will not support seniors;”
$3 billion, over health any legislation
the next four professionals, to regulate -“A Housing
years, to especially abortion” plan, with
deliver more doctors and affordable,
and better nurses.” - “The predictable
home care Conservative home care
services for all -”Promoting Party will not support;”
Canadians. healthy living, support any
This includes physical legislation to
more access to activity, and legalize
high quality in- reduced euthanasia or
home tobacco use.” assisted
caregivers, suicide.”
supports for
family care,
and, when
palliative care.”

-”To help
families care
for their loved
ones at home,
we will make
Care Benefit
more flexible
and easier to
access, so that
it provides help
for more than
just end-of-life

Environment -“restore -”Investing in - “We support -Preserving,
robust the the mandatory sustaining and
oversight and development renewable fuel restoring the
thorough of “green content in environment
environmental cars”.” gasoline
assessments -”Establishing requirement -Addressing
of areas under a major and support the challenge
federal research and more stringent of the Climate
jurisdiction, development automobile fuel Crisis
while also fund for green efficiency
working with technologies.” standards.”
provinces and
territories to -”provide
avoid adequate
duplication” funding to fulfill
its commitment
-”We will to this region,
modernize the which is home
National to 16 million
Energy Board, Canadians and
ensuring that is a crucial
its composition source of clean
reflects air, drinking
regional views water, food,
and has shelter, health,
sufficient employment
expertise in and recreation,
fields like as well as
environmental Canada’s
science, highest
community concentration
development, of industry”

Law and -“We will also -”Strengthenin -”The -“Strict new rail
Order increase g laws against Conservative safety laws
penalties so hate Party supports and new
that there are propaganda introducing investment for
real deterrents and hate measures to Canada’s rail
for deliberately crimes.” hold young system -
breaking our lawbreakers Restore
election laws.” -”Tough laws accountable to Canadian
against foreign their victims railways with
-”We will over-fishing and the larger new funding
restore the and the community. We and stronger
voter strengthening believe the rules to ensure
identification of the government efficient rail
card as an Northwest should travel and safe
acceptable Atlantic introduce movement of
form of Fisheries measures to hazardous
identification.” Organization.” ensure that industrial
violent or goods
serious repeat including oil
offenders 14 and gas.”
and over are
tried as adults” -“The Green
Party will work
-“enforce the to end the
relevant laws illegitimate use
and regulations of omnibus
with respect to bills”
pollution by
Family “allow parents -”Allowing -“We also -“Despite the
to receive temporary recognizes that growing
benefits in foreign many of our number of two-
smaller blocks workers to seniors lived income
of time over a bring on single households,
period of up to immediate family incomes Canadian
18 months” family as one parent families are
members to stayed home finding it
-”This more Canada” and cared for harder and
flexible plan their children. harder to make
will benefit -”An annual Our seniors ends meet.
more immigration deserve tax Green Party
Canadians, level of 1% of fairness to programs and
representing the population eliminate the policies will
an investment to meet discrepancy reduce income
of $125 million workforce between single inequality, and
per year in the needs and and dual family ensure all
economic family income in Canadians
security of reunification retirement.” have the
Canadian requests.” opportunity to
families.” -“We believe prosper.”
that support
should go to all -“We will work
parents and with the
families raising provinces,
children, territories and
especially to Indigenous
lower and communities to
middle income establish
parents. We accessible,
strongly convenient,
support the enriched and
Universal Child affordable child
Care Benefit.” care spaces
for any
family that
seeks it. “



Health Care


Law and Order







Health Care

Law and Order